Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Technology you let me down...

I am sat lonely craving a good old blog session debating whether to snack on super noodles or Ritz crackers, so I thought hey ho may aswel share some absolute trash with you all.

Miss Jones is having super bad times with the technologicals of the world. Firstly I have been forced to use a rickety old laptop which takes 20 minutes to boot up and freezes if you so much of think about downloading an image...heaven forbid! It also has sticky keys so this may be typo galore. My camera has died and gone to the good place where it shall rest in peace away from make up grubbied fingers and Miss Jones poses. Amen.

So I need to pull my finger out and get me a new camera and Macbook. I can wish, maybe if I'm a very good girl Santa will fill my stocking with such things (along with all of the new Holiday MAC collection).

It is most frustrating as I had already taken all of my 'Trend' shots which included The red lip, The A/W 2010 Catwalk trend Contour and Camels and thee original smoky eye (as requested by the gorgeous Miss Grace Weeks). I hope to update definately this weekend with at least one look or i'm going to be too far behind and get myself all into a tizz.

Also worth a 'shout out' is the BEAUTIFUL Illamasqua New Pigment in ORE and Liquid Metal in SURGE I was lucky enough to get these in my little birthday bag of treats from Mon mama. The pigment is absolutely stunning it is far more pleasing than any MAC pigment I have ever swatched to date. It was literally drool/love at first swatch. Is it bronze, is it gold, is it copper? who knows but with flecks of green running through it is STUNNING!!!!

(this is where a swatched image SHOULD go) sob sob

The ever so pretty lady in Selfridges was hiding it behind the counter..tut tut tut but it was outed and it now belongs to me : ) The liquid metal is a also a gorgeous pewter/platinum colour which is so easy to wear and very very effective. I was worried about over creasing but a quick dust of my ELF HDand a dab of the ORE on the outer V and it creates a simple wow party look perfect for any Crimbo/New Year events. The Liquid Metal is so versatile you could also create a gorgeous 'grunge chic' ultimate smoky eye with just one slick.

So I've had my fix albeit somewhat unsatisfying with my darn stupid laptop. I decided not to noodle or Ritz instead I had Weight Watchers malted bread slathered with Philadelphia and a bag of wotsits....because that makes sense. These dark nights and rainy days console me with the fact that long coats, snugly jumpers and 80 denier opaques are coming my way so what the hell i'm finishing it all of with a Kit Kat.

See you all soon I will be back when my medium of communication is not circa 1999.

Has anyone else tried the Ore pigment or liquid metal?