Saturday, 1 January 2011

New favourite Lip combo

Happy New Year!!!

2011 what do you have in store for us I wonder...lots of great things I hope!

Without further ado my first post of the new year.

2 new products that I am loving and have been using pretty much throughout all of December are by a brand which may shock you.

Rimmel. We've all had a product from Rimmel, I think every teen begins their make up journey at the Rimmel stand. The brand has improved over the years with the help of Kate Moss and Lily Cole yet still remains quite, well at the want of a better word...chavy? Ohhh controversial!

Now i'm not saying that Rimmel is a bad brand, it isn't. Hide the blemish, sun shimmer, stay matte powder and sexy curves are all long term staples in my kit.
What I will say about Rimmel is that luxurious is not a word I would use, you dont get that magical twinkly feeling when using their products. They're all a little bit standard and do the job but without any wow factor. Which is great for everyday use and of course they are cheap enough to replace on a regular basis.

But out of all of my lip products..and there are a lot! I have been consciously opting, heck even searching for these two products for pretty much every occasion. Work, gigs, parties, shopping you name it. By altering more of one or the other it's possible to find a shade to suit any mood.

So they are....

Colour show off lipstick which they describe as velvet 100% high definition colour (Pink gossip) and Stay Glossy in Non stop glamour, the range of shades in both products are absolutely on the mark not the usual naff browny or magenta shades but actual on trend colours.

You can purchase both of these for under £15. The lipstick is uber mate and a little drying but still wearable. It suits tanned skin or very pale skin. The gloss is an iridescent nude with peach flecks which is by far the most comfortable gloss I have worn for a very long time (yes Dior, Mac included) worn alone is stunning for an easy natural look. BUT team these two together and you get one gorgeous little lip baby.

Here I am wearing the lip combo

My skin has improved 100% this was literally taken 1 week after all my 'problems' erupted. I still have the odd tiny pimple but nowhere near what it was. Maybe it was stress maybe it's because I have gone back to no frills no nonsense skincare who knows? Im not taking nay chances though! Boots expert sensitive will forever be in my cabinet.



  1. You look amazing hun, love the lip combo and your eyes are gorgeous as always. Happy New Year xx

  2. Thank you doll Happy New year!!! xxx

  3. I love your makeup! So Pretty! Happy New Year!

  4. You look lovely, I love the eye make up and the lip combo is great.
    Happy New Year Hunnie xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  5. I know what you mean about Rimmel. I really love two of their mascaras - Extra Super Lash and Lash Accelerator. But like you said, you just don't get that 'magical twinkly' feeling about them. Haha.

    Good mascaras though.

    Nice post x


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