Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Miss Jones talks *Yawn* Skincare

I have had possibly thee most unexciting skin care regime since I was 13 years old.

My skin type is even predictably cliche, blemished in my early teens, dry/combination late teens and sensitive in my early 20's.

I have always used safe skin care for each of these phases, Salicylic acid for blemishes, Aloe Vera for dry and Vitamin E when having sensitive outbreaks. This has always worked a treat for me, my motto when it comes to skin care is, DO NOT anger the skin needlessly.

So many products are on the market which must be so tempting for those that are struggling to find a good balance for their skin type. Ironically the worst thing is, the more you mess about and introduce your skin to new products the more angry it is likely to become.

I personally do not agree with anyone in their teens and early 20's spending a fortune on face products. There are a lot of great cheaper products that will do the job perfectly well if maintained on a regular basis (we only need prevention at this age). Only when them bad boy wrinkles start to appear do you need to invest a little more on products.

I have tried some high end face products in my time including Elemis, Decleor, Clarins and Lancome...they all gave me itchy, sensitive, aggravated skin. Something that my trusty old boring Boots' own brand Vitamin E Cream does not do.

Having said that since I had my child I have felt that my usual routine was not doing what it used to do for me. My skin felt dull and bleurgh so I dared try a new product. I have waited 2 weeks to do this review because I have been waiting for the dreaded dry patches or sore spots to appear but no! It really is fab-u-lous!

What is this product I hear you say.......Well it's only from our good old trusty Superdrug!

I never trust anything that smells delicious for my face, the more boring bland the better. But my word this smells gorgeous. The rebel in me made me purchase this and I knew I loved it from the very first time.
I reached for this every morning whilst scowling at my bla bla bland Vit E wash...damn you boring foul smelling liquid I'm in love with the Apricot now!

Yes this delight has Apricot, Walnut and Sweet Almond oil in it, all of which sound like they would wreak havoc with ones skin so heaven knows why I bought it but I am so glad that I did.

My skin has improved so much within the past two weeks, pores are reduced, oiliness is under control and skin is super soft with no blemishes! what more could I want for under a fiver!

Try it gals I hope it loves your skin like it loves mine : )


  1. ooooh, this sounds gorgeous! - I'll definitely keep a wee eye out for it! x

  2. This sounds great, I'd love to try it. Right now im using St. Ives Apricot scrub and I love it, so im all about apricots too, lol.

    P.S. You've been tagged!


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