Monday, 24 January 2011

Where oh where oh where is shadow?

Bear in the big blue house...gotta love it!

One of my biggest facial woes is the dark under eye ring which is sadly often present on my unmade up face. Lack of sleep will do that to a girl, I also find mine to be worse when dieting and exercising.

Just the other day at the gym mid crunch I caught a glimpse of my perspiring mug sans make up and I was horrified at what lay before my eyes. I could of had a couple of plums under my eyes, it was hideous.

So needless to say this area is an absolute must when it comes to that magic potion we call concealer.

Almost all MUA will recommend colour correcting for combating the blue ring. Bobbi Brown in particular really hammers on in her book about the importance of neutralising the blue/purple tinge with a warmer shade. Also her colour corrector is adored by many and in her own words is 'the secret of the universe'.

It's basic colour wheel stuff which my head cant handle explaining on a Sunday evening after 1 or 3 bottles of wine last night. It's also a concept I have always adhered to and found to work, but this method often needs an eye brightener/highlighter also if you want that fresh look not just to simply conceal the darkness.

*at time of writing it was Sunday evening*

I organise my mornings with military precision. Trying to make myself, my son and my home presentable in the morning before leaving the house at 8.30 is often a toil so saving a few precious minutes when applying my make up is a bonus!

I am not one of those mums that can just leave the house with no make up on. I remember so many people saying to me during my pregnancy 'oh just you wait when that baby comes there will  be no time for make up'

What the hell? As if! I need it more than ever never mind  no time. I MAKE time!

Anyway Iv gone off track reign it in Miss Jones, the point of this post is this,

Illamasqua Concealer, it's quick and it works!

I like to use either a fluffy blending brush to conceal blemishes then a fine brush to conceal the bump of the blemish. For under eyes I like to us my fingertips to warm the product then rock my finger back and forth dabbing along the under eye area

I spoke to one of the nicest people in Illamasqua and gained so much from him in half the time I have ever spent in MAC or at any other counter. There was no hard sell, no pretension just a very knowledgeable helpful young man who seemed to completely understand what I wanted and needed.

Like me he also was a sufferer of dark eyes and swore by their concealer as opposed to the under eye concealer which in his words can look cakey on dry skin. Coverage is second to none so there is no need to mask or correct. It is also super blendable. The shade I have is what he called standard European, I binned the box in a giddy frenzy and the actual concealer has no shade name or number on it. So I am totally in the dark as to what it actually is however it is also light enough to create that awake highlighted look.

As a massive bonus it covers spots like no other. It is a little on the light side for blemishes on my skin tone so I need to purchase the next shade up but I can still make it work using a fluffy brush to blend into the skin and by powdering and bronzing as I usually would.

It costs £13 which some will see as pricey some will See as reasonable. I think it is absolutely worth every penny as so little product is needed.

I feel like I've cracked it with this product and can not recommend highly enough.

I have been using this after applying my eye cream which is something I picked up from my Bobbi brown manual who stresses the importance of moisturised skin prior to applying any make up in near enough every section of the book.

My eye cream of choice is AVON ANEW Rejuvenate 24 hour eye cream which I have been using for approx 5 weeks or so. There are two products in one. A cream for day and a thicker gel for night. Both absorb well and don't feel to heavy they also do not make my eyes sting like so many other eye creams I have tried. I love how the pot is split into 2 sections and how you can easily see which range would be beneficial to you. Whether in your 20's 30's 40's 50's or 60's the ANEW range has something for everyone. And do I see a difference? Yes!

AVON ANEW REJUVENATE 24 HR CREAM - Top Day cream Bottom Night Gel

I was becoming really paranoid about pesky lines under my eyes which were tiny but nonethless they were still there. I feel this cream has improved the beginnings of the lines I had. Make up also sits better on top of the day cream as mentioned earlier.

The ANEW range has products for all ranges dependong on the intensity of the *ahem* wrinkle/line of life.

Here is me wearing the combo after I had been drinking evil evil wine the night before and after just 6 hours sleep.

Products Used
Bourjois Helathy Mix Foundation (LOVE)
Illamasqua concealer
ELF HD (as always)
Nars Orgasm Blush
MAC Bare Study Paint pot as base
Illamasqua Jules Shadow in socket, under eye and on brows
Rimmel White eyeliner on water line
Maybelline Great Lash (oldy but a goody)
Revlon Pink Pout Lipstick (LOVE)
MAC Lipglass Icescape

Excuse the hair this is a WHOLE new post..naught naught Umberto!

Have a splendid week everyone!


Friday, 14 January 2011

General Update on the world of Miss Jones

Good evening all,

What a joy to be tinkling at the keys again and communicating with the beautiful beauty blogging world.

I have had an absolutely manic 2011 so far. My one and only new years resolution was to move to a house in a quiet area with a lovely garden for my son to cause bother in.

