Sunday, 2 January 2011

NYE Make up and MAC Swinging Violets Review

Love it or hate it The Tartan Tale will be coming to an end and 'Cham pale' shall take it's place. I have heard several people say they dislike the Tartan Tale collection with the packaging being ugly.

I love it! Who doesn't love a bit if tartan. The packaging is much more spectacular than last years holiday collection which was BORING! I think the actual sets and the shades have been a bit pants and the only thing that caught my eye was the "Swinging Violets' set.

I decided I wouldn't buy anything from this collection as I was sure Cham Pale would wipe out my January budget but what can I say. I panicked, I clicked, I purchased. It arrived.

Hello new favourites, mummy loves you!

Mineralize duo shadow Earthly Riches, Paint pot Bare Study (sheer pink/beige), mini zoom lash in Zoomblack and Lipglass in Icescape (beige gold pearl)

Earthly Riches- Marbleized Purple/Taupe flecked with gold and pink-lovely!

Now for some reason the mini zooms are always so so much better than the full size standard zoom lash. I enjoy using and love the effect of the promo mini zoom but find the formulation of the main line mascara too watery. Love the set, love the LipGlass and finally have my mitts on bare study something I have been forgetting to buy for months and months but have always wanted. Result!

I'm still very much in love with all of my other new christmas treats but I have managed to find place in my heart for his little cutesy pie tin of treats.

With all new make up still largely untouched NYE make up is always a toil. What should you use how can you choose? They all sit there so patiently and pristine just waiting for your loving touch.

Here's what I used..there looks a lot but hey it was NY : )

Bourjois Healthy mix Foundation
Illamasqua concealer (standard european shade the code escapes me) FABULOUS for under eye coverage!
ELF HD powder (i'm on the 5th yes 5th thats how much I rate this product)
Urban Decay Baked bronzer
Benefit Girl meets Pearl (used under foundation for a dewy sheen)
Nars Orgasm blush (throughout cheekbones)
Illamasqua Excite (literally dabbed on the apples with a stippling brush)
MAC MSF Shimpagne

MAC Bare study Paint pot used on entire eye from lashes to brow
MAC Earthly riches taupe colour along lid and below lower lash line
Purple colour from MAC Earthly riches in socket and extended to outer V area
Illamasqua Liquid metal in surge dabbed in inner corner of eye taking below lashes to quarter way along the lash line
MAC Reflects Gold pigment placed on lid
Urban Decay 'Loaded' along lower lash line on top on the taupe already used
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Strip Lashes Eyelure Glamour Naturalites 120
Eyebrows Illamasqua shadow shade Jules (looking sparse due to an over zealous beauty tech who got giddy with a quick 'tidy up')
Front Cover gold glitter mascara on the tips of lashes

Earings were purchased from River Island ages ago I fell in love at first sight as they reminded me very much of something Edie Sedgwick would wear

On my lips I used Philosophy Frosted cookie gloss which had largely worn off when the pictures were taken. With so much going on the old peepers I wasn't too concerned about my lips fading.

A good night was had apart from dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello nude bra flashback!!!
My justification is that I was planning on wearing a nude dress but changed my mind at the last minute and opted for the black. Foolish foolish girl.



  1. Well Hello Missus Jones- you're looking pretty fly there :D
    LOVE the makeup, the black top/dress, the earrings- well everyting actually ;)
    Happy New Year x x x

  2. Wow, you look gorgeous. Looks like such a great set. Icescape is definitely one of my favourite products of 2010.

  3. Gorgeous look on you hun, happy new year xx

  4. Ooooh la la! I love the way that you have done your eyes.

  5. I wasn't too keen on that set but the end result is beautiful! We have all done the inadvertant nude bra with black dress look. All I can say is don't go into a club where there is UV light as I had an unfortunate bra glowing through top moment. xx

  6. I am your newest follower, love the blog and just spent a fairly cringeable amount of time (is that a word!?) perusing your archive. oh dear!

    Looking forward to more



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