Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas / Holiday Make up

Hello all,

I have been avoiding the FOTD's recently due to a bad skin flare up which I blame on the darn evil cold weather and silly old me frollicking with new skin care products.

I have taken my routine back to basics and will be doing a post soon on what has worked to clear up my sensitive/combination/breakout hell! All whilst dealing with the pressures of wrinkle prevention. Gee whizz us girls have a lot to contend with.

But I have swallowed my pride and put my insecurities on hold for the sake of sharing a very easy peasy effective look perfect for christmas parties.

I must warn this is very picture heavy so I do apologise. Also Miss Jones hasn't gone crazy yes my eyes are different to save time doing 2 different looks I have merged them into one.

To begin I used Sleek Kajal in Odyssey to prime my lids with. Using a dark primer is perfect to create a real 'pop' especially in winter months when we can up the drama a notch or 10.

I like to use purple as an alternative to black because it adds a lil something extra to any colour you layer over the top. 

Ok here goes, on one eye I used Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Surge dabbed over the top with a flat brush (for review see here ). 

On the other eye I used a Barry M dazzle dust which I have had for so long it has been discontinued but it looks like a hybrid of Fig and Red or possibly Burgundy Noir. This was also dabbed with a flat dense brush.

hmm looks a lil creepy but bear with me....

If I was to wear this look I wouldn't line my top lashes or wear anything dramatic on the lower lash line

Aaaarhhhh!!!!! Crazy lady!!!!

On Lips I prepped with Mac Fluidline gel liner in Black which looks absolutely disgusting because it is so matte and well so black. BUT when a glossy lipstick is applied over the top it creates a rich depth perfect for recreating this seasons deep lip trend. 

*Ensure lips are not dry or chapped or the dark pigment will scream out skanky lip alert*

The lipstick I used over the top was a MUA in shade 1 (to see how it looks ridin solo click here) it is super glossy and £1!!! Coincidentally I am including one in my giveaway because it is so very lovely ENTER HERE

I have kept my skin pale using Revlon CS in Ivory and a tiny amount of Bourjois Blush in No 16. Benefit Bad Gal eye pencil was used on the waterline and Rimmel Sexy curves mascara. 

Well thats all for now my little bobby dazzlers what make up will you be wearing for the party season?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Little hands = Mess

Inspired by the lovely Welsh beauty blog I chuckled after reading her sons antics with her OPI Vodka and Caviar. It took me back to not so long ago when Mr George had a little fight with a Barry M Dazzle dust...

I'll just try to sneak off..she won't notice


Happy nearly weekend everyone : D


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What what..an award?

Oohh  Miss Jones has received an award from a blog I have recently discovered which I love! Cheeky Beauty is a girl close to my own heart. A girl who has a passion for make up, enjoys making time for herself and perhaps most importantly is a mummy!!! : D

The Versatile Blogger award makes me feel ever so special.

So here are the conditions I shall pass this on to 7 other bloggers whom I enjoy reading and divulge 7 things about myself.

Sounds easy peasy....

Here goes

  1.  Before I had my son I was quite possibly one of he most selfish beings to walk the earth (which takes me to number 2)
  2. My life changed completely the day I had my beautiful baby boy, He's called George and he is a whole 1 year old
  3. I am hopelessly in love with My George's daddy
  4. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
  5. I am ridiculously and I mean ridiculously obsessed with Christmas
  6. I'm the kind of girl that orders a diet coke to go with my large big mac meal and nugget chaser and the kind of girl who would have wine after a gym session
  7. Hence I am the kind of girl that is always contemplating a new diet/fitness regime and will never ever be a size 8
Ok so I now pass this on to 7 of my favourite bloggers whom I read regularly and all post great reads,

  • Dainty Dollymix
  • Girl in the city Glasgow
  • Love Indigo
  • Ms Purple Make up in black and white
  • Nicolettas beauty space
  • Make up by Ansa
  • Kittenish Behaviour 
Thank you Cheeky Beauty you gorgeous most definitely yummy mummy!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Alas The Giveaway!

