Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tasty Little Numbers

We've all been there...
'hmm I reckon about 200 for that cream egg, maybe 300 for the Lasagne'...I'm talking about guessing the calorie content of the food we troff during our hectic days.

Next thing you know your battling with your skinnies (jeans) lying on the bed 7lb heavier! Who knew a Chinese takeaway was more than about 400!

Yes, we know the mantra - eat less do more, and of course we stick to it...most if the time. But what about when your in work or out and about and evil mr munchie grabs you.


Never fear a healthy saviour is here!

Click here for more info on Tasty Little Numbers 

Their Philosophy is endearingly simple...

"If you are super busy, love life and real food (like me!), want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle but think that life is too short to eat diet food and tot up odd numbers of calories (like me!), then Tasty Little Numbers is for you!
Tasty Little Numbers is the first snack brand in the world where everything in the range is made to whole numbers of calories!
Tasty Little Numbers is real food, perfectly portioned with all of the stuff that makes food taste good left in so you can really enjoy eating them and best of all you can leave the sums to the snacks that take the messin’ outta guessin’!

It really is that simple. So far I have sampled the Texy Mexy Barbecue Grill Corn snack (Delicious - and you get loads in the bag, perfect for Miss Jones as she is a naturally greedy girl ; ) What's even better is that they are just 100 CALORIES!!! woo hoooo! 3 bags then?! *Joke*

Today I also sampled the I need white chocoalte now crisp bar which was a perfect balance of savoury crunch and mid morning chocolate fix, again just 100 CALORIES.

I am eager to try the rest of the products and recommend these to everyone, not even just to those who are trying to lose weight.

Oh and one final thing, the packaging is seriously swarve, you will not feel ashamed pulling these bad boys out of your lunch box, they give Special K *yawn* and Snack-a-Jacks *bore* a serious run for their money. 

Go forth and watch out for these little gems also check out their Facebook page here  and 'like' lets all show our appreciation for these Tasty little numbers.  


  1. they really are! such a wholesome brand too Xx

  2. Where can you purchase these delights ???? XX

  3. i'm not too sure which stores exactly as we had them in @ work. It's a relatively new venture but i'm sure stockists and new info will be revealed through their Facebook page : )

    keep a look out for them though! xxx

  4. These sound great, it would make snaking a lot easier to keep track of as well, great idea xx

  5. What a great idea thanks Miss Jones for informing the world of another great product, will keeping checking fb for stockist, cant wait xx

  6. wow, it sounds like my prayers have been answered! crackerbread.. you have been evicted.. please leave my cupboards! cant wait to get my chops round these bad boys (guilt free!!) xxx

  7. those sound so awesome! i'm all about portion control i wonder if i can hunt them down in california...lol lovely blog, maybe we can follow each other? i just followed ya :)


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