Saturday, 5 February 2011

Umberto Giannini tut tut tut

Like many of you out there the launch of Umberto Giannini's 'Glam Hair' collection filled me with excitement and joy.

The hair trend for the past 2 maybe 3 years has differed somewhat to the previous years of smooth silky tresses. Of course trends come full circle so the new 'big hair' obsession is not dissimilar to the good old 80's hero's.

OK so maybe we're not exactly after Pat Benatar style but definitely some sassy, messy vavavoom.

Not so long ago obsession with the straightest hair was major, some girls even going to the lengths of paying to use straighteners whilst out in the nightclub toilets hoping to banish the humidity provoked boof that dancing had created.
These days you're more likely to hear cries of  'oooh just back comb this a bit more I'm looking flat!'

I am personally somewhere between the 2. I'm not a massive fan of the birds nest look nor the super sleek, I prefer more a sleek mess?

Now just as every haircare brand that sits on the shelves have cashed in on products offering the super duper straightest of locks,  it stands to reason that the Gods of Branding and Advertising have bestowed upon us a product that will create the messy teased look with ease.

Que - Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a bottle and Morning after Dry Shampoo

 Errrmmmm where do I begin

My lazy mass of stick a pin and hope for the best - gets me through many rushed mornings I love the not done style but not when it is sheening with what looks like product build up!

If this was a deathmatch of products this is who the opponents should be

Mr Batiste and Osis Dust It

Ding ding let the battle commence.

Firstly the 'Backcomb in a bottle' requires you to simply spray and 'juij into shape.

It's pants. It's leaves hair crispy and looking like product has been applied. Not what the look is about. The whole mess should be matte not product laden, which when you're blonde matters A LOT. Blonde's don't want to spend time using violet tone enhancing treatments only to spray a dulling yellow tinged mess onto their locks.

This just reminds me of a gel spray which has been re-branded as the 'Backcomb in a bottle'. Maybe the Giannini warehouse had copious amounts of gel spray from the 90's, lets face it, crispy locks haven't been anyones 'want' for a while (for me it was 2nd year of secondary school when perms HAD to look like dry noodles).

The morning after shampoo is a better calibre of product with the USP I'm guessing being the fact that it leaves no white residue, it also smells nice. But HELLO Batiste now does a number of lovely fragrances and the 'white residue' is a bonus for blonde's not a hindrance. Dulls the roots a treat!

I will continue to use my Batiste for greasy lazy days and to add a matte finish to my hair and will always swear by my Osis Dust it which unlike the Umberto spray, it actually DOES create a backcombed effect that lasts and is easy to achieve.

*** it may also be a massive coincidink but I have also had a dry scalp of late.....

Has this worked for anyone or does Osis win for you too, do you favour the sleek or the bed head mane?


  1. I totally agree with you! I fell for the hype surrounding Backcomb in a Bottle as everyone seemed to LOVE it, but it just doesn't work for me.. maybe my hair is too fine? Although I don't get on with Dust It either.. so maybe my hair is just a pain in the @ss! lol x

  2. I agree with word for word.
    backcomb in a bottle = wet looking crisp hair- yeah a very good look- not! Horrid stuff, and try brushing it out, hello greasy feeling hair!

    I also found their dry shampoo well, not very effective..

    Osis dust I do love it, but my hair is too long now, it weighs the dust effect down so I just get long matted weird looking hair hehe!

  3. This is such a great review!
    I haven't tried it but I have tried Osis Dust it in the past which I found really unworkable! Thats interesting it works well for you and cheeky beauty... Maybe I was using it wrong?! I am on the never-ending trail for a product which will make my hair sleek with just enough lift at the roots that I look a little glam.
    You have a lovely blog I'm a new follower :)

  4. ohh I was going to buy that! maybe not! I really like batise though! X

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  6. I had the same problem with back comb in a bottle.. i just didnt get just made my hair look wet and when it dried it didnt have any hold or anything! I get better results with hairspray! I have fine hair too so maybe that was the problem? Who knows..but definitely a waste of money!


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