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I was very kindly sent some products from the Liz Earle team about 3 months ago and I have been using them everyday. I waited for the dreaded eruption I often get from new products so delayed the review until I was 100% sure of the results.

Guess what the eruption never came!

Liz Earle strikes up words like 'cult' holy grail' and 'go to' among the blogging community and that is because the products are AMAZING!

Please read Their Philosophy if this doesn't get you then nothing will..

I would often read rave reviews and wish that my skin type would accommodate such lovely products, I loved the idea of the 'Hot cloth cleanse and polish' but after dabbling with the slightly more accessible No7 Radiance Boosting hot cloth cleanser I decided it would not be for me. (No7 smells of vomit to me and i broke out with great big angry boils - nice! post to follow another day)

I was so desperate to solve my problem skin I even posted saying how unhappy I was desperately seeking advice (revisit here). I had some fabulous responses and after considering that it may be hormonal I took a trip to my GP. I was prescribed this, which is essentially an antibiotic (erythromycin) for the face and contains zinc (massive spot busting formula which is fabulous for serious outbreaks). It only has a shelf life of 3 months and must be used carefully.

Now this worked but who wants to have to use an antibiotic on their face as a maintenance regime erm not me.

"Just a minute darling i'm applying the foul tasting/smelling solution to my cheeks' - not very practical!
FYI - your partner will realise this, my fiance hated it, if he kissed me unawares he could taste nothing but this for hours..oops sorry sweets!

So I spoke to the lovely team at Liz Earle and I received these:
Starter Kit Cleanse and Polish 100ml with 2 muslin cloths retails at £13.25

Clear skin kit - Gentle Face Exfoliator 50m, deep cleansing mask 75ml, spot on 6ml, headband, 2 sponges (would usually retail at £33.15 but can all be bought for £20.65 until 22/5/11 While stocks last

Spon on 6ml contains no alcohol but contains pure essential oils tea tree, melissa,  lavender and natural vit E ideal for spots, blemishes, cuts and bites

If interested nails are Barry M Coral and Orly super High glosser top coat - I dislike the topcoat as it certainly is not high
 gloss . Sally Hansen Diamond strength top coat is far better!

My concerns with a hot cloth cream cleanser were:
1. I wouldn't get that clean feeling that a wash brings
2. The cloth would harbor bacteria and create breakouts
3. The brand is more aimed towards normal or mature skin and would not deliver for my spot prone oily mess

Here is what the truth was:
1. Due to the plant based formula containing Eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary, chamomile and cocoa butter, not only does skin fell tingly clean it also feels super soft and hydrated
2. The cloths wash well, I use mine for 2-3 uses then wash. It is essential to rinse after use and allow to dry before the next use. (I buy extras from any baby store even George @ ASDA) so I have an abundance of clean cloths at the ready. You can buy cloths direct from Liz Earle £3.55 for two or £8.65 for six.
3. Not only is this amazing at fighting spots and making skin super soft but it also seems to regulate the oil and reduce the size of my pores. I have had no outbreaks or any reaction and my skin seems to glow even without make up. This is something i never though possible especially coming from a girl who relied on full coverage foundation and heavy duty concealer everyday! In fact i actually left home twice last week with just a sweeping of bronzer....yay!!!

The exfoliator contains fine jojoba beads and eucalyptus so again skin feels super clean yet the gentle formulation is very kind to the skin. This is a great blackhead buster and my pores have dramatically reduced in size. Hoorah!

The green clay mask contains Manuka honey which is evident in the scent but I found this appealing as with all of the other scents they are distinct but not unpleasant. I love using the mask before a special occasion to brighten my skin. Unlike most treatments or masks it doesn't leave me with a outbreak - just glowing skin, WINNER!

The spot on treatment is not only for spots but can also be used to treat cuts and bites. It is so concentrated and tiny it would be ideal to take on holiday as I will be doing : )


BY PHONE - 01983 813913

You will never look back!
Not one blemish! rewind 4 weeks and it was a very different story

Midweek guys! Great TV tonight : )

Miss Jones



  1. You are looking gorgeous hun and how brilliant are the liz earle products? I use everyone of those products that youve mentioned. Liz Earle were the turning point for me too. I review lots of other products but i always go back to Liz Earle xx

  2. Fabulous post, the little starter kits are a really good idea. I think Liz Earle is the only skincare brand I haven't tried so I may have to correct that!

  3. I'm sooo impressed - I really, really ought to get around to trying these products - I've just been a little put off by the pricing (ie paying so much for something I've never tried before) - must look and see if they do minis or the likes. but either way - your skin looks amazing (and pretty photo too!!)


  4. Those products look fab hun. Ive had that zyneryt lotion before..its amazing at getting rid of spots but tastes horrible and it dried my skin out sooooo much i couldnt go near foundation!

  5. I have been a cleanse and polish girl for years but now i am dying to branch out and try and fix my temperamental skin with those other products!


  6. I love Cleanse and Polish - it is on my beauty essentials list - you can see why it wins year after year. Fab product

  7. Great post! I got sent the Daily Essentials & my crappy hormonal-acne-prone skin is clearing already :) I just hope I don't get a breakout either! I'm planning on buying the other goodies you mention (it'd be rude not to!) :) x

    Catherine x

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