I have been meaning to do this for aaages. My first plan was to have a Halloween inspired box of treats but my house decorating blah blah blah got in the way. Then of course I was Londoning it (having panic attacks on the tube) so here it is finally.

Using Random.org I will pick the winner on DEC 15th so the package will arrive in time for those Christmas parties! UK followers only for this one, Sorry.

So what you giving away Jonesy?

Hot/Cool Palette By Front Cover

Swatches are from very light application, colour pay off is amazing!

Front Cover Hot/Cool Palette. After being sent the Frontcover To Go palette I was so impressed I had to get my mitts on one of these and of course one for a lovely follower. Can I just say mmm mmmm mmmmmm a great mix of rainbow brights for the more adventurous and some great neutrals all in a handy compact with a good sized mirror. My favourites being Toffee and Bracken.

Other treats will include a MUA lippy (deep red - on trend for festive parties), ELF super glossy lip shine (unlike the Hypershine which made me gag, these are yummy!) Asos by Ciate nail paint in 'Alexa' a rich navy blue perfect for crimbo parties and of course some lashes.

The rules are there are no rules. Just be a genuine follower and comment with your email add. 2 entries if you post on your page also. Just let me know if you have so I can alter accordingly.

Well i'd best go and wrap this package for a lucky little cherub. Mulled wine anyone?

No Amy no don't do it!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly tra la la la la lalalala!


Thursday, 11 November 2010

I'm off to London to see the Queen...

Well not quite the Queen but as good as!

Miss Jones is just a small town girl living in a village where cutting edge fashion and on trend make up is not something you will often see on your daily trip to the local shops.

Yes I live very close to Manchester, a city which I LOVE and will till my dying day. We have all the big shops you know! (As the old uns would say). But still as much as my heart belongs to my darling Mancunia, It ain't no London!

So off we trot (me and my boy) to the 'Big smoke' for a spot of Christmas shopping, good food and a couple or 12 drinks with friends. I am almost ashamed to say, but I have never been to Hamleys nor have I ever had the privilege of visiting a Mac Pro. Excited!

Last Christmas my son was 3 months old barely able to do, well anything. BUT this year he is an all singing all dancing real boy. And seeing as that festive occasion that we call Christmas is just around the corner I'm thinking where else could be better? Christmas treats for my little pudding followed by Christmas treats for mama! : D

I will also be wanting to check out the Haven that is Topshop (gulp)..5 floors?!  I get palpitations at the very thought and of course Liberty's.

All that is left to do is decide which make up to pack. I have been told I must keep luggage to a minimum......hmmm minimum. Do us beauty bloggers know that word?

Whatever I decide to take at least I have the case sorted! All thanks to my new Antler Glam Beauty Case.
Image Courtesy of Avon Cosmetics
This case was an absolute steal! It was a promotional product which could be purchased for £10 when you spent £10 or more on other products. I wasn't expecting much to be honest, but my oh my what a wonderful case.

It is durable, has compartments to organise brushes and is bright pink! Need I say more. 

2 things which I will definitely be taking are:

  • Bourjois Healthy mix foundation A welcomed change to my Revlon CS which I was beginning to dread using due to it's thick consistency and smell. This on the other hand feels fresh fruity and light. I just need to use a little extra concealer to make up for the lighter coverage but hey ho such is life
  • Boots Expert Anti Redness Serum Literally feels like a great big thirst quenching drink for your skin. I have always been put off by the word serum (oil slick anyone?) but this is just a really nice light cream which absorbs quickly. Recommend!
I really should go and make a start on deciding which blush, bronzer, lipstick, gloss, liners, primers, brushes, highlighters and lashes to take....

