Sunday, 3 October 2010

Schmokin' (jim carey style)

The most requested make up look and frequently asked question is 'how do you do a smokey eye?'

Ranging from teens to mid 50's it literally is the most requested look. There is something about a 'smokey eye' which implies seduction, sexiness and mystery. Let's face it we all want to feel like that from time to time. The beauty of the smokey eye is that it CAN be adapted to suit ANY eye shape and eye me I've done it many times. Not everybody has a large surface area from lash line to brow but even with the smallest of eyes with correct shading and placement of colour the smokey look can be achieved.

The look I have done here is specifically for people with smaller eyes and for those who are trying this look out for the first time. Not too in your face but still has that smoky look which is still classy enough for all ages.

To begin take a base or primer all the way from lash line to brow, cover the entire area with the primer. This can be your classic Primer potion or if on a budget No 7 do a great base at half the price of Urban Decay.

Next take a pale nude or white shade, go for the shimmer by all means for extra pazaz UNLESS you have wrinkling on your lids a shimmer will just accentuate them which isn't what we are trying to achieve. Keep the colours matte in this case, it will still ooze sexiness.

Always work from the inner eye using paler colours especially in the corner, a small brush is essential to do this. Ignore the rest of the lid when using the pale but take it under your brow slightly, this make eyes look instantly bigger.

Take a grey shade and sweep over the rest of the lid, the colour should really pop because of the base so don't worry when it looks a bit odd and two toned (half white half grey lid). This my darlings is the step which will take your make up from looking blah to professional. The trick is to blend blend blend.

Pro make up will always look multi-tonal with different dimensions in different lights. This is because a few different shades correctly blended  create the tones you want. 3 or 4 colours can make an eye look mesmerizing. No one wants one block colour on their lid on a special night, for work yes, hot date - NO!

A great shading brush should be soft and fluffy, be careful not to remove what you've just applied you just want to soften the lines. I do this by making very small circular motions with the brush. The finished look should result in colour over the entire eye, lighter in the corner and under brow, slightly darker on the lid and in the socket.

*think soft /fluffy to shade and short/dense to pack the colour on especially with pure pigments*

Finally take a pure black colour *gasp* yes pure black but remember the little baby we call the blending brush will make it all less scary. Think of your shader/blender as your security, any colour which is over dense can be softened. Just take the plunge and with a small brush add the black to the outer corner and outer half of the socket line. Blend Blend Blend.

I like to take the darkest shade and apply along the lower lash line, this can be as smudgy as you dare, as this isfro beginners I've taken a small amount but if this was for  me personally I would pack it on.

This look can be with or without a line on the upper lashes, again as much as you dare. If you have narrow eyes you wont need it because the socket colour will add enough definition. However there is a way to use liner which changes your eye shape but Ifeel that's a whole other blog post. I highly recommend a gel liner with a fine brush instead of  pen or liquid liner. MAC fluid line would be my recommendation (which coincidentally will be the primer for the next smokey eye for those more daring!)

Keep skin polished and dewy ( my favourite look ever!) and lips nude of course. This lip combo is Gosh Darling and MAC Lip Glass Poetic Licence.

On cheeks I have MAC Nuance and Shimpagne MSF.

 I always feel like a wally adding these pictures but hey ho tis the nature of the beast. Can't be a beauty blogger without the dreaded sombre poses to showcase the colours in all their glory.

FYI all shadows in this look were lower price range which goes to show you can pull of a dramatic pop of colour on a budget!

Also this technique is classic and flattering so will work with any colour,  swap grey for  mauve, taupe, plum, navy, green etc etc. It will always look professional and eye catching. I like to add a touch of plum to my smokey eye because I like the twist to the classic grey black.

Happy smokin' ladies!


  1. Wow great tutorial and you look ultra stunning xx

  2. Very pretty. If you get a chance please check out my giveaway of 9 MAC products, an UD Naked Palette and more.

  3. Wow that looks really nice! xx

  4. Really nice tutorial and I love the end result! I like that you've gone for bright silvery tones because it looks a bit different from the usual smokey eyes :)

    Oh and fab lip colour!

  5. Well written tutorial!! I am a new follower- would by lovely if you would check out my blog too!


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