Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Gucci Trend Contouring for Winter 2010/11

The coming months will see me trying to replicate the gorgeous strong contouring and use of scrummy caramels as seen on the catwalks at Gucci for AW 10/11.

mmmm what I wouldn't give for that leather to be hanging in my wardrobe...a girl can dream
To achieve this look (or at least attempt to try and create something similar on my oh so less than gaunt face) I shall be using Sleek Contour face kit in Light. Sleek as a brand is making major headway in becoming one of the most talked about affordable drug store brands which actually delivers colour pay off and longevity.

I know a lot of folk might think sleek isn't for them (I too used to think the brand was exclusively for darker skin tones and my milky white pallor was too pale to benefit from the scrumptious products) but the light contour kit is a great match for my skin tone. I tend to use self tanner so I'm not incredibly pale hence why the light shade works for me.
This was swatched on my inner arm (veins and all) you can see it isn't too dark even on a very pale area. The highlight swatches OK but just doesn't work on me as a highlight for some reason

The light contouring kit is ideal for me. Yes it needs blending so as not to look too stripey but I'm willing to spend that bit of extra care on blending especially when the price is so reasonable and the product lasts throughout a day in the office...or a night on the town.
The kit comes with what every self respecting contour should have...a highlight! They go hand in hand after all BUT I dislike the highlight in this palette imensely. I look like a patchy mess when I use it. I don't like how it applies or the finish to it I would much rather use Front Cover, MSF or Highbeam as a highlight.
Contouring is a key trend and works wonders for those not blesseed with model like cheeck bones. This sneaky lil method was a god send whislt I was pregnant and I had my big moon pig face (eugh).
What do you all think contouring yay or nay?

Monday, 11 October 2010

Boys just don't get it!

'Oh so you've started dressing like my dad'

This was the response I heard from my boys mouth when I lovingly tied the laces on my favourite new shoes.

Now usually my boy in particular tends to be quite tolerating of my flirting with the latest trends. He turns a blind eye to my love of hats, fur, animal and bohemian prints.

Sure I get the occasional 'Bloody hell Flash Gordon boots!', 'Haha robin hood!', 'you look like a drama teacher today' (whatever that means?) or my favourite 'are you feeling OK, your not wearing all your trinkets' (accessories to us females remember more is more!)

What's not to love about these bobby dazzlers? Comfortable, practical, stylish.....the list goes on.

Internationale £17.99 Available in Black and Tan

I can only imagine his reaction when my peg legs arrive. I know this isn't make up related but Miss Jones loves fashion too you know.

What do we think to brogue or not to brogue?

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Shimpagne Dupe

The general consensus on MSF's is either you love love love or hate hate hate. Personally I could not be without mine. I adore the longevity, the application, the versatility and the way it photographs. I almost always use it on clients especially for Bridal Make up which may seem slightly controversial to other MUA's who tend to steer clear of  such products when flash photography is on the cards. I on the other hand use this product loads and loads. I love it. simple as. Its also great to highlight shoulders, decolletage and *a-hem* cleavage. It works on nearly all skin tones so it's definitely a staple piece in my kit.

BUT MAC being MAC they discontinue products like there's no tomorrow (or rather they discontinue and re launch under a different name some months later at a price representative of the 'new limited edition' range)

Shimpagne was one of those. I have a suspicion that it will be back maybe in time for the new Holiday collection? who knows?  What I love about Shimpagne in particular is the balance of the colours. In a high frost metallic powder it's easy to look overdone. Which is why some people hate the product. If applied incorrectly or maybe in another colour *cough* (gold deposit?) Its clear to see you may risk looking like a glitter ball as opposed to a dewy glowing princess.

Shimpagne has the perfect mix of peach and gold flecks which will make cheekbones take on some dizzying heights. With the correct contour and this baby, razor like cheekbones will be upon you. Guaranteed.

So whats the dupe Miss Jones!!!???

Well here it is

To the left MAC to the right Front Cover Shimmer powder from Gold Mine set 

Above MAC below Front Cover

Uncanny resemblance don't you think? Now the front cover shimmer was part of a set called Gold mine which was part of 2009 collection. They are available at Boots and are on 3 for 2. Coincidentally I am in the process of putting together my giveaway (finally) which contains a Front Cover eye palette. I am so in love with this range but I will gush about the eye palette in the giveaway post coming very soon.

