Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Perfect Red anyone?

Well i've only gone and done it! Yes yes Miss Jones has found herself the elusive perfect red lippie.

I was convinced that I had hues to my skin that made me repel all shades of red, I always tried to pull it off but deep down always felt like a little girl who had been childishly playing in a grown up make up bag.

The department in Miss Jones' mind labelled 'imaginary ideal products' consists of,

  • Tanning lotion which is Anti aging, Anti cellulite and Permanent Properties
  • Nail polish with a glass like shine which is resistant to all known causes of the chip factor   
  • A shade of red with a perfect balance of orange and red tones which is blue based to accentuate my blonde hair and green eyes
The lipstick gods have conjured up my very wish with (DUN DUN DUNNNNN)


It is quite literally everything I have been dreaming of, I am a huge fan of the Revlon matte range the Pink Pout is also one to look out for a mauvey baby pink which is very pretty. They are as pigmented as MAC, they apply really evenly with excellent colour pay off. Also because they are of Matte formulation it makes them much more wearable with a modern edge. 

I am currently sporting a face/hair mask combo with my oh so sexy star print PJ's whilst typing this (not enough hours in the day!) so I'm afraid the true reveal on my lips will have to wait till tomorrows 'FOTD' which will be in homage to Miss Monroe. 

Here she is the little darling, I mean strawberry suede not Marilyn.....
I should add the negatives to this (no product is perfect!)

It is a little drying after a few hours so a little balm would be needed however they are nowhere near as drying as Barry M and they also last a LOT longer. I left my house at 7pm and returned at 3.30am after a few too many Vodkas with friends, I only had to reapply twice in 8 hours. I think that is just amazing!

You may also have spied two new foundations which I also bought (Revlon you kill me with your 3 for 2 offer). I got the Colorstay Make up with Softflex. Shade 110 Ivory in the Normal/Dry combo which has SPF 15 and also Shade 340 Early Tan in the combination/oily skin which has only SPF 6. 

My skin is neither overly oily or overly dry, I chose these purely based on the shades, a mix off the 2 is perfect for me at the moment as I have been wearing facial self tan. I like to have a dark and light base mix over the summer months so that I can custom the shade depending on level of tan (unfortunately in England it often has to be from costa del bottle!) 

I like the formulation and the coverage of this foundation but the stench is horrible. I thought I had faulty goods but it turns out after my primitive research that they do all have a distinct smell to them, quite chemical like. I prefer L'Oreal true match to the Colorstay any day...ha it rhymes! (Apologies)

Just to finish I was also in great need of a new scent for the summer months ahead, I wanted something clean, fresh and zesty (could I fit anymore marketing buzz words into this?) After about 40 minutes in Boots spraying every single bottle of 'not too obvious' scents whilst being given the eagle eye by security. I finally settled on........
Ghost Luminous 

I don't know if Ghost has a bad reputation, it's not a very chic brand and i'm not a fan of the original or the 'Sweetheart' scent. It's not really widely talked about as a brand yet it is affordable and probably has something for everyone...they do about 5 scents now all with very different notes. BUT I fell in love with 'Luminous' described as a fruity floral scent with top notes of orange, black currant and middle notes of Jasmine and sandalwood. It was £32 for 50ml (quite reasonable for a large size).

When I spray it I feel super summery and fruity which I was complimented on by a stranger...always a good if not slightly unnerving sign.

So this is all I have for now, I must tend to my chipped polish ...



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  3. I also love the Revlon brand lipsticks, though I've used their pearl ones more than the matte. My pearl ones never dry as I wear them but I'll be cautious of that when I get a matte one!

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  4. I love Ghost!

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