Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Perfect Red anyone?

Well i've only gone and done it! Yes yes Miss Jones has found herself the elusive perfect red lippie.

I was convinced that I had hues to my skin that made me repel all shades of red, I always tried to pull it off but deep down always felt like a little girl who had been childishly playing in a grown up make up bag.

The department in Miss Jones' mind labelled 'imaginary ideal products' consists of,

  • Tanning lotion which is Anti aging, Anti cellulite and Permanent Properties
  • Nail polish with a glass like shine which is resistant to all known causes of the chip factor   
  • A shade of red with a perfect balance of orange and red tones which is blue based to accentuate my blonde hair and green eyes
The lipstick gods have conjured up my very wish with (DUN DUN DUNNNNN)


It is quite literally everything I have been dreaming of, I am a huge fan of the Revlon matte range the Pink Pout is also one to look out for a mauvey baby pink which is very pretty. They are as pigmented as MAC, they apply really evenly with excellent colour pay off. Also because they are of Matte formulation it makes them much more wearable with a modern edge. 

I am currently sporting a face/hair mask combo with my oh so sexy star print PJ's whilst typing this (not enough hours in the day!) so I'm afraid the true reveal on my lips will have to wait till tomorrows 'FOTD' which will be in homage to Miss Monroe. 

Here she is the little darling, I mean strawberry suede not Marilyn.....
I should add the negatives to this (no product is perfect!)

It is a little drying after a few hours so a little balm would be needed however they are nowhere near as drying as Barry M and they also last a LOT longer. I left my house at 7pm and returned at 3.30am after a few too many Vodkas with friends, I only had to reapply twice in 8 hours. I think that is just amazing!

You may also have spied two new foundations which I also bought (Revlon you kill me with your 3 for 2 offer). I got the Colorstay Make up with Softflex. Shade 110 Ivory in the Normal/Dry combo which has SPF 15 and also Shade 340 Early Tan in the combination/oily skin which has only SPF 6. 

My skin is neither overly oily or overly dry, I chose these purely based on the shades, a mix off the 2 is perfect for me at the moment as I have been wearing facial self tan. I like to have a dark and light base mix over the summer months so that I can custom the shade depending on level of tan (unfortunately in England it often has to be from costa del bottle!) 

I like the formulation and the coverage of this foundation but the stench is horrible. I thought I had faulty goods but it turns out after my primitive research that they do all have a distinct smell to them, quite chemical like. I prefer L'Oreal true match to the Colorstay any day...ha it rhymes! (Apologies)

Just to finish I was also in great need of a new scent for the summer months ahead, I wanted something clean, fresh and zesty (could I fit anymore marketing buzz words into this?) After about 40 minutes in Boots spraying every single bottle of 'not too obvious' scents whilst being given the eagle eye by security. I finally settled on........
Ghost Luminous 

I don't know if Ghost has a bad reputation, it's not a very chic brand and i'm not a fan of the original or the 'Sweetheart' scent. It's not really widely talked about as a brand yet it is affordable and probably has something for everyone...they do about 5 scents now all with very different notes. BUT I fell in love with 'Luminous' described as a fruity floral scent with top notes of orange, black currant and middle notes of Jasmine and sandalwood. It was £32 for 50ml (quite reasonable for a large size).

When I spray it I feel super summery and fruity which I was complimented on by a stranger...always a good if not slightly unnerving sign.

So this is all I have for now, I must tend to my chipped polish ...


Friday, 16 July 2010

ELF...you've done it again!

Yes ELF has impressed Miss Jones again.

I decided to try some more products to see if my initial delight at some of their range was a fluke. I have been eagerly awaiting the US lines to become available in the UK. Such products as the brush cleanser and the corrective concealer palette which contains all four corrective colours (green, yellow/nude, orange, pink) to even out skin tone.

I also ordered some brushes, now I am fairly picky about my brushes after all make up is an art and to create the optimum results an artist needs good tools!

Here is what my little parcel contained...

The brush shampoo, concealer palette and mineral concealer...

