Saturday, 5 June 2010

A new home for my treasures

You know you have entered into the grown up world when you spend your Saturdays strolling around Ikea with your other half. Yes that is what I did on this beautiful day, and you know what? I enjoyed it!

I love love love spending time with my Jim, I feel it's time to introduce him as he may crop up every now and then from post to post (usually due to him moaning about me taking over a full room in our house with all my little trinkets and of course the make up!)

Anyways whilst we were there being very Mr and Mrs Jones like discussing prints and music systems (all him), I spotted the answer to all of my make up storage nightmares. Presently my kit is so unorganised. I've got pigment pots with glosses, blushers with shadows and liners with bases...nightmare!

When I do Professional make up it takes me so long to organise everything and to transport it from client to client. But Ikea you sneaky little Swedish beauty you did me proud. It is still sat in it's box at present due to Jim and I enjoying Al Fresco dining (you've got to get it while you can in the UK). But I cannot wait to get all of my things finally organised.

It's not the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world but it was a great price, it's practical, it can be stackable, products can be seen clearly and it is a really good size, Have a look if you wish right here
I also got a utensil/cutlery holder for my brushes which was about £2.

Hopefully this will save me a lot of time and hassle, with everything organised I will be able to select the products I need to take on a job and put them back in their rightful home upon returning.

I will keep you all updated on how functional it actually is, Lord knows Iv had a more than a few 'amazing' storage ideas during the past 10 years.

Anybody else have any clever storage tips? I would very much appreciate them. I know in the US you can get some really great things from Target but sadly they are not available over here..I don't think?

Enjoy the weekend Lovelies : )


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  1. hey hun! i came across your blo hun its awesome!! hope you could follow mine as well! thanks


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