I'm not sure if they will bring out the Gold Mine this year but I'm sure something similar will be on the cards. Even the front cover shadows or loose powders would make amazing highlights. If anyone has this lurking in their drawer thinking it is cheap rubbish not worth playing with, all I can say is don't let the packaging fool you. This is one hell of a dupe!

Coming soon Giveaway including Front Cover Palette, MUA Lipstick, False Lashes, ELF Gloss (the yummy one not the vile tasting toxic one) and ASOS by Ciate Nail Paint in Alexa. All a must for Winter 10/11.

Anyone else love Front Cover?

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Illamasqua Liquid Metal and Pure Pigment Review

The dark nights are closing in, the winter chill is in the air so what does ones mind wander to? Planning my make up for the festive period of course. Previous you may think but nay nay in a beauty bloggers mind this is quite acceptable and even rational (especially considering secretly I have been gazing into the future imagining what delights I shall be going all gooey over in prep for SS11)

Imagine the scene, Friday night at Selfridges caught between MAC and Illamasqua with a DJ pumping out Candi Staton, Michael Jackson and En Vogue. Women swatching left right and centre, excited chatter in the air, credit cards beep beeping and heels click clicking.


I felt shivers like no other and excitement bordering on that of an adrenalin junkie pre bungee jump.

After much debate and anguish I finally selected Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Surge and Pure Pigment in Ore.

To the left Surge, to the right Ore. Above with flash below without.

As you can see....be-au-ti-ful!

Surge is a cream shadow which packs a punch even with slight creasing the pigment stays true, colour is a beautiful platinum. It could be glammed up with lashes and a strong lip for serious wow factor or played down with some smudgy kohl, natural skin and nude lips for an edgy modern rock/grunge look. To minimise creasing if your not a fan of that look dust with a little loose powder (I like to use ELF HD) as it doesn't interfere with the colour pay off.

Now over to Ore, It has been a long time since I have seen a pigment which has resulted in the same reaction that Ore gave. The pictures do not do it justice, it really is super duper. I have green eyes so this screamed out to me above the other yummy colours as I know this will compliment my peepers the most. It is scrumptious and again the options are endless. Used alone would be stunning, apply over surge for a molten smoulder or mix with body lotion for a sexy bronze shim shimmy.

Illamasqua as a brand is very much for those more daring. It is geared towards ladies who are not make up shy. All products in their range are stunning in their own right even if blue lips are not for you.

Longevity of these are also second to none, for a pigment and cream shadow (both known for their lack of staying power) they lasted all night long.....(i woke up at 9.30am looking like something out of the rocky horror show but hey ho but at least we know we can rely on them for lasting).

I will be pushing these products over the coming weeks for any make up jobs I do because I am in the honeymoon stage of our relationship and love them to bits!

Anyone else have glowing reviews for any Illamasqua products?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A/W Trend Dolce and Gabbana Lips for £1

Red lips are it. Fact. Thee only lip trend for Autumn Winter 2010/11. Red lips have been prominent on the catwalks ranging from cherry stained at Dolce and Gabbana to darkest berry tones at Dior.

The 90's have a strong influence on this seasons fashion and of course make up.  I remember the original trend but I was more interested in playing Tetris on my Gameboy back in the day albeit in my floral leggings and biker boot combo (90's kids rule!). My sister however was right there in the thick of it, teenage angst, translucent skin, coffee shimmer lips, smudged kohl eyes, roots, Doc Martins and Nirvana in her Walkman. The retake on 90's grunge chic is a little more polished and feminine than it's predecessor. Skin is matte, brows are thicker but neat, skin is contoured and eyes are heavily shadowed with taupe, nudes and greys. 

Dolce and Gabbana 2010/11 (courtesy of Vogue.co.uk)

Oh Shannon you did it so well..

 So here it is as promised the £1 lipstick that is versatile enough to see you through this trend.

MUA you continue to please me. Superdrug I salute you for stocking such an affordable fabulous brand. All for £1!!! seriously that is less than a soft drink.

Tada! Shade 1 in all it's glory. This is the exact finish of the lipstick, I wanted to blot to make it more in keeping with the trend but I just had to showcase the lovely sheen. This is with no gloss on top I repeat no gloss!
Ease of application rivals a MAC Glaze, pigment is up there with the best, odour/taste = non offensive.
All in all it is phenomenal, I would be pleased had I paid £5 but £1 is just ridiculous. I am going to have to restrain myself from buying the whole darn range. I have been previously wowed by MUA (see review here) so I definitely recommend even the make up snobs amongst you to try this brand out.

