Monday, 30 May 2011

The mother of all dupes..How can they get away with this!?

I'm going to show you a few photos. I am certain that every single one of you will be know what the following product is...and if you don't -shame on you!

Is this the cult complexion enhancer / highlighter from Benefit which we all know and love? - HIGH BEAM retailing at £18.50 

Technic 'High Lights' 

I recently bought this from Bodycare for £1.99. That is correct one hundred and ninety nine English pennies. I was shopping with Mrs Mama Jones at the time and I actually screeched a little too excitedly and a little too loud, 'mum, mum! they've got high beam! look! look!'

Only on closer inspection did I see this minxy little dupe for what it really is - which is just a fabulous product. High beam is a staple in my kit, I use it on cheeks, brow bones, cupids bow and mix with body lotion on the decolletage for a subtle shim shimmy. I have used the Me Me Me version of Beat the blues which was thee original dupe for High Beam but I found the shade and the formula to be too dissimilar to be a true dupe. This however is essentially the exact same product as High Beam. 

If you love High Beam you need this in your life! Get hunting for it pronto! 

That is all for this evening


Miss Jones


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This stuff don't budge!

Recently I have resurrected an old love and have been wearing it to death. I always receive compliments when wearing these products as they are so vibrant. The beauty of it is they are also cheap, easy to apply and perfect for summer!

No 7 Stay perfect liquid eye liner which retails for £8.75 is available from Boots I have these in Jewel (green) and Saphire (bright blue), Jewel is still available but Saphire was LE and may be relaunched with the christmas collection which was when I purchased it.

These babies do not move! I have worn them in the coldest of winter months when mr watery eye is usually out in full force but these have never let me down. The colour is phenomenal, adding a line either below the lashes or across the lid adds an instant wow effect.
These colours are prefect for summer and are at the very top of my Summer 'make pretty quickly' list. I think you could even chance these for a little dip in the pool...maybe a slight dip not a full on swimathon.

Recently I wore Jewel along my top lash line and kept the rest of the eye neutral with a clashing bronze pigment on the lower lash line. The bronze colour was MAC Museum Bronze (LE) but good old Barry M does one very similar as always.

Above Saphire, Below Jewel 

Above Saphire, Below Jewel 

Blended out 

After a face wipe, hot soapy water and a sponge - red blotchy hand and STILL the jewel line remains!  FYI when wearing on the eye do not rub the delicate area soak with an oil based eye make up remover and gently wipe away

I have my eagle eye on Chainmail which is a beautiful gunmetal colour, I think it would look stunning with purples for a sultry sexy evening look. The only thing I would say about these is that the brush can make application a little gloopy so I tend to use my Mac 209 or any other liner brush which will allow greater control. Have any of you tried these liners?

Lots of Love

Miss Jones 


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Red alert - Hot summer lips for every budget

I am so sick of make up.

These words escaped my lips recently, I was suffering from a very bad case of MUO (make up overload). I have literally been run off my feet trialing and preparing ladies for parties and weddings. As much as I love working sometimes enough is enough. I had a quick detox, a full day with no make up, avoidance of blogging and here I am drooling over red lippies.

I am into bright lips in a massive way, I recently made up a bride who rocked MAC Ruby Woo on her big day and I loved the end result. It was so refreshing to meet somebody who had their own definite style and wanted it to be reflected on the big day. She carried off a red lip to rival Madonna, seriously so much so that I am on a mission to find my own signature shade.

Ploughing through my collection I picked out 4 of my favourites which are very similar but have different finishes so hopefully there will be one to suit everybody. The tones also differ but from a non addict point of view you will get the same powow effect with all of them.

Left to right: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Coral Queen 620,  Revlon Matte Strawberry Suede 005,  17 Lasting Fix Hot Chilli, MAC matte Lady Danger

Coral Queen - Gloss finish, pink undertones, would suit paler skin tones, very moisturising

Strawberry Suede - A very retro shade watermelon red/coral pink, absolutely stunning I would say this would suit most skin tones, a little drying due to the matte finish but well worth the need for a touch of balm

Hot Chilli - Not as drying as Lady Danger and Strawberry Suede, a definite orange red which looks fabulous on darker skins

Lady danger - I'm sure you all know about this one, as you can see it packs more of a punch than the others and is a true coral red which I LOVE.

As always with any bright lip bleeding is likely to occur so a liner is essential. I would not be without my Barry M lip liners, I adore them they are so cheap but do exactly what they should. I have the red (3) and the orange (24).

To alter the red or orange tones to any of the shades I fully cover the lip with the liner of choice so for example using the orange liner under Hot Chilli would make it much more orange verging on MACs Morange or vice versa using the red under lady danger adds depth which can carry little miss danger through to the winter months.

Here I am wearing 17 Hot Chilli with Red liner and a slick of coral queen over the top (I like to mix and match)

I am going to do a separate post on the eye liner because I cant believe how long the damn stuff lasts!

Hope you are all well : ) will you be wearing a bright lips this summer? And just out of interest to those married or engaged what shade did you wear on your big day or are you planning to wear?

Lots of Love

Miss Jones