The main line brushes....
Finally the studio brushes...Left is the C shaped, Right is the Angled foundation brush

I ordered the original line foundation brush and concealer brush..the concealer brush is rather pathetic I will probably use it more for under eye definition as it is so small. Also the foundation brush is really small so I will use it more as a cover up for correction areas rather than a foundation brush. I should imagine you would have to work really quick if you were to use it as a foundation brush.

These where the main line brushes which are £1.50 each. However the Studio brushes are better quality, I ordered an angled foundation brush (which I love) and a C shaped shadow brush (also love). The foundation brush is perfect for around the eye area as it is angled and the shadow brush is amazing at packing on colour such as pure pigments or loose shadows. These are still cheap at £3.50

The brush cleanser is really good value for money. The true test of an effective cleanser is how efficiently it cleans a foundation brush. We want our foundation to stay on our face for a looong time which is great for the skin but not so great for bacteria on our brushes.

I am obsessed with sanitising my brushes and my make up purely because I use it on a lot of different people. This is the expensive part to being a make up artist. I need A LOT of brushes and I go through A LOT of antibacterial cleanser. The ELF brush shampoo is just as good as any other. I did give my foundation brush two washes but I would also give it two washes with any other brand. This was £3.50  a definite must have for those building up their kit on a budget. It disinfects and breaks down oil as it should do.

Now for the corrective concealer, admittedly I had my reservations about this but it has astounded me with its coverage. Both MAC and Bobbi Brown do colour correctors at a much higher price. You get all 4 for £3.50. I am not claiming they are better than MAC or Bobbi Brown but they are a reasonable alternative at a cheaper price.

I suffer with dark rings under my eyes a lot of the time (Children will do that to you!) also when I'm fad dieting (which I often am) my skin suffers.

So I awoke this morning with my usual dark eyes, I also have partial uneven sin tone so I used the green corrector around my nose where a lot of people tend to have red pigment and I used the orange under my eyes.

This may seem bizarre to those who are not familiar with the colour wheel, without getting too geeky and technical on you basically green and red are opposite on the wheel so red will cancel out green and vice versa (red tones are used for hair that has turned khaki) and also green will cancel out red tones on the skin. It's like magic!

Similarly the orange may seem scary to apply as an under eye concealer but orange will cancel out the blue/purple tones of the shadow under the eye. Et voila 12 hours sleep in a sweep.

Green is super useful for people who suffer from being easily embarrassed and blush profusely, it's also great for those who suffer with rosacea. A very good friend of mine swore by this when she worked in a pub to overcome those blokey embarrassing banter blushes...she called it Mr Green stick. I love this girl. Our friendship was sealed when I passed this knowledge on to her.

The pinky lilac is a corrector for sallow skin tones with a predominantly yellow undertone as the pink warms the skin up. My skin doesn't need any pink tones adding to it but it will come in handy for clients.

I also ordered a mineral concealer which I have not yet tried but I will report as soon as I have had a play with it.

So that is all for now, I must go and make my preparations for a Bridal make up. I do love Bridals, it is so rewarding seeing the bride glowing looking beautiful on her big day!

Have a great weekend xxx

Oh one more thing the reason I have dark eyes......Mr George is the culprit!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Miss Jones gets high on colour

Brights...a do or a don't?  

Miss Jones says hell yes to any colour. I love to experiment with looks out of the ordinary and I think it's a real shame that more girls are not as adventurous when it comes to playing with colour. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut that becomes blah and predictable. If you like to shock and stand out this is perfect!

Wouldn't the world be a fabulous place if you were faced with an array of beautiful peacock brights when walking down the street. That alone is one of the very reasons why I love a visit to MAC. No fear of colour and stunning colour combos are really inspirational to someone like me....who is always on the look out for a 'new look'.

There are 3 fundamental rules to consider when working with brights

1. Always wear black mascara, if lashes are sparse wear falsies...brights with no lashes just looks so so wrong.

2. Be clever with the placement of the colour...brights make eyes look smaller and can make gorgeous eyes look squinty and piggy (not attractive) so keep to the rules of using a lighter colour or shimmer on the inner corner, highlight the brow and extend shadow past the V to elongate eyes (outer corner)

3. Have confidence - this will lose it's potency if it's done half heartedly. The colours should 'pop'. If you commit to the colour you may aswel go all out! Clothes, hair and accessories should reflect this. I would not wear this look in the office but add a daft headband/hat and suddenly you look like you belong in neon brights : )

This look takes time and good brushes...

