Thursday, 8 July 2010

Miss Jones gets high on colour

Brights...a do or a don't?  

Miss Jones says hell yes to any colour. I love to experiment with looks out of the ordinary and I think it's a real shame that more girls are not as adventurous when it comes to playing with colour. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut that becomes blah and predictable. If you like to shock and stand out this is perfect!

Wouldn't the world be a fabulous place if you were faced with an array of beautiful peacock brights when walking down the street. That alone is one of the very reasons why I love a visit to MAC. No fear of colour and stunning colour combos are really inspirational to someone like me....who is always on the look out for a 'new look'.

There are 3 fundamental rules to consider when working with brights

1. Always wear black mascara, if lashes are sparse wear falsies...brights with no lashes just looks so so wrong.

2. Be clever with the placement of the colour...brights make eyes look smaller and can make gorgeous eyes look squinty and piggy (not attractive) so keep to the rules of using a lighter colour or shimmer on the inner corner, highlight the brow and extend shadow past the V to elongate eyes (outer corner)

3. Have confidence - this will lose it's potency if it's done half heartedly. The colours should 'pop'. If you commit to the colour you may aswel go all out! Clothes, hair and accessories should reflect this. I would not wear this look in the office but add a daft headband/hat and suddenly you look like you belong in neon brights : )

This look takes time and good brushes...

I purposely did this look using cheap products to show that you can get a high pigment look without using luxury or MAC products . Here's what I used...

Ok so there is one MAC shadow which sneakily made it's way into the look but I'm almost certain that Rimmel or Collection 2000 would do a bright blue.

  • I used Steel magnolias from my Too faced palette on the inner corner
  • Orange shade on remaining lid from a very cheap palette (clear casing) similar to the coastal scents or other Ebay palettes. They are really pigmented but have a lot of fall out so beware, do your base after the eye!!!
  • I used the pale green from the cheap palette mixed with MAC clarity (discontinued? ) along the socket
  • Mac Clarity and Too Faced Exclusive along lower lash line
  • Bright pink from cheap palette along top lash line
  • Highlight brow with any shell/pearl colour
  • Lips 17 lasting fix n pink power
  • Superdrug 2true fresh breath lip gloss 

I hope this hasn't repulsed too many neutral addicts, If so I apologise for my blatant disrespect splashing colour all over the place : ) 



  1. You look gorgeous. I love the colors xx

  2. Looks great, i am more of a neutral girl but its nice to try new things xx

  3. Really lovely, you look all set for Woodstock, or Leeds maybe?

  4. those colours are amazing - I can totally imagine this on holiday somewhere sunny sipping a cocktail on the beach ...sigh! x

  5. The pigmentation looks great.

  6. wow these colours look amazing :) xx


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