Sunday, 3 April 2011

FOTD and Sleek Primer Palette Review

Happy Mothers day ladies!

Firstly I have had this palette for some time and have not really used it (Naughty Naughty Miss Jones)

I heard good things about this palette, some even claiming it to be the best yet from Sleek!
I wouldn't go that far but I think the concept is great and I like the versatility of each primer being a good long lasting cream shadow. Yet I personally believe that a white and a black primer is all you need to create any look. Nonetheless the palette is extraordinarily good value for money as with all the Sleek palettes. In fact every time I use Sleek eye shadows I receive a compliment on the vibrancy of the pigment.

My favourite of the Sleek line is the original palette I use the gold, teal and purple to death and have touched pan!!! yay!

Here is the Primer palette

All can be used individually or in conjunction with any other shadow hence the combinations are never ending 

It retailed for £7.00 but is now out of stock on their site-darn it!
I love sleek and panic buy whenever a new product becomes available because unlike MAC sleek has never let me down. I also love the no nonsense 'sleek' (get it!) packaging.

There are lots of pics to follow (eek - almost a year on and I still cringe at posting pics of my mug on here).

First pic with just the green primer (bottom row 3rd from left) along the lid and the black was used under the lower lash line and in the crease slightly blended. As you can see this would create a pretty wash of colour for those not so brave when it come to brights. Perfect for summer.

Left eye topped with shadow compared to the primed only right eye
OK so what I used was as follows sheesh there looks a lot:

Rimmel 25hr 200 Soft Beige
Urban Decay Toasted Bronzer (contour)
Illamasqua excite (apples)
Benefit Girl meets pearl (cupids bow, brow bone, cheeks)
Rimmel Stay Matte powder (T Zone)

Sleek primer
Front cover (FC) Limeade (matte lime green) all over the lid and inner corner
FC Bright Aqua outer corner blended into crease
FC Tarn Green higher socket blended in to Aqua
FC Azimuth lower lash line on inner corner
FC midnight outer lower lash line blended into FC Bayou
Rimmel Volume Flash Ultra Black
No7 Brow gel
Illamasqua powder shadow Jules (brows)
Lashes Clear thread bone

Shadow on both eyes and False lashes used on the lower right eye compared to the left where only lashes were used on the top - see how the eye opens up

Top strip lashes only 

MAC Stone lip pencil (applied then rubbed into lips to soften line
Rimmel 110 Colour Show off Pink Gossip
MAC Lip glass Icescape
Top strip lashes and mascara on the bottom lashes 

Finished result

My 'good side' ha ha

This was my genuine FOTD and when it came to remove the eyeshadow the bugger wouldn't budge! So the primer DOES definitely inject a strong dose of longevity into the shadow, I will be tinkering with using the other lovely shades as colour shadow as my gut instinct tells me that these babies will not crease!

Off for a bit of TOWIE now ; )


Miss Jones



  1. wow- those colours really POP- love it!


    I am TOWIE to the max :) xx

  2. I wasnt too keen on this palette at first,i used it once thought 'meh' then forgot about it for ages but lately i cant get enough of it i use it on my lips aswell mixed with lippie which works well. :) xxx

  3. @beautyh2t - thanks flower xx

    @ natalie now that seems interesting : ) i love it the pay off is crazy bright xx

  4. Beautiful eyes, I love the lashes!

  5. Looks gorgeous on you. I didnt end up buying this palette xx

  6. WOW! gorgeous look, you have amazing eyes. I didn't buy this palette! x

  7. aww this look is gorgeous!
    I love sleek, quality products, been thinking about buying this for a few days and you have helped me make my decision thank you! :) xx


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