I purposely did this look using cheap products to show that you can get a high pigment look without using luxury or MAC products . Here's what I used...

Ok so there is one MAC shadow which sneakily made it's way into the look but I'm almost certain that Rimmel or Collection 2000 would do a bright blue.

  • I used Steel magnolias from my Too faced palette on the inner corner
  • Orange shade on remaining lid from a very cheap palette (clear casing) similar to the coastal scents or other Ebay palettes. They are really pigmented but have a lot of fall out so beware, do your base after the eye!!!
  • I used the pale green from the cheap palette mixed with MAC clarity (discontinued? ) along the socket
  • Mac Clarity and Too Faced Exclusive along lower lash line
  • Bright pink from cheap palette along top lash line
  • Highlight brow with any shell/pearl colour
  • Lips 17 lasting fix n pink power
  • Superdrug 2true fresh breath lip gloss 

I hope this hasn't repulsed too many neutral addicts, If so I apologise for my blatant disrespect splashing colour all over the place : ) 


Sunday, 4 July 2010

ASOS Paints by Ciate

Love at first stroke.

I adore these nail polishes!

The bottle is cute as a button, the consistency is smooth, the longevity is a good 5 days and the colours are bang on nail trend (excuse the Gok like expression).

I ordered a double pack for £8 which included Alexa and Sienna (yes all shades are linked to that of a celeb who is known for or represents the shade in some way i.e Deep burgundy is Victoria, shocking pink is Paris etc etc)

They are cheaper that the original Ciate paints but the quality is not representative of the cheaper line, I highly recommend these to anyone.

Here is Sienna....

I'm not sure why this is deemed as a Sienna Miller like shade? It's a brown with purple undertones, very muddy/murky, in the same family as the American Apparel shade I have mentioned before but with more of a purple twist to it. Gorgeous! Cant wait to try Alexa (Chung) which is  a deep navy blue (hello perfect festival shade)

Check out the shades here ASOS by Ciate they really are long lasting and glossy. I do however always always use my absolute favourite top coat which is by good old Sally Hansen. The Mega shine extended wear top coat is a must for me I wear it with every polish. So the shine is not necessarily representative of the product on it's own more of a beautiful concoction of Ciate and Sally but who cares as long as the talons have super sine and durability we cant expect miracles can we!

Adios for now, I am so behind due to hectic work schedule! You may be bombarded with posts this following week as I want to do a Brights FOTD and Hair must haves for blondies!

Until next time bye bye beauties


My first Tag

I have been tagged by the oh so lovely Kellikelso all the way from Kentucky, so I feel compelled to answer the questions for the little darling.

1. Who is someone you really admire?
Vivienne Westwood. Her designs are stunning, wearable, quirky and remain very British. I love how she is not afraid of standing out as bordering on bizarre. 

2. Do you have any pets?
No, I have my work cut out with my 9 month old son never mind a pet!

3. Do you consider yourself a shopoholic?
YES YES YES, I find joy in buying anything, literally anything, could be shoes or bread!

4. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Devouring a large bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk....mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmm

5. If you could go anywhere on vacation for FREE, where would you go?
Dubai then New york...I'm greedy so I want 2 destinations : )

6. What celebrity do you think your most like, wether it be personaility or looks?
I don't think I look like anybody in particular, a lot of people say I look like the actress who pays Carmel Mcqueen in Hollyoaks (for those not in the UK she is basically a bubblehead blonde) I like to think I'm not quite as dippy as she is though...

7. Any piercings?
Just ears and belly button, however the bellybutton piercing has long gone since the pregnancy!

8. What is your favorite movie?
So many, Dirty dancing, American psycho, Pretty woman, Pulp fiction

So there we have it 

Thanks for the tag Kelli xxxxxxxxx