Monday, 6 December 2010

Skincare SOS Calling all bloggers help needed!

Aaaaaahhhh what the hell is going on!

I have been battling with my skin for the past few months at first I put it down to stress, then to using too many new products, then to hormones, diet in fact just about everything you can think I have blamed it on.

So to try and rectify the situation I have banished all new fangled products and have gne back to basics.

By basics I mean basics, these were the products I used all through my university years (when sleep was lacking and alcohol was plentiful) yet my skin was always ok.

So im using boots sensitive foaming facial wash twice daily, Boots vitamin E moisturiser twice
 daily, bio oil to remove eye make up, boots sensitive wipes to remove stubborn make up and good old TCP/Savlon or tea tree oil to treat the odd stubborn spot.

Money was tight as a student and the majority of the money I had went on clothes not on skincare hence why all of the products are cheap and boots own brand. However let it be said that these have never let me down.

As an alternative to an exfoliator I use a muslin cloth with my foaming wash when I feel my skin needs a pick me up.

I have been doing my new boring I mean basic routine for 2 weeks and my skin is getting better but still not what it was. Apparently i'm 'over reacting' according to everyone I bore with my skin 'problem' which I may well be, i'm not saying my face is covered in spots but I know it is not in it's usual state at the moment for me. I would not feel confident going sans base to the shop which is ridiculous for a grown woman to feel.

I used to be the kind of girl that could get away with using a little concealer and bronzer with no base but now I need a good coverage everyday. I think this is what is causing havoc with my my pores. Its a real catch 22.

The only other things I can think is that I did stop drinking my usual 2L of water which I used to do religiously. But surely H20 cant affect skin so much...maybe it can!

So my new plan is to drink lots and lots of water, I find having a pint pot filled with water or a large bottle always with you is the easiest way. If i'm cleaning I will have a huge glass filled with water near the sink so I keep drinking and make sure I refill at least once before my cleaning is finished.

When at the gym I will make sure I drink two 500ml bottles instead of one, I have also tried to avoid fizzy drinks which is hard because I am actually addicted..oh sweet sweet bubbles be mine.

So thats all really i'm cutting down on chocolate (HARD) increasing water, exercising more and keeping my skin free from any gorgeous smelling products (BORING)

But what I want to know is why? why now at 25 years of age is my skin acting like that of a pre pubescent girl.  Has anyone else had the same problem. I would really really appreciate any advice you have or any magic products to make my skin glow with health.

FYI - My skin type is sensitive/combination and my main breakout areas are my cheeks and forehead

One other thought I had was maybe it's linked to having my son. My skin was lovely and clear throughout pregnancy and the first few months after having him but problems started when my cycle kicked in properly. Oh I don't now i'm sick of summising, short of putting a paper bag over my head i'm at my wits end!



  1. Hey- I'll put in my 2pence worth.

    Until & when I had Theo (1st son) at 27, my skin had always been normal & spot free.
    When he was 2 yrs old, I started getting acne, worse & worse, and I was 29 FFS!

    So the acne grew worse and worse, I despaired, changed products, bought new stuff, went back to basics etc- and I did everything I could do try and stop the new big infected spots sprouting.

    But a few pointers:

    Spots as an adult are often hormone related.
    If you are on ANY contraceptive, that releases hormones (pill, minipill, coil, injection, implant etc) it's likely to that being the cause.
    I had a coil (hormone releasing) and when I finally had it removed, and was put on antibiotics (5 months in total OMG)- my spots finally stopped..

    And then it did NOT matter what producst I was using, and even now, I can use cheap, expensive, whatever, I get no spots.

    But I refuse any contraceptive that has ANY hormones in it, as I will not go through that again.

    Another one to consider is that caffeine is a strong contender for adult acne, and can really make it worse..

    My acne eased off when I stopped diet coke for example.

    I know it is not nice, but it CAN be solved, just need to find the cause.. xxxx

  2. Wish I knew what to advise sweetie, but I can definitely relate. My skin hasn't been right at all, even 15 months after giving birth.
    I do know that refined sugars, in fact any sugars can cause skin issues, so try where possible to cut back on those. Definitely up the water intake too, it REALLY helps.
    Sorry I can't give you more advice, but if it is upsetting you so much, maybe visit a facialist? That's what I'll be doing! xx

  3. Hey hun, I don't have a whole lot of advice but I do empathise, I have a whole lot of spots going on at the moment too, at 27. The best treatment for me to reduce them is toothpaste overnight and my Elf Zit Zapper. Maybe visit your doctor and see if you can get referred to a dermatologist?

  4. You poor thing, I developed my allergies at about 25 and was at my wits end with no idea what to do. Preservatives which are in most most make up and skin care brands have a lot to answer for. Drinking lots of water will make a difference and maybe consider visiting a dermatologist as this is so out of the norm for you? x

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  5. I wish I had some advice, I've always been prtty fortunate with my skin and it's been clear.
    but I find when I do have breakouts lots of water, keeping my hair off my face and making sure you have clean pillow cases(I change mine every few days) and using gentle products often helps too - lots of people end up using harsh producs which just agrivate - hope that's been a little helpful!! x

  6. heya hun, aww sorry to hear your having skin problems! Know how you feel :( Just happened to be browsing around various blogs and sites this morning looking for a miracle cure for the dreaded spots. Have you checked out Liparazzi's blog? She has a post on her page about the merits of using an aspirin mask? Sounds really interesting and am deffo gonna give it a go :)

    Aysh xoxo

  7. Aww no poor skin seems to break out in spots when i dont moisterise which seems very odd..i swear by Aveeno moisteriser. Its perfect for sensitive skin. i get it on prescription but im sure boots sell it with the other moisterisers. Other than that tea tree oil is fantastic for dabbing on spots and eating a healthy diet always works wonders for me.

  8. Great post!



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