Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Red alert - Hot summer lips for every budget

I am so sick of make up.

These words escaped my lips recently, I was suffering from a very bad case of MUO (make up overload). I have literally been run off my feet trialing and preparing ladies for parties and weddings. As much as I love working sometimes enough is enough. I had a quick detox, a full day with no make up, avoidance of blogging and here I am drooling over red lippies.

I am into bright lips in a massive way, I recently made up a bride who rocked MAC Ruby Woo on her big day and I loved the end result. It was so refreshing to meet somebody who had their own definite style and wanted it to be reflected on the big day. She carried off a red lip to rival Madonna, seriously so much so that I am on a mission to find my own signature shade.

Ploughing through my collection I picked out 4 of my favourites which are very similar but have different finishes so hopefully there will be one to suit everybody. The tones also differ but from a non addict point of view you will get the same powow effect with all of them.

Left to right: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Coral Queen 620,  Revlon Matte Strawberry Suede 005,  17 Lasting Fix Hot Chilli, MAC matte Lady Danger

Coral Queen - Gloss finish, pink undertones, would suit paler skin tones, very moisturising

Strawberry Suede - A very retro shade watermelon red/coral pink, absolutely stunning I would say this would suit most skin tones, a little drying due to the matte finish but well worth the need for a touch of balm

Hot Chilli - Not as drying as Lady Danger and Strawberry Suede, a definite orange red which looks fabulous on darker skins

Lady danger - I'm sure you all know about this one, as you can see it packs more of a punch than the others and is a true coral red which I LOVE.

As always with any bright lip bleeding is likely to occur so a liner is essential. I would not be without my Barry M lip liners, I adore them they are so cheap but do exactly what they should. I have the red (3) and the orange (24).

To alter the red or orange tones to any of the shades I fully cover the lip with the liner of choice so for example using the orange liner under Hot Chilli would make it much more orange verging on MACs Morange or vice versa using the red under lady danger adds depth which can carry little miss danger through to the winter months.

Here I am wearing 17 Hot Chilli with Red liner and a slick of coral queen over the top (I like to mix and match)

I am going to do a separate post on the eye liner because I cant believe how long the damn stuff lasts!

Hope you are all well : ) will you be wearing a bright lips this summer? And just out of interest to those married or engaged what shade did you wear on your big day or are you planning to wear?

Lots of Love

Miss Jones 


  1. You look fab :-) I love Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick's I have a couple and want to try some more, might have a look at Coral Queen :-) x

  2. Great post Miss Jones, can I ask what the giant pink thing is in the picture?

  3. @catherine you should! xxx

    @stina haha it was a lamp in true giant lipstick form - i thought i was being a little bit clever now i see it looks like an anne summers advert...lol xxx

  4. aw your comment made me laugh love - know what you mean, but just tell myself la mossy isn't real ;)

    would loooove to see how the bride turned out with red lips - what else did she wear?

    if you can get a wee sample or play, the new dior addict red is pretty fab - glossy and soft so very wearable - I think it's called new look?


  5. hahaha Stina I was just about to ask the same thing :-)

  6. @girlinthecity yes this is true even moss must have fat days! she wore very simple nude contoured eyes, full lashes and black gel lined eyes, she looked fab! dior red mmm sounds exciting! xx

  7. It looks like a giant pink peen!!!

    Ohh I see the picture of you now, couldn't see it before, you look very glam x x

  8. You really look like that girl from Hollyoaks in that picture is it Carmel :-) x

  9. Lovely!

    I'm always searching for a cherry rid lipstick - any recommendations?

    I'm planning to wear something like MAC Lustering for my wedding net summer and maybe switch to a red for the evening.


  10. Love those reds! being a pale blond I shy away from reds, but I just might give the No17 one a whirl!

  11. you look awesome!! im your new follower i'd love if you follow back

  12. @stina you've had me giggling all day!

    @catherine thank u! i take that as a compliment i get that a lot : ) xx

    @ Emma - Oh that would be lovely! im very interested in bridal make up trying to plan my own is a very different issue to doing other peoples! Russian red maybe? or for a cheapy Natural collection do one called cherry red which is actually really gorgeous xx

    @ Lulu Yes do lets all be red lipped hussys together! xx

    @Peach Crush Hello new follower *waves* im on my way over now! xx

  13. Red lips on a wedding day is bold but I bet it looks fantastic! Love your shade choices x

  14. your lashes look fab! gorgeous with red lips hun! unfortunately red lipsticks doesn't suit me...

  15. @sarah edwina rose yes very bold but stunning!

    @patukiii they are falsies hun : P

  16. Definately a compliment :-) xx

  17. i love bright lips for spring/summer too! i really love the coral shades right now! :)


  18. alll my replies have disappeared bloody stupid blogger break down!

    to repeat thank you all! xx

  19. Red is my favourite lip colour ....

  20. WOW looking stunning hun! Very nice lippies they look so moisturising x

  21. so hard to find a good red. this mac one looks nice. i've also foound 'dare you' from mac which i love.


  22. I chose a very light, natural looking pink on my wedding day, since I emphasized the eyes instead of the lips, but I think bright lips can look amazing too! It just didn't go with the rest of my make up, so it wasn't for me...


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