Monday, 11 October 2010

Boys just don't get it!

'Oh so you've started dressing like my dad'

This was the response I heard from my boys mouth when I lovingly tied the laces on my favourite new shoes.

Now usually my boy in particular tends to be quite tolerating of my flirting with the latest trends. He turns a blind eye to my love of hats, fur, animal and bohemian prints.

Sure I get the occasional 'Bloody hell Flash Gordon boots!', 'Haha robin hood!', 'you look like a drama teacher today' (whatever that means?) or my favourite 'are you feeling OK, your not wearing all your trinkets' (accessories to us females remember more is more!)

What's not to love about these bobby dazzlers? Comfortable, practical, stylish.....the list goes on.

Internationale £17.99 Available in Black and Tan

I can only imagine his reaction when my peg legs arrive. I know this isn't make up related but Miss Jones loves fashion too you know.

What do we think to brogue or not to brogue?


  1. I have to be really honet here... I like them BUT i couldnt ever wear them. I think you have to have a certain look to pull them off.
    They would look rediculous on me i think, but on the right person i think they look really stylish ;)

  2. Hiya ! These shoes are nice if you know how to wear them (:

  3. i think you're both very right. I feel the same about harems i just cannot bring myself to embarce that trend x

  4. I am not really very up to date with all the trends. I always see things on other people and think they look great but i am a bit boring and don't really try things till everyone happens to be wearing them x

  5. Hello Hun :)
    So glad ive found your blog now! yay! Will get your necklace in the post asap sweetheart!
    You are absolutely stunning! Gunna have a good look through your blog now lovely!

  6. Aww bless ya lil cotton socks xxxxxx

  7. Haha, I get comments like that from my husband once in a while too. I understand that there are styles boys just won't like. Oh well, right? These are adorable!


  8. adorable shoes!


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