Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Gucci Trend Contouring for Winter 2010/11

The coming months will see me trying to replicate the gorgeous strong contouring and use of scrummy caramels as seen on the catwalks at Gucci for AW 10/11.

mmmm what I wouldn't give for that leather to be hanging in my wardrobe...a girl can dream
To achieve this look (or at least attempt to try and create something similar on my oh so less than gaunt face) I shall be using Sleek Contour face kit in Light. Sleek as a brand is making major headway in becoming one of the most talked about affordable drug store brands which actually delivers colour pay off and longevity.

I know a lot of folk might think sleek isn't for them (I too used to think the brand was exclusively for darker skin tones and my milky white pallor was too pale to benefit from the scrumptious products) but the light contour kit is a great match for my skin tone. I tend to use self tanner so I'm not incredibly pale hence why the light shade works for me.
This was swatched on my inner arm (veins and all) you can see it isn't too dark even on a very pale area. The highlight swatches OK but just doesn't work on me as a highlight for some reason

The light contouring kit is ideal for me. Yes it needs blending so as not to look too stripey but I'm willing to spend that bit of extra care on blending especially when the price is so reasonable and the product lasts throughout a day in the office...or a night on the town.
The kit comes with what every self respecting contour should have...a highlight! They go hand in hand after all BUT I dislike the highlight in this palette imensely. I look like a patchy mess when I use it. I don't like how it applies or the finish to it I would much rather use Front Cover, MSF or Highbeam as a highlight.
Contouring is a key trend and works wonders for those not blesseed with model like cheeck bones. This sneaky lil method was a god send whislt I was pregnant and I had my big moon pig face (eugh).
What do you all think contouring yay or nay?


  1. Hey :)
    I think YAY 100% but I am not very good at getting it right :(
    Would love a video or advice on how to do it properly :-D

  2. Hey great swatches!! Lovely blog honey...Try checking out mine.

  3. definitely yay! im obsessed with highlighters, disguising fat cheecks, wonky noses and double chins! x


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