Thursday, 11 November 2010

I'm off to London to see the Queen...

Well not quite the Queen but as good as!

Miss Jones is just a small town girl living in a village where cutting edge fashion and on trend make up is not something you will often see on your daily trip to the local shops.

Yes I live very close to Manchester, a city which I LOVE and will till my dying day. We have all the big shops you know! (As the old uns would say). But still as much as my heart belongs to my darling Mancunia, It ain't no London!

So off we trot (me and my boy) to the 'Big smoke' for a spot of Christmas shopping, good food and a couple or 12 drinks with friends. I am almost ashamed to say, but I have never been to Hamleys nor have I ever had the privilege of visiting a Mac Pro. Excited!

Last Christmas my son was 3 months old barely able to do, well anything. BUT this year he is an all singing all dancing real boy. And seeing as that festive occasion that we call Christmas is just around the corner I'm thinking where else could be better? Christmas treats for my little pudding followed by Christmas treats for mama! : D

I will also be wanting to check out the Haven that is Topshop (gulp)..5 floors?!  I get palpitations at the very thought and of course Liberty's.

All that is left to do is decide which make up to pack. I have been told I must keep luggage to a minimum......hmmm minimum. Do us beauty bloggers know that word?

Whatever I decide to take at least I have the case sorted! All thanks to my new Antler Glam Beauty Case.
Image Courtesy of Avon Cosmetics
This case was an absolute steal! It was a promotional product which could be purchased for £10 when you spent £10 or more on other products. I wasn't expecting much to be honest, but my oh my what a wonderful case.

It is durable, has compartments to organise brushes and is bright pink! Need I say more. 

2 things which I will definitely be taking are:

  • Bourjois Healthy mix foundation A welcomed change to my Revlon CS which I was beginning to dread using due to it's thick consistency and smell. This on the other hand feels fresh fruity and light. I just need to use a little extra concealer to make up for the lighter coverage but hey ho such is life
  • Boots Expert Anti Redness Serum Literally feels like a great big thirst quenching drink for your skin. I have always been put off by the word serum (oil slick anyone?) but this is just a really nice light cream which absorbs quickly. Recommend!
I really should go and make a start on deciding which blush, bronzer, lipstick, gloss, liners, primers, brushes, highlighters and lashes to take....

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend whatever you are doing. For all you actual Londoners if you happen to be out shopping and see a bewildered blonde girl laden with bags drooling over a cosmetics counter in a fur coat and red beret...say Hi its likely to be me!



  1. hey sweets - if you get the chance, you should nip out to the topshop outlet - only about 20 mins on the tube ... there's a wee post about it on my blog.

    have fun!! :)

    a x

  2. Ohh have a great time.
    I tend to forget what a great city London is, having lived here for so long, i tend to curse it more than praise it he-he!
    Reading your excitement is so lovely, have a fabby time:)

  3. Hope you have a lovely time. Topshop in London is amazing!!

  4. have fun!


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