Friday, 4 June 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the Bronzer time!

Hello fellow blogstresses, I have been battling with my conscience for what seems like an eternity (3 months) and have been using cheaper products (I thought I should play the field a bit!) BUT the time has come where I am allowing myself a little splurge.

Darn it I have done amazingly, I have used up 2 full bronzers before repurchasing (MAC and Guerlain). I hated the MAC matte bronzer even though it was highly recommended. I found it gave a ruddy complexion and was really messy to use. One swirl with the brush and your black jeans are covered!

Now Guerlain on the other hand, my sweet dear Guerlain. We have been lovers for 5 years, pretty much monogamous apart from the odd MAC or St Tropez affair. I will have no bad words said against my darling Guerlain. Rich, long lasting, great colour, not too matte nor too shimmery, easy to work with...the list goes on.

BUT I feel like there may be more out there for me. Products have evolved during my love affair and I fear I may be missing out. So I have made the decision to play the field.

My next candidates are Nars Casino, Chanel Bronze De Universal or Benefit Hoola. My fears are that Casino may be a bit too much even though I do love a strong bronzer, Chanel Bronze as we all know is the Holy Grail of bronzers but I think I would end up using it more as a contour. Also the size and weight of it wold be impossible in my little clutch. As for Benefit Hoola, well it looks ok I'm neither compelled nor repelled but I have waited so long I want my new choice to be perfect.

I will of course do a review and caparison to Guerlain when I decide on 'the one' in the mean time decisions decisions! I'm going to sleep on it and seek guidance from the make up Gods of the night.
This delightful image courtesy of good old Google makes  me weak at the knees..Donatella and 12 bronzers on 1 page!? Some say orange I say perfecto ; )

***I only half joke******

Night night Gorgeous folk, Sleep well......


  1. I love bronzer too. :) Nars Casino was a bit too dark but I do like Laguna. I'm pretty fair right now though..NC25 in MAC terms.

  2. Hey! Just came across your blog! Great post. Yes it is that time to get bronzed up! I really like the Guerlain bronzers as well... they are the bronze experts!
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  3. yes yes yes !!! bronzing time indeed - benefit hoola is my fave its a really nice bronze but natural at the same time :) xx

  4. Looks good!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely :)

  5. @Ansa- Im a little pale now too probably an NW20 so maybe casino will be too dark for me! I fear Laguna may not be dark enough....

    @Miss Krimson i may have to resort to mr Guerlain again....

    @Jade Hoola has great reviews i need to hoola myself up...maybe i should get all 3!

    @Dylana thank you so much i'v just checked out your blog..fab!

  6. I don't like to tan but my makeup collection currently has 9 bronzers o.O. I have no idea how it got this bad. I just picked up Soleil Tan de Chanel today and will do a review on it in the future, but I love it so far!

  7. I just read your blog on this before i saw your comment...spooky!

    thank you for following : )


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