Saturday, 28 April 2012

Miss Jones has 'Incredible Body'

Sadly not my actual body, those words will never be at the top of the list when describing that but thanks to Umberto Giannini I can confidently use them to describe my hair.

The last post talked all my lovely readers through my blonde to 'bronde' transition and how I was so over being a "bright" blonde. Well guess what guys in true Jones style my mind changes like the weather and my hair has been restored to it's rightful shade of almost platinum. 

I was sent some products to try during my 'transition' from the lovely PR team at Umberto Giannini but could not give my full review until I was happy with the shade of my hair. 

Umberto Giannini have teamed up with the gorgeous Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh to launch The Incredible Body range. As you can see she lives up to the role in every sense, and has her very own beauty blog here 

The range claims to give weightless body while enhancing hold and flexible volume with a healthy shine for full luscious hair
  • Volume shampoo £5.29 
  • Volume conditioner £5.29
  • Volume mousse £5.49
  • Volume blow dry spray £5.49
  • Old school setting lotion for big hair £5.49
  • Full volume hairspray £5.49
  • Root boost volume spray £5.49
Available Nationwide at all Boots stores and Umberto Giannini Salons.

In my opinion Umberto Giannini are at the top of their game when it comes to salon quality products. The re-branding and sleek packaging makes them the stand out choice by far compared to their competitors in similar price ranges (Toni and Guy it's time you had a re-think *boreville*)

I have been using the Volume Mousse which claims to give a lasting hold using Polymer resins which lift and thicken the hair whilst providing shine. 

I love it!

I need to use a mousse to make sure my hair does not go greasy within hours of washing, even with having bleach on my hair it can get greasy because it is so fine. It definitely feels thicker, dried better and does not feel at all crunchy or sticky which sadly is a major flaw for most 'volume inducing products'. It also smells lovely - kind of fruity, I feel that it did inject some shine which is a definite bonus for blondes!

I also used the root boost spray and it does what it says on the tin. It is far superior to the Backcomb in a bottle which for me was a little tricky to use. Rather than provide a matte scruffy big hair look it gave more of a gel in a bottle crunchy 90's look. Root boost does what I wanted Backcomb in a bottle to do so if any of you were underwhelmed by the Glam Hair range try this!

I used both products last night ready for a night on the town where I strongly rely on heavy duty hair products to keep my hair from flopping after one pitcher of woo woo.

Que images complete with flattering Jim jams.
Directly after blow dry there is a distinct difference to what it usually looks like after I blow dry my hair  and an added shine which is very hard for blondes to achieve

Finished result - I know to those of you have a mane of thick hair you will be thinking so what? But trust me if  I used nothing it would look like I had 3 strands of hair. I tend to rely on curling my hair to create the illusion of body but thanks to  Mr Umberto I felt adequately equipped to hit the town! 

Final word - 10/10, I can't wait to try the setting lotion and blow dry spray to see if they are as fabulous as these.

I am now off to watch the Voice allowing myself to enjoy Jessie's make up and allowing myself to swoon over Mr O'Donoghue.

Love and Hungover Hugs

Miss Jones