Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Arabian eyes...inspired by the one and only SJP

For those who have seen SATC2 you will know there is a scene where Carrie rocks the black kohl and is a little naughty because of it! I absolutely love using Kajal or kohl liners and I think Carrie looked really sultry and sexy.

This look is not a replica but it's my take on it with a modern twist.

Here goes....

I hope you like!

Here's what I used (especially for you Miss Preston a break down of how to create the look...)

  • No 7 intelligent balance mousse foundation in Blonde (anything will do which provides matte opaque coverage)
  • No 7 quick cover concealer in medium (do skin last as there is likely to be a lot of fall out from the dark colours)
  • Bourjois blush (I forget the colour but any nude brown toned blush will do- use to contour)
  • MAC Mineralize SkinFinish in Shimpagne (used on the very top of the cheeks to highlight - Nikki if you don't have the MAC product you can use any golden shimmer to highlight your cheeks as long as it is not glittery!)

  • Apply tape for a clean edge for a modern look, I use Transpore, remove the tackiness on back on hand and place at the angle you wish your outer detail to be (make sure they are even!)
  • MAC mineralize eye duo in Play on Plums (lighter gold shade all over the lid and past the socket line)
  • MAC mineralize eye duo in Play on Plums (darker plum shade in the socket line and the outer 'V' of the eye)
  • Virgin Vie shadow from palette in truffle along the outer third of the lid and below the lower lash line
  • Virgin vie shadow in Caviar along the edge of the tape to as far out as you would like and darken the outer V even further
  • MAC pigment on J'Ardin Aires use on the remainder of the eye (from above the socket to the brow and blend with a fluffy brush)
  • Dab on MAC reflects gold glitter on the lid
  • Line the waterline with any black kohl liner, I used Urban Decay 24/7 
  • Use a fine liner brush and apply liner t0 the top of the lid concentrating on creating a fine point on the inner corner and smooth flick on the outer corner. I used MAC fluidline in Blacktrack (a liquid liner could be used just make sure the tip is very fine
  • Max Factor mascara lash extension in Black (any black mascara will do the look isn't about the lashes so much)
  • Create a strong brow look with whatever shape feels comfortable for you, I used Rimmel brow pencil in dark brown mixed with Ruby and Millie brow make up in ash

****You do not have to use MAC pigments, Barry M and Collection 2000 do great pigments, you would need a yellow toned golden colour to recreate this look. 
***** Sleek eye palette in storm is available from Superdrug and would have all the colours you would need for this look they are about £5 and they are amazing!

  • Dior Ultrashine lipstick in 252 (Absolute fave!)
  • St Tropez lipgloss
****Any pale pink with a nude gloss will create the same look. Just make lips are kept low key because the eyes are so drastic

Bit of a mixed post this one FOTD/Celebrity Inspired/Tutorial. I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy my version of Carries Arabian Princess look.

In my world women would wear this look everyday! 

On a different subject Jim had to sneak in on the action (actually he caught me taking the posing pics and   ridiculed me until I took one of him so here it is...my lovely man)

 Adios Beautiful people!


  1. ahh I loved that look!! Yay, Im so trying it out! XX

  2. It is such an easy look even though it looks scary with the liner really its just about splodging on the different shades and of course using LOTS of liner : )

    Have fun! I'd love to see the pics when you've done yours! xxx

  3. aaaaw, awesome girlie, this looks so beautiful on you! x

  4. that looks gorgeous :) very nice xxx

  5. I really like how you broke it down - simple enough for even me to follow :p
    Loving your liner, really suits you :)

  6. Hey sweetie

    I am loving that eyeshadow and lipgloss it is way preeedyyyy

    I got some Jelly Pong Pong at the vitality show I must go and dig it out

    Love you blog by the way

    t xxxx


  7. wow, your eyes look fab darl! Arabic eyes are deffo my favourite way to go, eyeliner all the way! lol!

    Aysh xoxo



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