It has been achieved already! I move on the 26th Feb and I can not wait.

But I am sacrificing my very own shabby chic dressing room for this lovely little house perfect for my family. Hence I am in the middle of a massive sort out on a major scale. Shoes, bags clothes - I'm gonna sell the lot! Well not the lot obviously but a large proportion of it.

To be fair a lot of what I have is no longer needed. When I was going out 3-4 nights every week whilst being a student I did 'need' the colossal amount of items I own. But now I'm a grown up I have a big night out every 4-6 weeks and I would rather have a few amazing, timeless dresses or pairs of shoes rather than 4 wardrobes full of high street. Lets face it fashion is fast and I'm not getting the wear out of half of my things.

I have also been really really good with my diet and exercise regime (I figured I have to make another resolution). I am hoping to lose 10lbs before June which will take to me happy weight of a loose size 12 and occasional size 10. This is a size I feel most comfortable at and feel it is achievable.

I put on a whopping 4 stone whilst I was pregnant, yes 4 stone!!!!!! What can I say I was a big un. In my defence I am almost 5ft 8 so gaining so much didn't look so bad, it looked bad but not 'little round rolling ball' bad.

I have lost 3 and a half of those just being a mum and busy busy busy but these 10 lbs are gonna kick my ass. I'm doing cardio like a mad woman and resistance training all in a bid to feel half decent come the summer months.

My final bit of news is that I have decided on a wedding theme. I was at a loss not really getting that excited picturing a summers day with lots of lovely flowers and sunshine. But as soon as I brought my favourite time of year into the equation I was frothing at the mouth and practically vomitting confetti with excitement.

Yes a winter wedding is what we shall have 2013. I have dreamed of this since I was a child. I am like mother claus on crack as soon as November is upon us so this wedding planning is going to as fun as the big day itself. I have the exact image in my head of everything I want and it feels magical <3

I know this wasn't make up related but sometimes I just want to keep you all up to date : )

Tomorrow I have to review my miracle concealer I need to take my 'after' picture but I have had a manic night involving breathalysers and police. Don't panic purely routine as a bike decided to crash into me! pah.

Now I'm off to watch True Blood, new season! Excited!

Happy Friday everyone


Monday, 3 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

There is a very gorgeous witty lady over at Cheeky's Beauty Blog who has passed on the Stylish Blogger award to me. Firstly she is an absolute fox of a mama and secondly she does some great reviews. So thank you very much!

As a result of getting this award i have to share 8 facts about me,

  1. I am actually obsessed with organisation. I like to organise anything wether it be cans of food, nail polishes, cleaning products or make up. I get a pang of excitement when I find a new more organised way of being organised. Sad!
  2. My 'Fiance' (first time I have actually used that hehe) is related to Morrisey of The Smiths, one of Manchester's most influential bands of the 80's whose music is still widely loved and recognised to date 'This Charming Man' I still get goosebumps as soon as I hear the infamous 'punctured bicycle...' 
  3. I have had more hair disasters than I care to remember. Burnt scalp, chewing gum hair snapping off, green, orange - the lot! Also had a rather embarrassing period of wearing my hair in braids during the time of sitting my GCSE's. I was confused what can I say?
  4. I have 3 tattoos and another one on the cards. Only one I regret which shall remain secret but requires strategic camouflage make up during the summer months....ahem ankle *cough cough*
  5. I want baby number 2 to be born in 2014...jeez from a woman who didn't even like kids!
  6. I have a serious serious addiction to any accessory. My 'dressing room' is a pile of necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, hairbands, bags, belts, shoes - oh and make up. Basically I buy A LOT and hoard it all. But it does come in handy I still wear things I have had for years and will continue to do so.
  7. My friend and I have a disorder I like to call WDA. Washing detergent addiction. We have spent the last 10 ears trying different combinations and ratios of powder, tablet, liquid, detergent softener in a hope to achieve THEE freshest smelling clothes in the whole of the land!
  8. Myself and all of my friends love food - we are not the pushing lettuce around a plate group of gals. We come together like members of over eaters anonymous to discuss and eat, well anything really. Apart from sausage. Maybe the only food I dislike. 
Morrisey of The Smiths
I pass this award on to.....
Kittenish Behaviour - Seriously stylish girl! she wears heels and dresses all the time! wow
Lions Tigers and Fashion OH MY gorgeous!
Saskia the style fairy  this girl knows style
A hum and a drum - Fellow mancunian ; )


Sunday, 2 January 2011

NYE Make up and MAC Swinging Violets Review

Love it or hate it The Tartan Tale will be coming to an end and 'Cham pale' shall take it's place. I have heard several people say they dislike the Tartan Tale collection with the packaging being ugly.

I love it! Who doesn't love a bit if tartan. The packaging is much more spectacular than last years holiday collection which was BORING! I think the actual sets and the shades have been a bit pants and the only thing that caught my eye was the "Swinging Violets' set.

