Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A/W Trend Dolce and Gabbana Lips for £1

Red lips are it. Fact. Thee only lip trend for Autumn Winter 2010/11. Red lips have been prominent on the catwalks ranging from cherry stained at Dolce and Gabbana to darkest berry tones at Dior.

The 90's have a strong influence on this seasons fashion and of course make up.  I remember the original trend but I was more interested in playing Tetris on my Gameboy back in the day albeit in my floral leggings and biker boot combo (90's kids rule!). My sister however was right there in the thick of it, teenage angst, translucent skin, coffee shimmer lips, smudged kohl eyes, roots, Doc Martins and Nirvana in her Walkman. The retake on 90's grunge chic is a little more polished and feminine than it's predecessor. Skin is matte, brows are thicker but neat, skin is contoured and eyes are heavily shadowed with taupe, nudes and greys. 

Dolce and Gabbana 2010/11 (courtesy of

Oh Shannon you did it so well..

 So here it is as promised the £1 lipstick that is versatile enough to see you through this trend.

MUA you continue to please me. Superdrug I salute you for stocking such an affordable fabulous brand. All for £1!!! seriously that is less than a soft drink.

Tada! Shade 1 in all it's glory. This is the exact finish of the lipstick, I wanted to blot to make it more in keeping with the trend but I just had to showcase the lovely sheen. This is with no gloss on top I repeat no gloss!
Ease of application rivals a MAC Glaze, pigment is up there with the best, odour/taste = non offensive.
All in all it is phenomenal, I would be pleased had I paid £5 but £1 is just ridiculous. I am going to have to restrain myself from buying the whole darn range. I have been previously wowed by MUA (see review here) so I definitely recommend even the make up snobs amongst you to try this brand out.

When it comes to formulations the finish is no biggie as long as frost isn't involved (gip) simply blot, reapply, blot powder for a matte finish. To make the look more vamp and Dior-Esque, smudge a black gel liner or kohl on the lips prior to applying the lipstick.
Excuse the rather rushed application I was all over eager : )

This will look stunning with pale skin, winged eyes and what the hell throw a beret in for true Parisian Chic style.

Midweek everybody..almost weekend!!!! wooooo hoooo



  1. This looks gorgeous on you. I'm not a big fan of red lipstick on myself as I feel it never suits me, but I am a big big MUA fan (mainly due to the price!) and I've blogged about many of their products (and plenty more will come).


  2. MUA is awesome not just for the price but genuinely good products. I've got my eye on the shadows next and pixiwoo has just done a rave review on the glitter liners (a sure must for crimbo party time) xxx

  3. this looks really nice on you :) - just got yoru message on my last post yeah its quite nice being brunette atm :) xxx


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