Friday, 16 July 2010've done it again!

Yes ELF has impressed Miss Jones again.

I decided to try some more products to see if my initial delight at some of their range was a fluke. I have been eagerly awaiting the US lines to become available in the UK. Such products as the brush cleanser and the corrective concealer palette which contains all four corrective colours (green, yellow/nude, orange, pink) to even out skin tone.

I also ordered some brushes, now I am fairly picky about my brushes after all make up is an art and to create the optimum results an artist needs good tools!

Here is what my little parcel contained...

The brush shampoo, concealer palette and mineral concealer...

The main line brushes....
Finally the studio brushes...Left is the C shaped, Right is the Angled foundation brush

I ordered the original line foundation brush and concealer brush..the concealer brush is rather pathetic I will probably use it more for under eye definition as it is so small. Also the foundation brush is really small so I will use it more as a cover up for correction areas rather than a foundation brush. I should imagine you would have to work really quick if you were to use it as a foundation brush.

These where the main line brushes which are £1.50 each. However the Studio brushes are better quality, I ordered an angled foundation brush (which I love) and a C shaped shadow brush (also love). The foundation brush is perfect for around the eye area as it is angled and the shadow brush is amazing at packing on colour such as pure pigments or loose shadows. These are still cheap at £3.50

The brush cleanser is really good value for money. The true test of an effective cleanser is how efficiently it cleans a foundation brush. We want our foundation to stay on our face for a looong time which is great for the skin but not so great for bacteria on our brushes.

I am obsessed with sanitising my brushes and my make up purely because I use it on a lot of different people. This is the expensive part to being a make up artist. I need A LOT of brushes and I go through A LOT of antibacterial cleanser. The ELF brush shampoo is just as good as any other. I did give my foundation brush two washes but I would also give it two washes with any other brand. This was £3.50  a definite must have for those building up their kit on a budget. It disinfects and breaks down oil as it should do.

Now for the corrective concealer, admittedly I had my reservations about this but it has astounded me with its coverage. Both MAC and Bobbi Brown do colour correctors at a much higher price. You get all 4 for £3.50. I am not claiming they are better than MAC or Bobbi Brown but they are a reasonable alternative at a cheaper price.

I suffer with dark rings under my eyes a lot of the time (Children will do that to you!) also when I'm fad dieting (which I often am) my skin suffers.

So I awoke this morning with my usual dark eyes, I also have partial uneven sin tone so I used the green corrector around my nose where a lot of people tend to have red pigment and I used the orange under my eyes.

This may seem bizarre to those who are not familiar with the colour wheel, without getting too geeky and technical on you basically green and red are opposite on the wheel so red will cancel out green and vice versa (red tones are used for hair that has turned khaki) and also green will cancel out red tones on the skin. It's like magic!

Similarly the orange may seem scary to apply as an under eye concealer but orange will cancel out the blue/purple tones of the shadow under the eye. Et voila 12 hours sleep in a sweep.

Green is super useful for people who suffer from being easily embarrassed and blush profusely, it's also great for those who suffer with rosacea. A very good friend of mine swore by this when she worked in a pub to overcome those blokey embarrassing banter blushes...she called it Mr Green stick. I love this girl. Our friendship was sealed when I passed this knowledge on to her.

The pinky lilac is a corrector for sallow skin tones with a predominantly yellow undertone as the pink warms the skin up. My skin doesn't need any pink tones adding to it but it will come in handy for clients.

I also ordered a mineral concealer which I have not yet tried but I will report as soon as I have had a play with it.

So that is all for now, I must go and make my preparations for a Bridal make up. I do love Bridals, it is so rewarding seeing the bride glowing looking beautiful on her big day!

Have a great weekend xxx

Oh one more thing the reason I have dark eyes......Mr George is the culprit!


  1. Ah how cute your little one looks.
    Thanks for the great reviews i am using a clinique brush cleaner at the moment but will definately try this one next. I love a lot of the ELF products. I used the eyelash curler today for the 1st time and its pretty good as well.
    I will be trying the concealer as well i think x

  2. Thank you so much.

    It is really worth purchasing especially if you use a lot of make up like i'm sure we all do on here!

    I think the studio line has been done really well, I'm still a little anxious to try the main line ranges some look great some look horrendous x

  3. Ohh i like the concealer palette!

    I've given you the I <3 your blog award.

    Congrats, you deserve it!

  4. I've never heard of Elf, will have to look them up. Shame about the lip glosses being rotten (from your previous review post on them), as like you, I feel more is more when it comes to glosses! How did I ever like old fashioned lipstick, I now wonder?

    I'm living in Taiwan just now and have the pick of wonderful Japanese brands (made for oiler, darker skins and hot weather and sell well here), which actually stay on! WOW! I'm trying out some lovely Taiwan palettes at the mo. Some wonderful colours and combinations.

    I don't blog beauty myself, but I occasionally look at make up blogs and it's nice to both find one that's UK based (and northern as well, yay! I'm a Leeds girl), and to see someone who actually owns more make-up than I do....

  5. I've just placed an elf order - can't wait for it to arrive :)
    & great review x

  6. Shall have to try the brushes out.

  7. those elf products look awesome. great post! we left an award for you on our blog so you can visit it to get your award! :)


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