Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What award?

Oohh  Miss Jones has received an award from a blog I have recently discovered which I love! Cheeky Beauty is a girl close to my own heart. A girl who has a passion for make up, enjoys making time for herself and perhaps most importantly is a mummy!!! : D

The Versatile Blogger award makes me feel ever so special.

So here are the conditions I shall pass this on to 7 other bloggers whom I enjoy reading and divulge 7 things about myself.

Sounds easy peasy....

Here goes

  1.  Before I had my son I was quite possibly one of he most selfish beings to walk the earth (which takes me to number 2)
  2. My life changed completely the day I had my beautiful baby boy, He's called George and he is a whole 1 year old
  3. I am hopelessly in love with My George's daddy
  4. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
  5. I am ridiculously and I mean ridiculously obsessed with Christmas
  6. I'm the kind of girl that orders a diet coke to go with my large big mac meal and nugget chaser and the kind of girl who would have wine after a gym session
  7. Hence I am the kind of girl that is always contemplating a new diet/fitness regime and will never ever be a size 8
Ok so I now pass this on to 7 of my favourite bloggers whom I read regularly and all post great reads,

  • Dainty Dollymix
  • Girl in the city Glasgow
  • Love Indigo
  • Ms Purple Make up in black and white
  • Nicolettas beauty space
  • Make up by Ansa
  • Kittenish Behaviour 
Thank you Cheeky Beauty you gorgeous most definitely yummy mummy!


  1. Aww you are so sweet! Thank you so much for the award lovely! So nice of you! Mwah :) xxx

  2. Ohh Thank you for the Award!!! X

  3. ah thanks sweety for passing it onto me xx

  4. Thank you a million for the award. This made my day. xx

  5. Oh I love your list! Thank you for the award I shall start working on my 7 things x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  6. I still can't believe it, must do the lottery tomorrow! :D xx

  7. Hey lovely- you are welcome, I really enjoy your blog xx


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