Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mmmm Caramel..70's Inspired make up Tutorial


The 70's is THEE decade to be looking towards for style tips this spring/summer. I for one am ecstatic about it. I LOVE blouses of any description, add flares, platforms and the all important camel/nude colour palette and I am in LOVE.

The great thing about the 70's which everyone forgets is that there is actually something for everyone. The trend is not just about flares but also pretty florals, jumpsuits fit for a boogie in studio 54 and even boxy tailoring/band tee's which would have been emerging as the punk scene exploded in the late 70's.

The make up look today is inspired by the queen of the 70's Farrah Fawcett yet the Breton top I am wearing has more of a late 60's feel (not to mention the absence of the flicks).
What a beauty she is - staple for the look bronzer!!!

This make up is a look which I love. The orange/caramel shades make my green eyes 'pop' and the heavy bronzer makes me feel healthier. You may also notice that my hair is much darker than previously see here for pics of me as a super blonde!

The reason for the change to thy barnet is simply due to make up. When hair is so light it is hard to pull off certain looks without looking like...a tart, there I said it. I loved my white blonde hair but trends change and I get bored very quickly so for now I am embracing the darker, messier look which allows me to up the bronzer/tan and create a strong brow which I am also loving.

Not to mention the condition of my hair has improved tenfold, I am saving money AND I actually look forward to the root re-growth because I feel it it just adds to the ombre look that I am craving. I am naturally darkish but the thought of going back to full head brunette petrifies me...
I was pregnant here in my defence

Drew Barrymore ROCKING the ombre hair trend -
Hair crush alert!
So on to the mug shots

Urban Decay bronzer was applied liberally to temples, nose and cheeks. Benefit girl meets pearl was used to highlight cheekbones

Front Cover China cup was used to cover entire eye area, Front Cover  Ginger Spice was used in the socket, this was blended up onto the very edge of the brow bone. Front cover Bracken was used under the lower lash line and in the outer corner to create depth to the look. Avon Super shock liner in Bronze was used on the water line. 

MAC Poetic License Lip glass (I used to hate this when I was super blonde but now it works with my darker root showing)

Front Cover Palette 'Very Hot, Very Cool" was used to create the look

So there we have it. This is a super easy peasy look which will look great on all eye colours especially those green eyed ladies out there.

Also just to mention it was that time again...
Weekly deep clean
I timed my brush cleaning routine wrongly and was left with all of my favourite brushes still damp when doing my make up. Now I am precious about my brushes, I would rather use make up found on the street on a client than turn up without my brushes (not that I would). Having said that I used what I had to hand to create this look today which coincidentally were all Front Cover brushes previously overlooked.
Even the pink Kabuki is a front cover product. I managed to blend, contour, define and do brows with these brushes! Fabulous!

What do we all think,

70's tres chic or tres faux?



  1. love love love! not far off where I am going (I've atch had some blonde highlights since my last hair post, and going for a 3rd colour this week) - have you also gone for a crop? suits you!!


  2. tres chic madame! i have recently been scouring the net looking for some 70's inspired make-up looks(i fully intend to embrace this trend also)but so much of it is ABBA style!.. this look is spot on. LOVE IT! x

  3. @debbiedoobie : ) thank you so much...what a joy u are! xxx


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