Tuesday, 19 April 2011

LOTD A safe nude MAC Duo for lip

I struggle with nudes. I find them hard to wear and have to really search for a nude that works for me.

Gosh Darling is exactly what I hate about most nudes, yet I do like to wear darling with a pink toned gloss over the top - I could never wear it solo. The chalky dry concealer look is what fears me most when venturing down nude street. In fact I find a daring pink or red less scary than a nude because I know exactly where I am at with a bold colour - when sampling nudes I'm a tad uncertain!

After a few tinkles with some too pink, too beige, too brown, too peach, I have found what I believe to be the safest easiest nude bet for me...hoorah!

Introducing MAC HUE and MAC POETIC LICENCE Lipglass which sadly was Limited edition BUT I would liken it to Florabundance. I find both ultra moisturising and being a Glaze formula Hue really is a dream to apply. So these are my 'safe nudes'. *see image not too scary*

Having said that Im always on the lookout for a new combo and I am interested in what is your favourite Go to nude lippie?

A short post tonight girls I'm mad busy as per usual but please do share your secret nude ; )


Miss Jones



  1. I'm with you on this one, I find a bright pink easier to wear than a nude but this combo looks gorge x

  2. Ohh my favourite kinda post!!

    Recently, I've been liking Estee Lauder Vanilla Truffle - BUT the OLD formula, not the new one.. so that maybe counts that out!

    17 Mirror Shine in Beehive is also a fabby nude!

    I actually find Hue too light for me, but maybe that's because I have 'dark skin' ;) haha!


  3. @beautiful you - thank you xx

    @nude - i thought of you as I was writing this...lol at 'dark skin' beehive is next on my list xx

  4. that nude color is stunning!! perfect for spring dresses! xo Lisa

  5. I hate the foundation lip look, it's hard to get a nude that looks good. That combo looks fab tho! xx

  6. Looks lovely on you hun. I cant wear gosh darling either its horrible on me. I have florabundance though and love it.
    I really like Mac creme de nude and blankety they are my 2 favourite mac nude colours.
    NYX gloss in neutral is also really gorgeous if you can get it xx

  7. Im the same, a lot of nudes can make my teeth look a funny colour. Weird but true! I was advised to stay away from a peach undertone nude, and go more towards a pinky tone. At the moment Iv been using benefit "Shy", but still not totally convinced!
    The search is still on!

    (oh and "Hi", im your newest follower) xx

  8. @nicoletta blankety is on wishlist and i so want more nyx i am loving their lipsticks!

    @lulu definately i know what you mean and hi thanks for the follow! xxx


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