Monday, 23 January 2012

Hello again....I'm back with a rara'ramble hair post!

The last post was way back in August which as you can see had a whole summer vibe to it. Bronzers galore and corals for the lips. My how a change of season can alter ones look.

I've had a break which I feel I should explain...*adopts serious expression* well you see the thing is, I quite literally got sick to the back teeth of make up. Whether it be wearing, doing others, reading, buying or reviewing. I just felt all 'meh' about it.

This also coincided with my job role changing and more demanding hours so a result Miss Jones faded into a non entity. These past few weeks I have been quite literally chomping at the bit to get something down on my lil page. Miss Jones may be a bit of a tard on the post updates but she does know a good product when she sees one. Also a LOT of my friends and family send me messages asking certain things about the best this or that and it makes me realise that us girls all have things to share on the quest for beauty. I know I for one love finding a new must have and I have a few months worth of 'buys' to get through.

I'm going to start this post with my new 'do. I have been pretty much every shade of blonde...see images

Dark blonde as Twiggy Link Here

Platinum for Gothic Link Here

Flirty seasonal Lo-Lights

Messy Blonde with roots on purpose *honest*

Back to Platinum for summer

More ladylike lo's..are you seeing a pattern?

And currently I am a....Bronde???
Ignore the awkward angle, the cheesy passenger seat shot and the large bag handle. This is the truest representation in daylight of a brown base with highlights

And the loose curled version

So as you can see my hair has been on many a journey and that's just the blond route! I felt I needed a change and my major reasons were:

1. To promote growth and regain condition lost from over processing

2. Appear slightly more 'sophisticated' although I tell myself I am still 19 in fact I am 26! 

3. I enjoy wearing dark tan, heavy make up and 'feminine' some may say *cough* slutty clothes and sadly doing all of this whilst being very blonde does give out a certain 'message' or stereotype, whether that be right or wrong. Therefore over the next few months you will see me deep conditioning the locks to build them back up and make the most of being able to wear a darker palette of colour. MAC Dubbonet finally feels like it will belong..yay!

So the point of this post was this...a new hair finishing find from the pound shop!! I wish I had bought all of them for one measly pound this is fantastic! As I'm working towards long luscious silky shiny locks, this fakes me till I get there. One spritz and bye bye fly aways hello sleek tresses, it also smells lovely.  I use a tiny spritz once hair is curled then brush through for a natural look.

Quite a ramble, she doesn't say a word for months then you cant shut her up ;)

PS. I recently put myself on a Nail polish ban..Its working out well...NOT!  Oops..Blame Topshop sale. Expect an array of NOTD shots so I can justify buying these 6 spanking newbies.

Until next time Happy Monday everyone, I hope it wasn't too blue!

Love and hugs

Miss Jones