Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I was very kindly sent some products from the Liz Earle team about 3 months ago and I have been using them everyday. I waited for the dreaded eruption I often get from new products so delayed the review until I was 100% sure of the results.

Guess what the eruption never came!

Liz Earle strikes up words like 'cult' holy grail' and 'go to' among the blogging community and that is because the products are AMAZING!

Please read Their Philosophy if this doesn't get you then nothing will..

I would often read rave reviews and wish that my skin type would accommodate such lovely products, I loved the idea of the 'Hot cloth cleanse and polish' but after dabbling with the slightly more accessible No7 Radiance Boosting hot cloth cleanser I decided it would not be for me. (No7 smells of vomit to me and i broke out with great big angry boils - nice! post to follow another day)

I was so desperate to solve my problem skin I even posted saying how unhappy I was desperately seeking advice (revisit here). I had some fabulous responses and after considering that it may be hormonal I took a trip to my GP. I was prescribed this, which is essentially an antibiotic (erythromycin) for the face and contains zinc (massive spot busting formula which is fabulous for serious outbreaks). It only has a shelf life of 3 months and must be used carefully.

Now this worked but who wants to have to use an antibiotic on their face as a maintenance regime erm not me.

"Just a minute darling i'm applying the foul tasting/smelling solution to my cheeks' - not very practical!
FYI - your partner will realise this, my fiance hated it, if he kissed me unawares he could taste nothing but this for hours..oops sorry sweets!

So I spoke to the lovely team at Liz Earle and I received these:
Starter Kit Cleanse and Polish 100ml with 2 muslin cloths retails at £13.25

Clear skin kit - Gentle Face Exfoliator 50m, deep cleansing mask 75ml, spot on 6ml, headband, 2 sponges (would usually retail at £33.15 but can all be bought for £20.65 until 22/5/11 While stocks last

Spon on 6ml contains no alcohol but contains pure essential oils tea tree, melissa,  lavender and natural vit E ideal for spots, blemishes, cuts and bites

If interested nails are Barry M Coral and Orly super High glosser top coat - I dislike the topcoat as it certainly is not high
 gloss . Sally Hansen Diamond strength top coat is far better!

My concerns with a hot cloth cream cleanser were:
1. I wouldn't get that clean feeling that a wash brings
2. The cloth would harbor bacteria and create breakouts
3. The brand is more aimed towards normal or mature skin and would not deliver for my spot prone oily mess

Here is what the truth was:
1. Due to the plant based formula containing Eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary, chamomile and cocoa butter, not only does skin fell tingly clean it also feels super soft and hydrated
2. The cloths wash well, I use mine for 2-3 uses then wash. It is essential to rinse after use and allow to dry before the next use. (I buy extras from any baby store even George @ ASDA) so I have an abundance of clean cloths at the ready. You can buy cloths direct from Liz Earle £3.55 for two or £8.65 for six.
3. Not only is this amazing at fighting spots and making skin super soft but it also seems to regulate the oil and reduce the size of my pores. I have had no outbreaks or any reaction and my skin seems to glow even without make up. This is something i never though possible especially coming from a girl who relied on full coverage foundation and heavy duty concealer everyday! In fact i actually left home twice last week with just a sweeping of bronzer....yay!!!

The exfoliator contains fine jojoba beads and eucalyptus so again skin feels super clean yet the gentle formulation is very kind to the skin. This is a great blackhead buster and my pores have dramatically reduced in size. Hoorah!

The green clay mask contains Manuka honey which is evident in the scent but I found this appealing as with all of the other scents they are distinct but not unpleasant. I love using the mask before a special occasion to brighten my skin. Unlike most treatments or masks it doesn't leave me with a outbreak - just glowing skin, WINNER!

The spot on treatment is not only for spots but can also be used to treat cuts and bites. It is so concentrated and tiny it would be ideal to take on holiday as I will be doing : )


BY PHONE - 01983 813913

You will never look back!
Not one blemish! rewind 4 weeks and it was a very different story

Midweek guys! Great TV tonight : )

Miss Jones


Sunday, 27 March 2011

A very late final foundation review and revisit Rimmel 25 Hour

Hello!!!! Guess who's back, back again, Amy's back tell a friend (what happened to eminem?) I am so so so super pleased to be up and running again. Living without internet shopping and my beloved Blogger has been hard. Very hard.

I now have a grown up phone so I have had some connection to the outside world but very very limited. I would see updates from Nicoletta via FB and let me tell you it was a daily tease. I have still not fully caught up on my reading so if all my usual faves have had no comments on posts, the chances are I haven't read them yet!

On to business.

Avon Ideal shade Natural liquid foundation with SPF 10

What Avon say 

Silky smooth, radiant formula softens the look of lines, wrinkles and pores, and the buildable medium coverage lets you conceal imperfections for a flawless finish. Oil free.

What miss Jones says
The words Avon and foundation fill me with images of orange tide marks, mask like veils and crappy packaging and this was mostly true for the Avon of the 80's and early 90's but New Avon is no longer a dirty word in the blogging community.

I got this foundation when Avon held a kind of Illamasqua-esque amnesty where you took in an old foundation and could order any other product and pay only £5. I chose this because hey Ideal shade does sound crackin'!

I assumed there would be a likeness to L'Oreal True Match which I used to love but it oxidises like no other, well Infallible also does, in fact all L'Oreal foundations I have tried have oxidised (If you are to buy 'True match" maybe get a shade lighter or save it for the summer months because it will become too dark and not so much a true match very soon).

