Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Serious Summer Loves

With all of the sadness that is evident with the riots I feel the need to escape to a simpler place, my Miss Jones place.
In the grand scheme of things the following post is irrelevant and totally self indulgent, but if this creates some escapism for even a few minutes to readers then I am happy.

I'm going to dive straight into a few products that I am loving right now. I have been using these almost everyday since early June-ish and they have been my stars of the summer. I think it's time to do my summer raves as my attentions will soon be turning to Autumn/Winter 11 collections...yes already!

First up summer just isn't summer without a kick ass bronzer. This MAC Studio careblend pressed powder in Lush - Light Bronze is a LE rosy pink brown £19.

It has more of a glow to it than other MAC bronzers I have tried with the pink undertones it adds a shot of a healthy glow
Next up GLOSS! Estee Lauder Pure colour gloss 49 Frivolous Pink sparkle £16. This is a super pretty pink pale pink high shine gloss with fine flecks of pink/gold glitter. It doesn't give you tacky disco lips, the shimmer just adds some crackin' volume to your pout.

Estee Lauder -  Frivolous Pink sparkle
More for the lips.. Topshop Ooh La La Lipstick £8. To anyone who has yet to try Topshop make up I urge you to do so. This is a matte peach/coral which applies really nicely. It reminds me of Barry M 53 but has a much creamier consistency. I adore it. Their nail polishes are also exceptional for value and staying power with a lovely glossy finish.

I purchased these 2 absolute bargains off the cuff on offer for 2 for £5!!! Collection 2000 Mosaic glow and sheer loose powder. I'm shocked at how much I love these 2 products. The powder is really finely milled and the mosaic glow could easily be compared to the Bobbi Brown Bronze shimmer brick for a fraction of the price. This adds a glow without the chunks of glitter that even MAC MSFs sometimes do. Highly recommend both of these.

Top - Collection 2000 Mosaic glow, Bottom MAC Careblend pressed powder

I am going to do the rest as a part 2, I'm conscious this is becoming increasingly picture heavy. What products have stood out for you this summer?

Much Love

Miss Jones


Friday, 5 August 2011

Battle of the Mascaras

Miss Jones hasn't felt like talking lately. I have avoided bloggy woggy like the plague. I was going through the 1 year itch stage where you start to think, who actually cares what I think or what I write?

Of course these kind of thoughts become a self fulfilling prophecy as my absence is likely to rid me of my followers. A few friends and my boy have persuaded me to continue to blog with the view that I had when I very first started - which was to share make up tips with like minded people, give honest reviews and divulge some bargainous beauty's to the masses! I lost my way somewhere along the line but I have found my blogging feet again, on that note I'm back in the game rested and refreshed.

If I had a pound for every time somebody asked me what mascara I used or for every time somebody complimented me on my eyes I would have quite a tidy sum. I make up my eyes to their full potential and I know every trick in the book to make them pop but the most crucial, important, fundamental, imperative thing to remember is that lashes are what really count!

I am very lucky in the sense that I have quite long curled lashes naturally and with the correct mascara I can make my lashes scrape to the highest of heights. With a rubbish mascara though my eyes are just meh, rubbish. Therefore I came to realise some 12 years ago that to make me even remotely attractive I needed to search high and low for a good mascara.

And that I did. I have tried and tested near enough every mascara from cheapo to luxe, my all time holy grail no nonsense shiznit mascara has to be L'Oreal Lash Architects. It beats Lancome, Dior, YSL, Helena Rubenstein, Max Factor, Revlon and all other drugstore brands. I swear by it and have repurchased probably about 20. I kid you not!

SO I was super intrigued when I spotted the sultry younger sister all dressed in slinky silver going by the name of Lash Architects 4D - could it be?

I was dubious anything could beat the original but woo hoo hello! It does exactly what Lash Architects does but it in fewer coats. HOWEVER it did dry up really quickly. I can usually get 8 weeks out of an original LA but only managed 5-6 out of 4D. This doesn't bother me too much because for £10 ish (with offers which are usually always on) its not too expensive as in nearly £30 every 8 weeks.

Let me show you L'Oreal LA 4D comparable to Bourjois Glamour ultra Curl both in shade black *ding ding*

Bourjois Glamour Ultra Curl - Separates well and curls

L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D - Much blacker, lengthens, adds volume and curls.
See what a difference it makes?

