Monday, 3 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

There is a very gorgeous witty lady over at Cheeky's Beauty Blog who has passed on the Stylish Blogger award to me. Firstly she is an absolute fox of a mama and secondly she does some great reviews. So thank you very much!

As a result of getting this award i have to share 8 facts about me,

  1. I am actually obsessed with organisation. I like to organise anything wether it be cans of food, nail polishes, cleaning products or make up. I get a pang of excitement when I find a new more organised way of being organised. Sad!
  2. My 'Fiance' (first time I have actually used that hehe) is related to Morrisey of The Smiths, one of Manchester's most influential bands of the 80's whose music is still widely loved and recognised to date 'This Charming Man' I still get goosebumps as soon as I hear the infamous 'punctured bicycle...' 
  3. I have had more hair disasters than I care to remember. Burnt scalp, chewing gum hair snapping off, green, orange - the lot! Also had a rather embarrassing period of wearing my hair in braids during the time of sitting my GCSE's. I was confused what can I say?
  4. I have 3 tattoos and another one on the cards. Only one I regret which shall remain secret but requires strategic camouflage make up during the summer months....ahem ankle *cough cough*
  5. I want baby number 2 to be born in 2014...jeez from a woman who didn't even like kids!
  6. I have a serious serious addiction to any accessory. My 'dressing room' is a pile of necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, hairbands, bags, belts, shoes - oh and make up. Basically I buy A LOT and hoard it all. But it does come in handy I still wear things I have had for years and will continue to do so.
  7. My friend and I have a disorder I like to call WDA. Washing detergent addiction. We have spent the last 10 ears trying different combinations and ratios of powder, tablet, liquid, detergent softener in a hope to achieve THEE freshest smelling clothes in the whole of the land!
  8. Myself and all of my friends love food - we are not the pushing lettuce around a plate group of gals. We come together like members of over eaters anonymous to discuss and eat, well anything really. Apart from sausage. Maybe the only food I dislike. 
Morrisey of The Smiths
I pass this award on to.....
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  1. Thank you Lovely! That's very kind of you.
    I love your eight things especially number 7! Very interested to find out what your new tattoo is going to be xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  2. Thanks for my sweet comment :)

    I loved reading your award, Morrisey in the family - how coo! My fave song is A light that never goes out.

    ha ha at the disorder but I get where you are coming from x


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