Monday, 14 February 2011

Love is in the air...

Happy Valentines day to all. 

I hope you are being spoilt rotten/spoiling yourself. A great excuse for a luxurious self indulgent pamper session.

Recently I have been loving Molten Brown Blissful Templetree bubble bath, it relaxes my muscles after exercise, fills the entire of my upstairs with a gorgeous scent and lingers on my skin after I have bathed. This is what I shall be relaxing into tonight, I also like to add a drop of Molten Brown Eucalyptus especially on cold nights mmmm, my muscles are positively giddy at the thought.

This is another little catch up on what's cracking with Miss Jones. I will be moving house during the next fortnight so my days are being spent packing boxes and my nights will be spent painting the new house. I am still committed to my January gym resolution and have been trying really hard to eat healthily.

I have slipped off the wagon a few times (damn wine) but hey I'm only human. I have currently lost 8lbs and my clothes are much looser so I am heading in the right direction. After all summer will soon be upon us! *smiles eagerly at thought of Pimms in the garden*

Me and the boy *clears throat* i mean Fiance ; ) went for a lovely romantic meal on Saturday night. It was a beautiful evening and we had a ball. Here is my FOTD/FOTN

I used a couple of new products (foundation and mascara) which really need a separate blog post as I have much to say. Foundation gives a touch of flashback as the pics show yet had a low SPF so this shocks me.
I didn't have time to go all out on my make up as I had a client that wasn't finished till 7.15pm! I opted for my ye old faithful sleek palette and used a combination olive and bronze on the lid and lilac under lower lashes smudged with a deeper purple 
He's a bobby dazzler is my boy

Trousers - Miss Selfridges
Blouse - Primark! New stock (love it)
Necklace - Primark £1 sale!
Earrings - River Island
I also wore Lilac patent Mary Jane heels from New look
Nails - Starlet stockings LE No 7
Flower in hair - H&M
Cord Bracelets (just seen) - H&M
White hand comparable to body - optional 


Have fun ; )


Miss Jones 



  1. aaah, you look lovely in these pics - think the last one is my fave :) ... loooove the lilac and purple under your eyes!

    a x

  2. awww thanks gal dem in da city : ) so easy to do xxx

  3. you look gorgeous mrs, really glowing. You are inspiring me to get more creative with my sleek palettes for sure. Looks like you had a really lovely evening,


  4. oh thank you sweetie we had a really lovely night. I love sleek, whenever I wear their shadows I get complimented, the longevity is bizarre for the price! Xxx

  5. Good luck with the move hunny. You look gorgeous as usual. You are doing brilliant with all that gym work. I really need to get motivated, like you said the sun will soon be here xx

  6. gah how do you get your eyelashes to look so good!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx


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