Sunday, 4 July 2010

ASOS Paints by Ciate

Love at first stroke.

I adore these nail polishes!

The bottle is cute as a button, the consistency is smooth, the longevity is a good 5 days and the colours are bang on nail trend (excuse the Gok like expression).

I ordered a double pack for £8 which included Alexa and Sienna (yes all shades are linked to that of a celeb who is known for or represents the shade in some way i.e Deep burgundy is Victoria, shocking pink is Paris etc etc)

They are cheaper that the original Ciate paints but the quality is not representative of the cheaper line, I highly recommend these to anyone.

Here is Sienna....

I'm not sure why this is deemed as a Sienna Miller like shade? It's a brown with purple undertones, very muddy/murky, in the same family as the American Apparel shade I have mentioned before but with more of a purple twist to it. Gorgeous! Cant wait to try Alexa (Chung) which is  a deep navy blue (hello perfect festival shade)

Check out the shades here ASOS by Ciate they really are long lasting and glossy. I do however always always use my absolute favourite top coat which is by good old Sally Hansen. The Mega shine extended wear top coat is a must for me I wear it with every polish. So the shine is not necessarily representative of the product on it's own more of a beautiful concoction of Ciate and Sally but who cares as long as the talons have super sine and durability we cant expect miracles can we!

Adios for now, I am so behind due to hectic work schedule! You may be bombarded with posts this following week as I want to do a Brights FOTD and Hair must haves for blondies!

Until next time bye bye beauties



  1. It really is lovely, one of those goes with anything colours. I like it a lot : ) xxxxxx

  2. Love the new banner Miss Jones!

  3. oooo very nice looks like a classy classic colour :) x

  4. This is a gorgeous color. I'd love this for fall as I wear brighter colors during summer.


  5. Definitely is a gorgeous fall/winter colour. I am always a bit previous with my seasons ; ) xxx

  6. purrrfect colour lady - can't wait to see the alexa one! x

  7. Packaging and color are gorgeous- too bad they don't have these stateside!

  8. Beautiful colour really suits your skin tone.
    I'm a new follower found your blog today xx

  9. Thats stunning! Love the blog!



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