Monday, 30 August 2010

Cheap blonde???

I am a girl who aspires to achieve the brightest of brightest blondes that my little old follicles will allow.

Let me talk you through my hair history to date. It's a very cyclical process I grow my hair, I get bored, I have a fringe (bangs to you US gals), I get it overly layered, I have a bob, I hate it, I grow it again etc etc.

My colour cycle is similar in the sense that I achieve the blonde shade that I have been coveting for years ...and then I head to brunetteville only to spend the next 12 months having highlight after highlight in a bid to go back to my original rightful state of blonde.

Of course I have had more than a few hair-mares during these stages...drop dead fred ginger anyone? smurf blue? let us not forget the oh so flattering khaki green! But at present I am blonde (expels sigh of relief after evoking images of smurf and ginger hair!)

One of my favourite songs 'Please Dont' by the Courteeners  has a line, "4 years and 22 shades of blonde.....' this sums me up perfectly I do believe I have dabbled with every shade of blonde out there, I have found that my preferred look is definately a cool toned very light ash blonde.

A common misconception which i detest is the term 'cheap blonde' now to me that is the epitome of an oxymoron. Let me tell you being this blonde artificially is certainly not cheap!

My regrowth needs touching up every 4-6 weeks at the hairdressers not to mention the truck load of hair products that go with this do'.

Us Blondes get a lot of stick, I remember once in a lecture whilst studying for my degree I was actually singled out as an example of how people make stereotypical judgements. Yes even my PHD qualified lecturer had something to say about blonde being linked to lack of intellect and cheapness...thank you very much!

I don't want to come across as a brunette me i'm not there is nothing lovelier than the glossy shine from a brunettes mane. However when I'm brunette I feel that something is missing, almost like 'the me without a light on'.  I am also a strong believer that your hair colour should match your whole life your style, clothes, make up etc. I find when I am brunette I wear a lot more make up which I analyse rather amateurishly as a way of making up for my lack of blondeness? (Miss Jones goes deep)

There was a point to this which has already become quite a ramble, and the point is as follows.....ULTIMATE BLONDE HAIR MUST HAVES!!

I have spent years perfecting and trying new products of all price ranges from drug store to high end and I promise hand on heart that the following are literally thee Holy grail for all fellow blondies out there!

These are the products I use to refresh my colour, wash, condition and a mask which I use weekly.
The John Frieda Colour Renew range is a great alternative to the Wella Lifetex Color reflect shampoo which is a professional product sold in Salons. You can buy it for about £8 but to be honest i find the John Frieda much better at brighteneing my hair and it is always on offer uther in Boots or Superdrug. I buy all 3 of the range for about £10 (such a bargain)

All of these brightening shampoos for blonde will be a lilac or violet colour, that's what will eliminate the brassy horrible yellow tones that build up in between salon visits. I use my John frieda or Wella Lifetex every 3 washes. If used too often it will create a dull lilac tinged colour which sometimes I love and admittedly do on purpose! Whenever I get product build up I rely on my trusty Pantene Ice Shine shampoo an conditioner, another product I love.

On top of that I use a colour toner before a big event or night out. I have been using Wella Colour fresh in Silver for years and have always sworn by it. If your salon uses Wella colours they should sell this if not they do sell it online for about £8. I leave mine for 10 minutes (beware this works best on hair that has been toned blonde not bleached-bleached hair is more porous so will grab the violet quicker). However lately I have found that Lee Stafford has created the most amazing colour shots for blonde hair, simlar to the Wella toner but they contain ginger which acts as a stimulant so the shots are warming and they grab quicker than any other product. Leave on for longer than 2 mins and your hair will be purple. I cant rave more about these things they are the don! They can be purchased in Boots, you get 3 for about £7 so I use half a shot each time and bobs your uncle 5-6 weeks worth.

 To finish once a week I use a good mask to reconstruct the hair (blonde hair in poor condition looks worse than any other colour) when my hair is seriously dry, which fingers crossed it hasn't been for years I will cling film my hair with the mask on and leave it on for hours and hours and hours while the product works it's magic.

So thats just the washing process, as you can see it is intense and high maintenance. Some days I yearn for a simpler routine but I do this for my sweet sweet blonde.

Anyone else have any tips or product recommendations for blonde hair?

I know i'm going against the grain discussing hair but there is method to my madness. The new looks for Autumn Winter Make up 2010 have had me in a quandary actually contemplating ditching the blonde just so I can wear the new looks in all their glory. However I have decided to keep the blonde and have found a way to make burnt orange eyes and plum lips work for me as a blonde.

I have so many looks I cant wait to show, all very representative of 90's goth chic. I have more spare time to dedicate to my make up so expect to be bombarded with many Monoshot FOTD's displaying lots of moody expressions.

Hey ho i'm off for  a lazy day watching films and eating bad things wearing not a scrap of make up *gasp*

Hope you are all keeping well : )

Ohhh also anyone go to Leeds Festival? Me and my compadres shown below went I am the one in the hat. We had a fabulous time and are already planning next years.


Monday, 2 August 2010

Where the hell have you been!?

I'm ever so sorry for my lack of blogging recently. Let me just fill you in as to why Miss Jones is being rather mute regarding make up.

Firstly I have just started a new job which has longer working hours and is much harder work than my previous job. Consequently by the time I have dragged my tired derriere home, bathed my son and done all other meager boring household chores my ever expanding under eye bags end up crying out for sleep.

I also have some make up jobs in the evenings coming up BUT I assure you all I have not become one of those pesky bloggers that get you hooked only to stop with the posts.

I have also just clocked that I have 95 followers, Wowsers that has crept up since my last check. I vowed from word go that I would do a lovely give away when I reach 100 as a thank you to those interested in my ramblings.

So 5 more followers and you all get the chance to win....hmmm not sure yet no doubt it will involve some form of nail polish and I think I will throw in one of Miss Jones' very own handmade bracelets along with some other treats.

I also really really am listening to the requests for those wanting me do tutorial videos (this is linked to FB page so to those sending FB message I have not fogotten you! )

So this is really just a check in, letting all you beautiful creations know that Miss Jones is still on the radar.

Adios cutios!