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend whatever you are doing. For all you actual Londoners if you happen to be out shopping and see a bewildered blonde girl laden with bags drooling over a cosmetics counter in a fur coat and red beret...say Hi its likely to be me!


Sunday, 7 November 2010

How Many Colours? Front Cover Review and Rihanna Inspired Eyes

 I have been meaning to do this review for some time but I felt that I wanted to use and experiment with all my mite before I gave the full word up on the product.

Firstly I should say that I am not affiliated with this brand in anyway and my opinion is 100% honest based upon what I have found from using the product.

Okay so that's the babble over with. 

A lovely Lil lady over at Front Cover sent me the Front Cover to go which can only be described as a great big box of colourful delights.

Handy tips from MUA to achieve various looks. Easy to follow and a must for anyone unsure on techniques

It arrived safe and sound with no injuries to the little domes of sparkling vivid colour, my first impression was wow!

Yum yum yum yum

So what do you get?
10 Baked domed shadows 
3 Twinkle domed baked shadows
5 Duos
2 pressed
1 Shadow line 
1 Compact which fits 4 shadows also includes a great mirror
Double ended Applicator

I managed to use the brush to create a full look using 7 colours (pics below).

I was tempted to grab my other brushes but challenged myself to see if it was possible to use just the brush provided. Unlike most brushes which come with other palettes on the market it is actually worthy of using especially with the smaller brush ideal for detailing under the eye or working in the socket line.

The Palette is ideal for popping your favourite shades into for traveling or a night on the town I LOVE the mirror.
I know Front Cover have done a large palette before called Rainbow eyes, my sister has it and although she raved about the tips and the pigment etc we did conclude that it would be difficult to travel with purely due to the size.
The 'GO' set has sorted this dilemma with the genius little separates that can be switched ans swapped as and when your heart desires.

I am using Silver Dollar, Powder Puff, Twinkling Grape and Black Spark all of which scream Christmas to me : D

I used the set to create a look which was a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The colours are all so enticing you cant help but explore.

I lie, actually it is very loosely inspired by Rihanna (click to see after performance interview and a glimpse of the make up). She wore an amazing lime green eye on the Simon Cowell creates pop star in ridiculous amount of time show (X Factor) I guiltily watch and moan every week. 

Silver Dollar base, Citronella crush lids, Tarn green/Bright Aqua socket, Bayou/Midnight Lower Lash line, Azimuth outer Corner

Please ignore my puffy skin, sallow complexion and half damp hair it was 7am pre caffeine  

They apply like a dream, blend like butter and stay put all day. Fall down is minimum unlike other mass produced bright palettes they feel and apply like a good quality shadow. The intensity of the colours shown is minus primer hence you could actually up the colour pay if desired.


The Shadow Line is similar to the Too Faced product where you mix the clear liquid with any shadow to create a liner. You MUST remember to clean the nib before dipping back into the liquid or it will ruin for future use.

You could either mix a paste on your hand to create an intense shadow or literally dip n line as severe or subtle as you like.
Moondust above dipped and lined, Copper coin below to the right mixed to create a strong paste to the left subtly lined with
Final Thought
Fandabiozi- That's it I have no critique whatsoever if I was to be really picky possibly make the brush a little fluffier to blend but that is being really picky.

Front Cover can be purchased from Boots and is currently on their 3 for 2 offer. I would recommend this to those starting out with Make up who need to build up their kit but would also recommend to MUA's for a fun cheaper alternative to MAC especially now they are easier to travel with.

I would definitely look towards making more shadows as individual pans if Miss Jones was up there with the big wig brains in Front Cover towers and maybe selling the compacts in various sizes so a make up magpie can collect and create the ultimate palette. The colours really are beautiful.

I hope if nothing else this review has maybe swayed at least one persons opinion. Its easy to see a set in Boots already packaged unable to swatch and think it's likely to be rubbish. Think again girls and boys, this is a winner!!! : D Kudos to Front cover