Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A 'NATURAL' FOTD that uses LOTS of products!

When the sun is out I crave a healthy 'no make up' look, this of course takes time and lots of products.

I have been wearing this look lately and my Fiance has been all about the compliments. Having said that he is the kind of guy that says 'Hello beautiful' when I walk into the room after my  bath with a rosy shiny face, fluffy freshly washed hair and mismatched jim jams. Liar!
But seriously he always seems to be ever so slightly more adoring when I am wearing less makeup?

I think because I enjoy wearing make up and I am relatively 'ok' at applying it, it's all to easy to over egg the pudding just to show that one can blend, apply liner, contour, wear colour etc etc. Sometimes maybe less is more...

This look is not about being on trend or making a statement but just simply to highlight what is already there.

Here is my 'nude' FOTD

Hello sneaky lady pose - always with the sneaky stare! So I'm wearing no make up...pah-yeah right! This is how I wish I looked when I woke up in the morning sadly nay nay, tis not to be.
 I LOVE to heavily highlight my cheekbones, brows and cupids bow, especially when all other make up is kept very natural.

I used MAC Bare study paint pot all over my lid and contoured with a peach from the MAC Play on Plums Mineralize eye shadow. The darker shade was very lightly smudged under lower lashes. As always with a 'fresh' look ivory eyeliner was applied directly to the waterline, MAC Zoom Lash was applied to the lashes and brows were filled in using Illamasqua shadow then set with a clear gel.

All of this for a Natural look...

And for those who don't recognise the packaging:

Avon Ideal Shade Foundation (Fabulous fabulous product) Shade Creamy
Illamasqua concealer
ELF HD Powder
Sleek Contour (Light)
Mac MSF Shimpagne
W7 Blush (amazing pigment and so cheap) Baby Pink
Mac Paint pot Bare study (all over lid and under lower lash line)
Mac Play on Plums Mineralize shadow (darker plum colour under lower lashes, sand colour as contour)
Mac zoom lash
Illamasqua Jules (brows)
No 7 clear lash gel
Soap and Glory Arch De Triumph eye brightener
Front cover peach gloss
Mac lip liner stone
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

And that's it folks, what do you think? do you agree that sometimes creating a 'natural' look can take just as much time as a full on glamour look?


Miss Jones



  1. Absolutely agree with you, I once did a natural look and the amount of products I used was shocking! You look lovely xx

  2. This is the most beautiful look I have ever seen on you sweetie- believe! <3

  3. Wow you look gorgeous no wonder your fiance loves this look stunning xx

  4. You look fabulous, which highlighter did you use to get that lovely sheen on the cheeks? Jude xx

  5. aww you guys thank you so much!

    @Jude it is MSF Shimpagne ..serious sheen i love it! xxx

  6. Lovely highlighting!

    I went super natural today - dab of Face and Body on chin and under eyes, dusting of MSF Natural, slick of mascara and lipgloss and done! 4 products - I beat ya ;) lol


  7. @nude lol the tart in me still has to pile it on even with a natural take haha xx

  8. Please tell me MSF Shimpagne is NOT a limited edition and it's still available to buy xx

  9. @jude......LE im afraid hun : ( xxx

  10. Oooh Noooo, I just knew you were going to say that, I am now on a quest to see if any bloggers are selling one, I may take a quick look on Ebay too, this is going to be a mission just like the hunt for Stereo Rose lol xx

  11. haha good luck it is worth the hunt! xxx

  12. What a lovely shimmery look, looks natural but not TOO natural, still glam enough!!! :) :) xx

  13. Quuuu this looks lovely on you!! Especially the eyes!

  14. Definitely agree that the natural look takes effort! You look beautiful though, I love the highlighting and the way your lashes stand out against the eyecolour :)

  15. you look AMAZING hun, the highlighting there is just ridiculously stunning. I am detemrined to try and recreate- no 7 liner, I am really impressed I love how black it really is, and it goes on incredibly. I really love it, but still keen to try the new maybelline one everyone raves about ( am I never happy?!) xxxxx

  16. love the natural look! i can see how this natural look would take just as many products. it's just like dressing down for me...takes forever to put together a casual outfit compared to dressing up, lol!

  17. You have a lovely blog,i followed....Keep up the good work and stay in touch. Have a nice day !

  18. Ooo i love how glowy your cheeks are with this look. xx

  19. Haha I did a similar post! It takes much makeup trickery to create my natural fresh faced look!

    You look wonderfully summery, especially adore the popping cheek bones


  20. fantastic shimmery make up! so fresh and subtle :)

  21. u look gaaawgeous!!! Love the highlight!

  22. LOVE this make up look, just beautiful.
    xx your newest follower xx


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