When it comes to formulations the finish is no biggie as long as frost isn't involved (gip) simply blot, reapply, blot powder for a matte finish. To make the look more vamp and Dior-Esque, smudge a black gel liner or kohl on the lips prior to applying the lipstick.
Excuse the rather rushed application I was all over eager : )

This will look stunning with pale skin, winged eyes and what the hell throw a beret in for true Parisian Chic style.

Midweek everybody..almost weekend!!!! wooooo hoooo


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Schmokin' (jim carey style)

The most requested make up look and frequently asked question is 'how do you do a smokey eye?'

Ranging from teens to mid 50's it literally is the most requested look. There is something about a 'smokey eye' which implies seduction, sexiness and mystery. Let's face it we all want to feel like that from time to time. The beauty of the smokey eye is that it CAN be adapted to suit ANY eye shape and eye colour...trust me I've done it many times. Not everybody has a large surface area from lash line to brow but even with the smallest of eyes with correct shading and placement of colour the smokey look can be achieved.

The look I have done here is specifically for people with smaller eyes and for those who are trying this look out for the first time. Not too in your face but still has that smoky look which is still classy enough for all ages.

To begin take a base or primer all the way from lash line to brow, cover the entire area with the primer. This can be your classic Primer potion or if on a budget No 7 do a great base at half the price of Urban Decay.

Next take a pale nude or white shade, go for the shimmer by all means for extra pazaz UNLESS you have wrinkling on your lids a shimmer will just accentuate them which isn't what we are trying to achieve. Keep the colours matte in this case, it will still ooze sexiness.

Always work from the inner eye using paler colours especially in the corner, a small brush is essential to do this. Ignore the rest of the lid when using the pale but take it under your brow slightly, this make eyes look instantly bigger.

Take a grey shade and sweep over the rest of the lid, the colour should really pop because of the base so don't worry when it looks a bit odd and two toned (half white half grey lid). This my darlings is the step which will take your make up from looking blah to professional. The trick is to blend blend blend.

Pro make up will always look multi-tonal with different dimensions in different lights. This is because a few different shades correctly blended  create the tones you want. 3 or 4 colours can make an eye look mesmerizing. No one wants one block colour on their lid on a special night, for work yes, hot date - NO!

A great shading brush should be soft and fluffy, be careful not to remove what you've just applied you just want to soften the lines. I do this by making very small circular motions with the brush. The finished look should result in colour over the entire eye, lighter in the corner and under brow, slightly darker on the lid and in the socket.

*think soft /fluffy to shade and short/dense to pack the colour on especially with pure pigments*

Finally take a pure black colour *gasp* yes pure black but remember the little baby we call the blending brush will make it all less scary. Think of your shader/blender as your security, any colour which is over dense can be softened. Just take the plunge and with a small brush add the black to the outer corner and outer half of the socket line. Blend Blend Blend.

I like to take the darkest shade and apply along the lower lash line, this can be as smudgy as you dare, as this isfro beginners I've taken a small amount but if this was for  me personally I would pack it on.

This look can be with or without a line on the upper lashes, again as much as you dare. If you have narrow eyes you wont need it because the socket colour will add enough definition. However there is a way to use liner which changes your eye shape but Ifeel that's a whole other blog post. I highly recommend a gel liner with a fine brush instead of  pen or liquid liner. MAC fluid line would be my recommendation (which coincidentally will be the primer for the next smokey eye for those more daring!)

Keep skin polished and dewy ( my favourite look ever!) and lips nude of course. This lip combo is Gosh Darling and MAC Lip Glass Poetic Licence.

On cheeks I have MAC Nuance and Shimpagne MSF.

 I always feel like a wally adding these pictures but hey ho tis the nature of the beast. Can't be a beauty blogger without the dreaded sombre poses to showcase the colours in all their glory.

FYI all shadows in this look were lower price range which goes to show you can pull of a dramatic pop of colour on a budget!

Also this technique is classic and flattering so will work with any colour,  swap grey for  mauve, taupe, plum, navy, green etc etc. It will always look professional and eye catching. I like to add a touch of plum to my smokey eye because I like the twist to the classic grey black.

Happy smokin' ladies!