Lefty = sleepykins    Righty = Bushy tailed

So there you have the proof!

Will you be trying 4D or even the just as fabulous Lash Architects Original?

*I only use the black tube LA I have tried the carbon black before but did not like as I found it to flake*

Big loves

Miss Jones


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cool as a Cucumber

If I was to tempt you with the words 'soothing' 'calm' 'refreshing' and '94% all natural ingredients' to describe a body lotion I'm sure you would all be chomping at the bit to get your hands on the wonder product.

Well the good news is that you can and it will not cost you a fortune. Jergens has been around since 1901 and is a massive cult brand in the US yet is still relatively hush hush here in the UK.

I must admit I am guilty of bypassing the brand myself when pondering what to slather on my cumbersome form.  However since being sent this for review I have come to realise that the Jergens Naturals Aloe Soothing body moisturiser with cucumber is quite simply scrumptious!

Containing Eucalyptus to cool and revive, perfect for a refreshing morning pick me up or to cool sun soaked skin. Cucumber to calm the effects of environmental stressors such as wind and pollution. Of course the wonder that is Mr Aloe famously renowned for it's moisturising properties and keeping skin in tip top healthy condition had to be in present and he does his job well.

It would make an ideal aftersun with comforting properties to combat redness it also smells lusciously fresh and absorbs quickly so you do not have that greasy feeling which some butters leave.

*I personally love the thick luxurious body butter vibe but this would be perfect for those wanting a lighter daily body moisturiser*

It retails at £4.99 for 200ml which is an absolute bargain, there is also a large range in the Jergens Naturals collection including Age defying,Skin firming and even a Coco butter. I am positive that there is a Jergens Natural to suit everyone. As Jergen themselves put it, 'Say goodbye to synthetic moisturiser, and hello to naturally healthy skin'. 

Have you ever wondered how fantastic you are? well Jergens has the answer thanks to their fun fantastic o meter, follow this link to the official Facebook page and click 'like' to find out the answer : ) Jergens Facebook  

Will you be trying?

Miss Jones


Monday, 30 May 2011

The mother of all dupes..How can they get away with this!?

I'm going to show you a few photos. I am certain that every single one of you will be know what the following product is...and if you don't -shame on you!

Is this the cult complexion enhancer / highlighter from Benefit which we all know and love? - HIGH BEAM retailing at £18.50 

Technic 'High Lights' 

I recently bought this from Bodycare for £1.99. That is correct one hundred and ninety nine English pennies. I was shopping with Mrs Mama Jones at the time and I actually screeched a little too excitedly and a little too loud, 'mum, mum! they've got high beam! look! look!'

Only on closer inspection did I see this minxy little dupe for what it really is - which is just a fabulous product. High beam is a staple in my kit, I use it on cheeks, brow bones, cupids bow and mix with body lotion on the decolletage for a subtle shim shimmy. I have used the Me Me Me version of Beat the blues which was thee original dupe for High Beam but I found the shade and the formula to be too dissimilar to be a true dupe. This however is essentially the exact same product as High Beam. 

If you love High Beam you need this in your life! Get hunting for it pronto! 

That is all for this evening


Miss Jones


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This stuff don't budge!

Recently I have resurrected an old love and have been wearing it to death. I always receive compliments when wearing these products as they are so vibrant. The beauty of it is they are also cheap, easy to apply and perfect for summer!

No 7 Stay perfect liquid eye liner which retails for £8.75 is available from Boots I have these in Jewel (green) and Saphire (bright blue), Jewel is still available but Saphire was LE and may be relaunched with the christmas collection which was when I purchased it.

These babies do not move! I have worn them in the coldest of winter months when mr watery eye is usually out in full force but these have never let me down. The colour is phenomenal, adding a line either below the lashes or across the lid adds an instant wow effect.
These colours are prefect for summer and are at the very top of my Summer 'make pretty quickly' list. I think you could even chance these for a little dip in the pool...maybe a slight dip not a full on swimathon.

Recently I wore Jewel along my top lash line and kept the rest of the eye neutral with a clashing bronze pigment on the lower lash line. The bronze colour was MAC Museum Bronze (LE) but good old Barry M does one very similar as always.

