Friday, 14 January 2011

General Update on the world of Miss Jones

Good evening all,

What a joy to be tinkling at the keys again and communicating with the beautiful beauty blogging world.

I have had an absolutely manic 2011 so far. My one and only new years resolution was to move to a house in a quiet area with a lovely garden for my son to cause bother in.

It has been achieved already! I move on the 26th Feb and I can not wait.

But I am sacrificing my very own shabby chic dressing room for this lovely little house perfect for my family. Hence I am in the middle of a massive sort out on a major scale. Shoes, bags clothes - I'm gonna sell the lot! Well not the lot obviously but a large proportion of it.

To be fair a lot of what I have is no longer needed. When I was going out 3-4 nights every week whilst being a student I did 'need' the colossal amount of items I own. But now I'm a grown up I have a big night out every 4-6 weeks and I would rather have a few amazing, timeless dresses or pairs of shoes rather than 4 wardrobes full of high street. Lets face it fashion is fast and I'm not getting the wear out of half of my things.

I have also been really really good with my diet and exercise regime (I figured I have to make another resolution). I am hoping to lose 10lbs before June which will take to me happy weight of a loose size 12 and occasional size 10. This is a size I feel most comfortable at and feel it is achievable.

I put on a whopping 4 stone whilst I was pregnant, yes 4 stone!!!!!! What can I say I was a big un. In my defence I am almost 5ft 8 so gaining so much didn't look so bad, it looked bad but not 'little round rolling ball' bad.

I have lost 3 and a half of those just being a mum and busy busy busy but these 10 lbs are gonna kick my ass. I'm doing cardio like a mad woman and resistance training all in a bid to feel half decent come the summer months.

My final bit of news is that I have decided on a wedding theme. I was at a loss not really getting that excited picturing a summers day with lots of lovely flowers and sunshine. But as soon as I brought my favourite time of year into the equation I was frothing at the mouth and practically vomitting confetti with excitement.

Yes a winter wedding is what we shall have 2013. I have dreamed of this since I was a child. I am like mother claus on crack as soon as November is upon us so this wedding planning is going to as fun as the big day itself. I have the exact image in my head of everything I want and it feels magical <3

I know this wasn't make up related but sometimes I just want to keep you all up to date : )

Tomorrow I have to review my miracle concealer I need to take my 'after' picture but I have had a manic night involving breathalysers and police. Don't panic purely routine as a bike decided to crash into me! pah.

Now I'm off to watch True Blood, new season! Excited!

Happy Friday everyone



  1. Super lovely blog!


  2. Congrats on finding your new place and good luck with the sort out! Are you going to try eBay or start up a little blog shop on here? I agree with you that fasion moves so fast but I find it so hard to let go of anything I still have in my wardrobes now, I don't envy you your task.
    Good luck also with that final 10lbs I know it's so tough, I tried Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD and lost 10lbs over four months which I was so chuffed about, it's a hard workout but it's also just 20 minutes long so doable.
    I love winter weddings (winter Pimms always seems to make an apperance which is a great thing in my book), I hope you'll share some of your plans on here? (sorry for the ramble!)

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  3. Adore your blog!

    I'm a new follower via GFC.



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