Sunday, 13 June 2010

Products I adore (this week)

We all know that to hold the affection of a beautyholic is a hard task, you need to be pretty darn special. We are fickle souls who move on quickly to the newest, bestest most hyped product on the market. Having said that I feel that these products deserve a mention. They have all been added to the compartment in my brain labelled mmmmm possible re-purchase!?

First, Lip balm. I have never really been into lip balms I've always relied upon Carmex to mend my lips (usually in winter) I also believe that using a balm too much promotes dry lips. I hate using Vaseline, the texture, taste eurgh the thought makes me feel sick, vaseline on brows yes, lips no! I am also very particular when it comes to texture and scent of lip products so as you can imagine balm has never been on the top of my 'to buy' list.

That was until a very lovely friend bought me Mocha Rose balm from the Rosebud Perfume CO.
I love it!! It smells of Turkish delight, the texture is gorgeous and it makes my lips lovely and shiny. It could pass as a subtle gloss. Even my other half has had a dabble at this one and also secretly loves it.

I'm not sure where it was from but I think Urban Outfitters may stock it or ASOS. Sorry for the lack of information on this one guys. But if you happen to stumble across this brand I definitely recommend and it lasts ages! A real must have as a prep for the oh so fashionable but oh so unforgiving ultra matte lipsticks. 

Also loving Jelly pong pong Wakeup Makeup, Shoe palette and Lo-lip-pop. 

Above is the wake up makeup. The eye brightener is a great concealer and the face brightener is perfect for days when your skin feels sallow (usually after a few drinks the night before) admittedly the brow colours are a little dodgy. The bottom colour is fine for me and is not as dark as appears in the picture but I would not go anywhere near the top two unless you wanted ginger brows! All in all a cute little palette.

The Lo-lip-pop gloss is in shade Cherry Surprise, it is non offensive on the nostrils and is a really pretty colour. Not too gloopy either! The bottom pic is the 'Shoe palette' my least favourite item. It has a lip jelly and a cream shadow but I will probably use the 'cream shadow' as a blush or for lips. Pink is such a hard colour to wear on the eyes, there is nothing worse than seeing girls with inappropriate shocking pink eyes..if done wrong it just makes you look like you are suffering from an eye infection.
Whats more they all came in this lovely little bag....

Those who are not familiar with Jelly pong pong, it is an Italian brand whose products are not tested on animals, they have very quirky bordering on weird product design and packaging. Some may love it some may hate it. Personally I tend to be a little afraid of products which I think place too much emphasis on the packaging and the little stories behind the product. Think why we like Chanel, Dior, Nars, they are all about the product no gimmicks hence we love their products! Having said that you cant deny some of this brand is cute to look at it. 
Price wise, it is reasonable, ranging from £5 to £20 per item. BUT I got an absolute bargain!
I got all 3 of these products for just £10 yes that's right Ten English Pounds! Saving a whopping £32.75! This is an ASOS exclusive offer which is such good value. The wake up palette is worth more than that alone (priced at £17.75 individually) have a sneaky peak what else they have via this strategically placed link ASOS I am actually a little scared of the lip orchids...creepy! 

For a swatch of the Lo-lip-pop see below it is the bright pink colour on my hand. 

This really great quality professional picture (sense the sarcasm) brings me onto the next two products.

This bad boy is my new favourite gloss..for the time being. It cost me £1.00, 100 pennies, a quid! cheap cheap cheap. The brand is Make up Academy and I think it is exclusive to Sueprdrug but I'm not sure. The line isn't extensive but the glosses are definitely worth a go. The swatch is the lovely silver white on my hand it will be great on it's own or as a top coat for any lipstick. A GREAT buy. My other lip love is MAC glaze in HUE unfortunately I forgot to snap this when doing my professional shots but I'm sure you know what MAC lipstick packaging looks like. The swatch is barely noticeable on my hand but if  you look closely above the MUA swatch you will see a very sheer nude sheen which is gorgeous on lips especially with a dark eye which I am sporting most frequently of late. 

Finally a body product which is also a really good cheap product (rarely found). I usually use body butters from The Body Shop I love Coconut, Mango and Passion fruit but they are quite a pricey product especially when used twice a day, liberally, over a large surface area i.e my entire body (sadly I'm not a size 8). I use them all the time when I'm on holiday or when I've been in the sun because they are so moisturising and they give skin a nice sheen. I'm pleased to have found a great cheapo dupe from Superdrug. Priced £3.74, I went for Cranberry and Pomegranate

Appalling image 


  1. Hey Gorgeous :D
    Thank you so so much for such a sweet comment honestly made me smile. I am loving your blog <3 following for sure. I have never had any jelly pong pong goodies before must check that out.
    Keep in touch xxxxxxx

  2. I love rosebud lip balms. I buy mine @ Sephora. And your first paragraph made me laugh because it's so true...I'm at all times trying the "new" beaty product out there. :) Great post.

  3. Haha I love what you said about beauty addicts being fickle! That describes me perfectly! On a different note, I wish US magazines would give out good freebies like yours do... *sigh* The grass is always greener...

  4. ahhhhh i love jelly pong pong :) some really cute things - your new lip balm looks really nice and turkish delight mmmm its a winner :) xx

  5. I love Bad Girl by Benefit too. Thanks for all the product reviews, I'll have to check some of these out.


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