Monday, 11 October 2010

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Shimpagne Dupe

The general consensus on MSF's is either you love love love or hate hate hate. Personally I could not be without mine. I adore the longevity, the application, the versatility and the way it photographs. I almost always use it on clients especially for Bridal Make up which may seem slightly controversial to other MUA's who tend to steer clear of  such products when flash photography is on the cards. I on the other hand use this product loads and loads. I love it. simple as. Its also great to highlight shoulders, decolletage and *a-hem* cleavage. It works on nearly all skin tones so it's definitely a staple piece in my kit.

BUT MAC being MAC they discontinue products like there's no tomorrow (or rather they discontinue and re launch under a different name some months later at a price representative of the 'new limited edition' range)

Shimpagne was one of those. I have a suspicion that it will be back maybe in time for the new Holiday collection? who knows?  What I love about Shimpagne in particular is the balance of the colours. In a high frost metallic powder it's easy to look overdone. Which is why some people hate the product. If applied incorrectly or maybe in another colour *cough* (gold deposit?) Its clear to see you may risk looking like a glitter ball as opposed to a dewy glowing princess.

Shimpagne has the perfect mix of peach and gold flecks which will make cheekbones take on some dizzying heights. With the correct contour and this baby, razor like cheekbones will be upon you. Guaranteed.

So whats the dupe Miss Jones!!!???

Well here it is

To the left MAC to the right Front Cover Shimmer powder from Gold Mine set 

Above MAC below Front Cover

Uncanny resemblance don't you think? Now the front cover shimmer was part of a set called Gold mine which was part of 2009 collection. They are available at Boots and are on 3 for 2. Coincidentally I am in the process of putting together my giveaway (finally) which contains a Front Cover eye palette. I am so in love with this range but I will gush about the eye palette in the giveaway post coming very soon.

I'm not sure if they will bring out the Gold Mine this year but I'm sure something similar will be on the cards. Even the front cover shadows or loose powders would make amazing highlights. If anyone has this lurking in their drawer thinking it is cheap rubbish not worth playing with, all I can say is don't let the packaging fool you. This is one hell of a dupe!

Coming soon Giveaway including Front Cover Palette, MUA Lipstick, False Lashes, ELF Gloss (the yummy one not the vile tasting toxic one) and ASOS by Ciate Nail Paint in Alexa. All a must for Winter 10/11.

Anyone else love Front Cover?

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  1. I've never tried front cover I always see the sets in boots esp at xmas but have yet to pick up a set. I adore msf's but hate how they are always l.e's :( cant wait to get the wonder woman one though haha! If you love msfs id suggest trying some of accessorizes bronzers they are oh so so so similar :) sorry for the huge comment x


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