Friday, 5 August 2011

Battle of the Mascaras

Miss Jones hasn't felt like talking lately. I have avoided bloggy woggy like the plague. I was going through the 1 year itch stage where you start to think, who actually cares what I think or what I write?

Of course these kind of thoughts become a self fulfilling prophecy as my absence is likely to rid me of my followers. A few friends and my boy have persuaded me to continue to blog with the view that I had when I very first started - which was to share make up tips with like minded people, give honest reviews and divulge some bargainous beauty's to the masses! I lost my way somewhere along the line but I have found my blogging feet again, on that note I'm back in the game rested and refreshed.

If I had a pound for every time somebody asked me what mascara I used or for every time somebody complimented me on my eyes I would have quite a tidy sum. I make up my eyes to their full potential and I know every trick in the book to make them pop but the most crucial, important, fundamental, imperative thing to remember is that lashes are what really count!

I am very lucky in the sense that I have quite long curled lashes naturally and with the correct mascara I can make my lashes scrape to the highest of heights. With a rubbish mascara though my eyes are just meh, rubbish. Therefore I came to realise some 12 years ago that to make me even remotely attractive I needed to search high and low for a good mascara.

And that I did. I have tried and tested near enough every mascara from cheapo to luxe, my all time holy grail no nonsense shiznit mascara has to be L'Oreal Lash Architects. It beats Lancome, Dior, YSL, Helena Rubenstein, Max Factor, Revlon and all other drugstore brands. I swear by it and have repurchased probably about 20. I kid you not!

SO I was super intrigued when I spotted the sultry younger sister all dressed in slinky silver going by the name of Lash Architects 4D - could it be?

I was dubious anything could beat the original but woo hoo hello! It does exactly what Lash Architects does but it in fewer coats. HOWEVER it did dry up really quickly. I can usually get 8 weeks out of an original LA but only managed 5-6 out of 4D. This doesn't bother me too much because for £10 ish (with offers which are usually always on) its not too expensive as in nearly £30 every 8 weeks.

Let me show you L'Oreal LA 4D comparable to Bourjois Glamour ultra Curl both in shade black *ding ding*

Bourjois Glamour Ultra Curl - Separates well and curls

L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D - Much blacker, lengthens, adds volume and curls.
See what a difference it makes?

Lefty = sleepykins    Righty = Bushy tailed

So there you have the proof!

Will you be trying 4D or even the just as fabulous Lash Architects Original?

*I only use the black tube LA I have tried the carbon black before but did not like as I found it to flake*

Big loves

Miss Jones



  1. Lovely lashes. I have quite long lashes too but I think yours are the longest I've seen. I'm glad you're back blogging again, welcome back x

  2. Your lashes really are the longest I've ever seen, right on par with MakeupbyTiffanyD :) that Loreal one looks amaaaazing!

  3. You have the most gorgeous eyelashes ever. @_@

  4. Why hello Miss Jones! Good to have you back! :) Your lashes are amazing honey & wow you can really tell the difference! The Loreal one looks awesome :) Great post!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  5. Wow you should be an eye model, im so jealous. It looks amazing im going to buy it when i get through some of my stash xx


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