I decided I wouldn't buy anything from this collection as I was sure Cham Pale would wipe out my January budget but what can I say. I panicked, I clicked, I purchased. It arrived.

Hello new favourites, mummy loves you!

Mineralize duo shadow Earthly Riches, Paint pot Bare Study (sheer pink/beige), mini zoom lash in Zoomblack and Lipglass in Icescape (beige gold pearl)

Earthly Riches- Marbleized Purple/Taupe flecked with gold and pink-lovely!

Now for some reason the mini zooms are always so so much better than the full size standard zoom lash. I enjoy using and love the effect of the promo mini zoom but find the formulation of the main line mascara too watery. Love the set, love the LipGlass and finally have my mitts on bare study something I have been forgetting to buy for months and months but have always wanted. Result!

I'm still very much in love with all of my other new christmas treats but I have managed to find place in my heart for his little cutesy pie tin of treats.

With all new make up still largely untouched NYE make up is always a toil. What should you use how can you choose? They all sit there so patiently and pristine just waiting for your loving touch.

Here's what I used..there looks a lot but hey it was NY : )

Bourjois Healthy mix Foundation
Illamasqua concealer (standard european shade the code escapes me) FABULOUS for under eye coverage!
ELF HD powder (i'm on the 5th yes 5th thats how much I rate this product)
Urban Decay Baked bronzer
Benefit Girl meets Pearl (used under foundation for a dewy sheen)
Nars Orgasm blush (throughout cheekbones)
Illamasqua Excite (literally dabbed on the apples with a stippling brush)
MAC MSF Shimpagne

MAC Bare study Paint pot used on entire eye from lashes to brow
MAC Earthly riches taupe colour along lid and below lower lash line
Purple colour from MAC Earthly riches in socket and extended to outer V area
Illamasqua Liquid metal in surge dabbed in inner corner of eye taking below lashes to quarter way along the lash line
MAC Reflects Gold pigment placed on lid
Urban Decay 'Loaded' along lower lash line on top on the taupe already used
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Strip Lashes Eyelure Glamour Naturalites 120
Eyebrows Illamasqua shadow shade Jules (looking sparse due to an over zealous beauty tech who got giddy with a quick 'tidy up')
Front Cover gold glitter mascara on the tips of lashes

Earings were purchased from River Island ages ago I fell in love at first sight as they reminded me very much of something Edie Sedgwick would wear

On my lips I used Philosophy Frosted cookie gloss which had largely worn off when the pictures were taken. With so much going on the old peepers I wasn't too concerned about my lips fading.

A good night was had apart from dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello nude bra flashback!!!
My justification is that I was planning on wearing a nude dress but changed my mind at the last minute and opted for the black. Foolish foolish girl.


Saturday, 1 January 2011

New favourite Lip combo

Happy New Year!!!

2011 what do you have in store for us I wonder...lots of great things I hope!

Without further ado my first post of the new year.

2 new products that I am loving and have been using pretty much throughout all of December are by a brand which may shock you.

Rimmel. We've all had a product from Rimmel, I think every teen begins their make up journey at the Rimmel stand. The brand has improved over the years with the help of Kate Moss and Lily Cole yet still remains quite, well at the want of a better word...chavy? Ohhh controversial!

Now i'm not saying that Rimmel is a bad brand, it isn't. Hide the blemish, sun shimmer, stay matte powder and sexy curves are all long term staples in my kit.
What I will say about Rimmel is that luxurious is not a word I would use, you dont get that magical twinkly feeling when using their products. They're all a little bit standard and do the job but without any wow factor. Which is great for everyday use and of course they are cheap enough to replace on a regular basis.

But out of all of my lip products..and there are a lot! I have been consciously opting, heck even searching for these two products for pretty much every occasion. Work, gigs, parties, shopping you name it. By altering more of one or the other it's possible to find a shade to suit any mood.

So they are....

Colour show off lipstick which they describe as velvet 100% high definition colour (Pink gossip) and Stay Glossy in Non stop glamour, the range of shades in both products are absolutely on the mark not the usual naff browny or magenta shades but actual on trend colours.

You can purchase both of these for under £15. The lipstick is uber mate and a little drying but still wearable. It suits tanned skin or very pale skin. The gloss is an iridescent nude with peach flecks which is by far the most comfortable gloss I have worn for a very long time (yes Dior, Mac included) worn alone is stunning for an easy natural look. BUT team these two together and you get one gorgeous little lip baby.

Here I am wearing the lip combo

My skin has improved 100% this was literally taken 1 week after all my 'problems' erupted. I still have the odd tiny pimple but nowhere near what it was. Maybe it was stress maybe it's because I have gone back to no frills no nonsense skincare who knows? Im not taking nay chances though! Boots expert sensitive will forever be in my cabinet.