I literally bought this with the lowest of expectations, almost hating it before i even tried it (shame on me).


It is everything that I hoped Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua would be but wasn't. For review and horrific images click here.

It feels fresh, light, smells good, blends well and retails for £10.50. It is a light to medium coverage but just feels so so so lovely to apply. You know some mornings you get the dreaded *here i go again slapping the make up on with a trowel feeling* this removes that element but still covers well. It is definitely buildable and photographs well. No flashback, no oily mess, and has an SPF of 10!

I highly recommend this to just about anybody whether your skin is normal, dry, aging - this would look hot on you. Maybe not so good for very blemished skin or very very oily skin. My skin is slightly oily but this lasts so well as it is an oil free formulation.

Application is less tricky that with the Rimmel 25 hour (which I have to revisit due to a few comments I have seen), this glides on really nicely and feels a lot like a high end tinted moisturiser.

Now the negatives (I like to be picky)

  • Selecting the ideal shade is tricky I literally did a quick eenie meenie from 2 which I guessed looked like they would be ok. Not the best method for selecting a colour which you will be using on your face! Luckily I hit jackpot the colour is spot on I ordered Natural Beige and in MAC terms would liken this to NW 25...ish.

  • You have to wait quite a long time for delivery - I ordered through a rep where I work and there is a 3 week turnaround on new brochures so maybe 2 weeks for delivery? you may get it sooner depending on who you order with. 

  • Same gripe as Chanel, no pump just a glass bottle that you have to bang on your hand resulting in a mass pile of product - ADD A PUMP AVON AND CHANEL -simples! 

  • It tends to settle into a bit of a watery looking liquid when not used so give it a good old shake prior to using,


I like to use my fingertips and keep it nice and simple.


If you live in the OL area and want to order some coincidentally my sister is now a rep so message me and I will pass on the order this of course basically goes to all my friends - ditch your usual rep and go to my lovely sibling : )

IMAGE (Largely alcohol fuelled I forgot to take the obligatory mug whore shot..oops)
Very drunk girls (I hope they don't read this i think my friend to the left may be a little mad at me unfortunately I have no other pictures : /

OK so you can barely see my skin but to be fair I aint shinin or patchy and what better way to test out a new foundation that when drinking/dancing/sweating
Overall rating 8/10 - the bottle annoys me so much, I like a pump so I know how to ratio with a tanner or illuminator this just results in a messy pool : ( However it is still well worth the money for such a quality product. They also always have promos where you can buy another item at a reduced price.

Hazaaar for Avon calling!

OK on to the Rimmel, it's been so long since I did the rave review (revisit here) and in the meantime I have had my ups and downs with it and have seen a few comments basically slating it.

If you love high end then no Rimmel isn't for you but for the other 80% of young girls this is a true full coverage long lasting foundation which DOES last and WILL cover blemishes or pigmentation.

Aging skin needs to steer clear of this and very dry skin also needs to back the hell away.

I do find that if I use more than 1 pump it can look cakey this is a fabulous product when applied correctly.

Here is a step by step of what works for me

  1. Ensure skin is cleansed and moisturised as usual (i have been using the Derma Full facial filling serum which is on offer for £20 it is AMAZING!) it preps skin beautifully I am only 25 and have no wrinkles to speak of but this is a lovely luxurious feeling primer which adds a luminosity to the finish
  2. If using fingertips use 1 pump for both cheeks and 1 pump for eyes nose and forehead do not us mo than 2 pumps this is when problems occur. the product blends better when the warmth of the fingertip allows it to melt into the skin - pay attention when blending around the nose.
  3. If you don't like the idea of using your fingers squirt 2 pumps onto the back of your hand and using a FLAT foundation brush apply quickly to the cheeks, forehead, eyes and nose immediately and stipple and blend with a stippling/fibre brush I highly rate the ELF powder brush!!!
  4. you must work quickly as this will 'set' and you do need the slip from a moisturiser to allow the glide
*if you want a full coverage with some luminosity try mixing 1 pump 25 hour with 1/2 a turn of Benefit Girl Meets Pearl this will be my summer choice on top of a tan : ) 

Phew whole lot of foundation talk there!

Just finished in time for TOWIE...How beautiful was Lucy's MU in the scene with Lauren - she rocked the red lip/liner combo. I also love Sam's heavy blush. 

Does anyone else find themselves guessing what colour/brand when they see make up on TV. It is so annoying as I cant fully watch a programme - always my mind wanders over to the make up side...oh that is Russian Red, that is definitely pink nouveau aaahhh *obsessed*

Miss Jones

Friday, 4 March 2011

Time goes slowly

I am rapidly typing a very quick post whilst supposedly doing very important things!

I keep getting glimpses of new posts and comments from new followers but I cant fully read them until my Internet connection is up and running, so I apologise for my lack of acknowledgement.

Massive thank you to all new followers who may be wondering who the hell is this Miss Jones who never updates her page.

Bear with me dolls i'm comin back soon!

I had a lovely surprise seeing that I am nearing the 200 mark, quite an achievement! I never thought anybody would be interested in lil ol me's opinion, who knew!?

I am so so eager to share some new reviews with you and of course the final foundation review which is lingering in the abyss of the house with no connection to life..I mean the internet.

Can't wait to catch up on all my favourite blogs I'm going to have one hell of a self indulgent evening at the very first opportunity.

We are all settled now in the new house, my fiance and I LOVE IT as does lil George. 'Wooooowwww' to everything in sight.

Love to All

Happy Friday!

Miss Jones