Friday, 18 February 2011

Foundation Review Part 2 of 3 Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish

Sorry to keep you waiting on the great reveal but here it is, the low end product that packs a punch.

New to Rimmel is the Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation

25 hours? Nobody in their right mind would ever want to keep their make up on for that long surely? But name aside it's a new line foundation which retails at about £7 or £8. They also do a Lasting Finish 16 hour which I cannot comment on as I have not tried. I assume the 25 hour is like the 16 hour but whilst on protein shakes and creatine.

What Rimmel say

'Why 25 hours? Because you want your makeup to last as long as you do. Face it. Your day is stressful. Early mornings, late nights. And we all want our makeup to look fresh and feel comfortable all day long.
 Rimmel London introduces Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation, our first foundation that is sweat, heat, humidity and transfer-proof for up to a full 25 hours. The revolutionary formula, complete with a revitalizing mineral complex and moisturising aqua primer, helps to re energise overworked skin. Feels hydrating all day. No sign of make up fatigue for up to a full 25 hours. It’s time to demand more!"

In true Rimmel style, you can imagine the last sentence being said in the 'get the London look' voice. 

The gorgeous Georgia May Jagger is the promo face and 'wears' shade 200 soft beige coincidentally the same shade as chosen by moi.

What Miss Jones Says

Cor Blimey! That's all I can say. I have previously avoided Rimmel foundations like the plague but after my recent love of their lipstick and gloss (read here) I thought I would give this newbie a go. 

Let me set the scene for test day,

Applied 7.00am
General morning rush (at this point Vitalumiere Aqua had already given in to the oil slick)
Working till 1.00pm
Gym 1.30 - 3.30 (sweat galore *attractive* foundation remains after dabbing dry)
Quick dart around the shops
Nursery run
Playtime including rough and tumble pillow fights and small boy poking me in eye/dribbling on my cheeks
Bathe son resulting in obvious target for splashes 6.30pm
Lethargic hour in front of TV
Run Bath 7.30pm.........(Whilst in the HOT bath relaxing the frickin foundation was STILL on! I mean I kid you not I still had at least a medium coverage!?)


I recently wore this for a meal and after looking at the pictures I thought it gave slight flashback which really baffled me as this does not have any SPF.

However I have to admit after looking at all of my photos from the same day, I had my camera on the wrong setting. This 'flashback' was my only negative toward the product but I take it back it was me all me, so sorry Rimmel.

I would 100% trust this for a wedding make up, I have a few weddings booked in over the coming months and I will be sure to reach for this. The bride would be able to sweat, cry, dance galore and not have to worry about the big fade.

I am usually dubious about the all singing all dancing promise from brands, 25 hour, flawless, hydrating blah blah. 

I promise you this delivers. 

It is comfortable to wear, it blends easily and does not sit on the skin in a mask like way(*cough* L'Oreal Infalliable *cough*) There is no denying it has a heavy coverage but with the correct method of application you can get away from that cakey look.

I recommend applying moisturiser first (as I hope you always would) this will give you a bit more slip as it is quite a thick formula. I use 2 pumps of this as opposed to 1 pump of my Revlon Photo Ready but this lasts much longer and gives a better finish.

I would also recommend using fingers to warm the product and really work it into the skin, then as a second step use a stippling/flat brush (I love my Elf Powder brush) to buff the product in - this will make it look even more natural. 

I always set with powder because for me leaving the house sans powder is like leaving the house sans knicker.

One final thing, I would say this is better suited to normal/oily and oily/combination skin types. I think dry skins may just grab the product a bit too much and it would probably sit on the skin. The trick to this is to really work it in for a flawless look.

  • Longevity on par with Estee Lauder Double wear just about but better that Revlon Colourstay
  • Ease of use on par with Bourjois Healthy Mix
  • Coverage beats Revlon Colourstay, L'Oreal Infalliable, 
  • Finish - Matte but not in a death like manner, there is a a soft dew to the finish not in an oily way but a healthy way

The Cons - Shades are limited, Asian and darker skins may find it a struggle to match up - not fair! Also if your very pale this may not be for you booo!

That is all. Sorry no shots of me on this one I realised whilst in the bath that I failed to take my end of day shot. I almost climbed out to get camera but thought better of it. The thought of subjecting you to an image of me in the bath fills me with dread and fear. You will see it on many FOTD's to come though!

The final foundation in the trio post will shock you all!

Happy happy Friday people

Muchos love

Miss Jones



  1. Interesting review. I did read elsewhere that this was supposed to be good.
    I think I'll still give it a miss though, as I don't really like uber heavy coverage foundations.
    But glad to see there's a great cheap foundation on the market,for sure :)

  2. Great review. This one's been tempting me since it was launched but I haven't tested any yet - I'm slightly lighter than NW15, do you know if the range goes this light?

  3. This looks good, I may give it a try! My skin is a mare just now, just don't know what is wrong with it!

    I nominated you for a wee award :D


  4. @kat Ivory would be the closest but I haven't swatched it Im afraid, I know how hard it is for lighter skins to match up with drug store brands, my colleague is an NW10 n she has no option but to MAC. Maybe nip in and have a lil try of ivory - for the price it is superb! xxx

  5. @nude obsession, I was the same, my skin has been a mess since sept im just coming out of it now but nov/dec was horrendous. My marks from the breakout are just fading. Mine was down to my hormones! 25 and teenage spots xxxx

  6. Firstly - what a nice blog. Just discovered it :)

    And secondly - unfortunately all Rimmel foundations are too light for me :( I remember using their Stay Matte in Ivory and it was way too dark for me (plus it didn't mattify at all). Ah well...


  7. Lovely review! I absolutely adore this foundation, although it's a fairly new one to me. I really had to pick this up cos I've been a fan of the regular 16 hour version for a couple of years now so getting one that works as well but lasts longer almost seemed too good to be true! I can definitely see this being one that I buy over n over again cos it does exactly what it says on the tin (well bottle!) ♥

  8. I have just been reviewing this too- how darn good is it? superb review mrs,


  9. I'm intrigued, i want to try this now as your foundation always looks lovely. I think ive read a few good reports on this one. Great review xx

  10. i gave you an award on my blog:

  11. Hello my fellow gorgeous Manc ;)

    Fantastic review! I had this in my hand yesterday and was uming and ahhing and I put it back! Think I'll pick it up today and give it a whirl.


  12. great review. i love your makeup and your subtitle!

    thought you'd be interested in my 100-piece elf makeup palette, black crackle polish and Ulta cosmetics giveaway!

  13. OMG. I love your blog. My name's Anna, I'm a stylist and visual merchandiser in LA. I just started my own Fashion site. Check it out for multiple post a day on all things fashion. I'm following, I hope you'll follow back.
    Thanks love. xoxo.

  14. great review! I love how honest and detailed it is! Just what you need from a perfect review , especially on foundation I always end up with half used bottles of foundation because they rarely do what they say they will ! But this sounds like a new purchase for me! Thank u! :) xx

  15. @ amanda thank you so much honey! xxx

  16. Aww your welcome! Thanks so much for the follow and lovely comment! Iv'e only been blogging for a few months so Im just about getting my head around it all! Its so hard to gain followers!

    you have a FAB blog definitely one of my 1st stop places for tips and reviews! Thank you for visiting mine!:) xxx


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