Monday, 21 June 2010

Miss Jones steps into the Sixties...

My absolute favourite era of all time is the swinging sixties. I love the music, the fashion and most definitely the make up! I have mentioned before that I adore the looks that Twiggy and the likes of Edie Sedgewick favoured, so of course I had to share with you my version of the 'Twiggy' look.

This is a more wearable version, if you were really going for it then I would recommend applying false lashes to the bottom as well as the top for a true 'doe eyed look'.

This is a look which I often wear for a night out, I love it because it breaks all of the traditional beauty rules. Skin should look matte, eyes should verge on looking chalky, lips very pale and of course the all important black shadow is NOT I repeat NOT blended! Blending the shadow would just result in your classic smokey eye...not what we are going for on this occasion.

So here it is poppets...I was going to go all out and don the Breton stripe and chandelier earrings but I just settled for pinning my hair into a boy like style....(Mental note Miss Jones do not cut hair a la Twiggy chic crop as you will look like a fool!)

Cringeworthy shots done!

The look is really simple to do the key things to remember are that all products should be matte, brows and skin is left neutral, lips pale pale pale and of course all emphasis is on them peepers. The black arch should sit just above your natural socket line, also a white liner on the waterline is essential to get that wide eyed look.

I used my sleek palette which I recommend everyone get if you do not already have because they are fabulous! The colour pay off, the shades and the value for money can not be beaten by any other drugstore eye shadow range! This is the original palette (as you can see it is well used)..

All of the colours have shimmer in them apart from the black which is a matte hence ideal for this look. I also used my Zara vanilla all over the lid up to the brow. Lashes were style 113 by Dimples (fabulous lashes and cheap!), finally I used a concealer on my lips mixed with a balm because I have lost my favourite ultra ultra nude lipstick. So hardly any products at all...not like me!

Does anyone else have a favourite era they appreciate with regards to make up?


  1. Hey sweets,

    You should enter the Elle/No 7 Competition they have running in conjunction with the 'Decades' Collection of No7 Products .. Obv enter for the 60's.. A gorgeous look :)


  2. That sounds great I caught a glimpse of the decades collection recently and loved what I saw. I have a red polish from the range (50's i think) and it is like angels running along your nails to nice!


  3. Gorgeous look!!you traveled me in the past!!!Hugs

  4. I love it! I'm all about a dramataic eye and nude lips.

  5. oh wow - great look , you have really pretty eyes :) x

  6. hey hun, im having a makeup sale on my blog, so please feel free to check it out ;)

  7. ooo i love this look on you!!

  8. Great look! I found your blog looking for makeup looks from the sixties.
    This is a great blog! I am a new follower now.

  9. Wow, you rock the 60's look.

  10. @ ansa me too hun eyes all the way!!! xx

    @ jade thank you sweetie! xx

    @ whitney thank you also : )

    @ Catanya..this makes me feel very special that lil old me came up from a real search lol xxx

  11. Lovely blog! Where can you buy this Sleek palette? I've seen it on so many blogs?? xxx

  12. you can buy it from Superdrug for about £ cheap!! xxx

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  14. Hi, just discovered your blog and like it :)
    Love this makeup, really creativ ;)
    Lots of love :)



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