Above Saphire, Below Jewel 

Above Saphire, Below Jewel 

Blended out 

After a face wipe, hot soapy water and a sponge - red blotchy hand and STILL the jewel line remains!  FYI when wearing on the eye do not rub the delicate area soak with an oil based eye make up remover and gently wipe away

I have my eagle eye on Chainmail which is a beautiful gunmetal colour, I think it would look stunning with purples for a sultry sexy evening look. The only thing I would say about these is that the brush can make application a little gloopy so I tend to use my Mac 209 or any other liner brush which will allow greater control. Have any of you tried these liners?

Lots of Love

Miss Jones 


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Red alert - Hot summer lips for every budget

I am so sick of make up.

These words escaped my lips recently, I was suffering from a very bad case of MUO (make up overload). I have literally been run off my feet trialing and preparing ladies for parties and weddings. As much as I love working sometimes enough is enough. I had a quick detox, a full day with no make up, avoidance of blogging and here I am drooling over red lippies.

I am into bright lips in a massive way, I recently made up a bride who rocked MAC Ruby Woo on her big day and I loved the end result. It was so refreshing to meet somebody who had their own definite style and wanted it to be reflected on the big day. She carried off a red lip to rival Madonna, seriously so much so that I am on a mission to find my own signature shade.

Ploughing through my collection I picked out 4 of my favourites which are very similar but have different finishes so hopefully there will be one to suit everybody. The tones also differ but from a non addict point of view you will get the same powow effect with all of them.

Left to right: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Coral Queen 620,  Revlon Matte Strawberry Suede 005,  17 Lasting Fix Hot Chilli, MAC matte Lady Danger

Coral Queen - Gloss finish, pink undertones, would suit paler skin tones, very moisturising

Strawberry Suede - A very retro shade watermelon red/coral pink, absolutely stunning I would say this would suit most skin tones, a little drying due to the matte finish but well worth the need for a touch of balm

Hot Chilli - Not as drying as Lady Danger and Strawberry Suede, a definite orange red which looks fabulous on darker skins

Lady danger - I'm sure you all know about this one, as you can see it packs more of a punch than the others and is a true coral red which I LOVE.

As always with any bright lip bleeding is likely to occur so a liner is essential. I would not be without my Barry M lip liners, I adore them they are so cheap but do exactly what they should. I have the red (3) and the orange (24).

To alter the red or orange tones to any of the shades I fully cover the lip with the liner of choice so for example using the orange liner under Hot Chilli would make it much more orange verging on MACs Morange or vice versa using the red under lady danger adds depth which can carry little miss danger through to the winter months.

Here I am wearing 17 Hot Chilli with Red liner and a slick of coral queen over the top (I like to mix and match)

I am going to do a separate post on the eye liner because I cant believe how long the damn stuff lasts!

Hope you are all well : ) will you be wearing a bright lips this summer? And just out of interest to those married or engaged what shade did you wear on your big day or are you planning to wear?

Lots of Love

Miss Jones 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

LOTD A safe nude MAC Duo for lip

I struggle with nudes. I find them hard to wear and have to really search for a nude that works for me.

Gosh Darling is exactly what I hate about most nudes, yet I do like to wear darling with a pink toned gloss over the top - I could never wear it solo. The chalky dry concealer look is what fears me most when venturing down nude street. In fact I find a daring pink or red less scary than a nude because I know exactly where I am at with a bold colour - when sampling nudes I'm a tad uncertain!

After a few tinkles with some too pink, too beige, too brown, too peach, I have found what I believe to be the safest easiest nude bet for me...hoorah!

Introducing MAC HUE and MAC POETIC LICENCE Lipglass which sadly was Limited edition BUT I would liken it to Florabundance. I find both ultra moisturising and being a Glaze formula Hue really is a dream to apply. So these are my 'safe nudes'. *see image not too scary*

Having said that Im always on the lookout for a new combo and I am interested in what is your favourite Go to nude lippie?

A short post tonight girls I'm mad busy as per usual but please do share your secret nude ; )


Miss Jones


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A 'NATURAL' FOTD that uses LOTS of products!

When the sun is out I crave a healthy 'no make up' look, this of course takes time and lots of products.

I have been wearing this look lately and my Fiance has been all about the compliments. Having said that he is the kind of guy that says 'Hello beautiful' when I walk into the room after my  bath with a rosy shiny face, fluffy freshly washed hair and mismatched jim jams. Liar!
But seriously he always seems to be ever so slightly more adoring when I am wearing less makeup?

I think because I enjoy wearing make up and I am relatively 'ok' at applying it, it's all to easy to over egg the pudding just to show that one can blend, apply liner, contour, wear colour etc etc. Sometimes maybe less is more...

This look is not about being on trend or making a statement but just simply to highlight what is already there.

Here is my 'nude' FOTD

Hello sneaky lady pose - always with the sneaky stare! So I'm wearing no make up...pah-yeah right! This is how I wish I looked when I woke up in the morning sadly nay nay, tis not to be.
 I LOVE to heavily highlight my cheekbones, brows and cupids bow, especially when all other make up is kept very natural.

I used MAC Bare study paint pot all over my lid and contoured with a peach from the MAC Play on Plums Mineralize eye shadow. The darker shade was very lightly smudged under lower lashes. As always with a 'fresh' look ivory eyeliner was applied directly to the waterline, MAC Zoom Lash was applied to the lashes and brows were filled in using Illamasqua shadow then set with a clear gel.

All of this for a Natural look...

And for those who don't recognise the packaging:

Avon Ideal Shade Foundation (Fabulous fabulous product) Shade Creamy
Illamasqua concealer
ELF HD Powder
Sleek Contour (Light)
Mac MSF Shimpagne
W7 Blush (amazing pigment and so cheap) Baby Pink
Mac Paint pot Bare study (all over lid and under lower lash line)
Mac Play on Plums Mineralize shadow (darker plum colour under lower lashes, sand colour as contour)
Mac zoom lash
Illamasqua Jules (brows)
No 7 clear lash gel
Soap and Glory Arch De Triumph eye brightener
Front cover peach gloss
Mac lip liner stone
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

And that's it folks, what do you think? do you agree that sometimes creating a 'natural' look can take just as much time as a full on glamour look?


Miss Jones


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Jingle Jangle...they always afer me lucky charms *irish accent*

Anyone that knows me will know that I am OBSESSED with anything big sparkly and jingle jangly. I have far too many rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings.

A post from the gorgeous chic beauty inspired me to do a little what's new to my collection post.

I am mostly loving mixing silver, gold, metal, bangles, leather and cord for a grungy eclectic look on my wrists.

I always wear my Tiffany and Thomas Sabo pearl but I layer daily with what I feel like on the day!

My faves for spring are....

Peach and Brown cord H& M under £1.99 each..bargain!

Debenhams £15 each

Turquoise bead (very 70's) and White leather 'Cest la vie' with Eiffel tower charm both from ASOS  (look fab with a tan!)

I could carry on but this would be one hell of a very looong post. So that is all for now. 

What kind of girl are you, will only Tiffany do or are you up for a bit of shabby chic high street?

On a slightly different subject, this blog has taken on a roll that occasionally veers away from simple make up talk. What can I say- It's evolved!

I do not proclaim to be any kind of high fashion gal but I know a girl who is. Winner of last years Cosmo award for Best New Blogger, a friend of mine and really lovely girl Emma. Go check her out over at What Emma Did

Much Love

Miss Jones


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Lips are gonna get ya!

Hi everyone! 

Thought I would share a spookily large close up of my lips in this LOTD. This is such an easy no brainer on days when I am feeling a little peaky and fed up. It calls for a dash of pink, a touch of gloss and a great big pucker up! 


NYX Narcissus 509 a vibrant cool toned true dolly pink
MAC LipGlass Elle (may be discontinued) Pearlescent white/pink/peach with gold flecks (lovely!)

Coincidentally I bought the lipstick from the one and only Stacy over at Nude Obsession and she deserves this blatant shout out due to making me laugh out loud on several occasions on Twitter this past week. Go follow her blog if you do not do so already - we share a passion for foundations - of dubious shades...

Until next time


Miss Jones


Monday, 4 April 2011

NOTD - Flamingooo!!

Hello fellow beauty obsessives!

The Sun has been shining of late and my nails are crying out for colour!!! My skin is also crying out for a tan because unlike Jerry Hall I DO NOT rock the pale skin, red lip look (boo hoo).

QUE IMAGEIO - I have been wearing this a lot lately because it makes me feel a little beam oh happiness deep inside when I catch a glimpse of the shade.

Barry M PINK FLAMINGO you lovely little perfect true coral pink!

What is on your nails right now?


Miss Jones