Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Miss Jones talks *Yawn* Skincare

I have had possibly thee most unexciting skin care regime since I was 13 years old.

My skin type is even predictably cliche, blemished in my early teens, dry/combination late teens and sensitive in my early 20's.

I have always used safe skin care for each of these phases, Salicylic acid for blemishes, Aloe Vera for dry and Vitamin E when having sensitive outbreaks. This has always worked a treat for me, my motto when it comes to skin care is, DO NOT anger the skin needlessly.

So many products are on the market which must be so tempting for those that are struggling to find a good balance for their skin type. Ironically the worst thing is, the more you mess about and introduce your skin to new products the more angry it is likely to become.

I personally do not agree with anyone in their teens and early 20's spending a fortune on face products. There are a lot of great cheaper products that will do the job perfectly well if maintained on a regular basis (we only need prevention at this age). Only when them bad boy wrinkles start to appear do you need to invest a little more on products.

I have tried some high end face products in my time including Elemis, Decleor, Clarins and Lancome...they all gave me itchy, sensitive, aggravated skin. Something that my trusty old boring Boots' own brand Vitamin E Cream does not do.

Having said that since I had my child I have felt that my usual routine was not doing what it used to do for me. My skin felt dull and bleurgh so I dared try a new product. I have waited 2 weeks to do this review because I have been waiting for the dreaded dry patches or sore spots to appear but no! It really is fab-u-lous!

What is this product I hear you say.......Well it's only from our good old trusty Superdrug!

I never trust anything that smells delicious for my face, the more boring bland the better. But my word this smells gorgeous. The rebel in me made me purchase this and I knew I loved it from the very first time.
I reached for this every morning whilst scowling at my bla bla bland Vit E wash...damn you boring foul smelling liquid I'm in love with the Apricot now!

Yes this delight has Apricot, Walnut and Sweet Almond oil in it, all of which sound like they would wreak havoc with ones skin so heaven knows why I bought it but I am so glad that I did.

My skin has improved so much within the past two weeks, pores are reduced, oiliness is under control and skin is super soft with no blemishes! what more could I want for under a fiver!

Try it gals I hope it loves your skin like it loves mine : )

Monday, 21 June 2010

Miss Jones steps into the Sixties...

My absolute favourite era of all time is the swinging sixties. I love the music, the fashion and most definitely the make up! I have mentioned before that I adore the looks that Twiggy and the likes of Edie Sedgewick favoured, so of course I had to share with you my version of the 'Twiggy' look.

This is a more wearable version, if you were really going for it then I would recommend applying false lashes to the bottom as well as the top for a true 'doe eyed look'.

This is a look which I often wear for a night out, I love it because it breaks all of the traditional beauty rules. Skin should look matte, eyes should verge on looking chalky, lips very pale and of course the all important black shadow is NOT I repeat NOT blended! Blending the shadow would just result in your classic smokey eye...not what we are going for on this occasion.

So here it is poppets...I was going to go all out and don the Breton stripe and chandelier earrings but I just settled for pinning my hair into a boy like style....(Mental note Miss Jones do not cut hair a la Twiggy chic crop as you will look like a fool!)

Cringeworthy shots done!

The look is really simple to do the key things to remember are that all products should be matte, brows and skin is left neutral, lips pale pale pale and of course all emphasis is on them peepers. The black arch should sit just above your natural socket line, also a white liner on the waterline is essential to get that wide eyed look.

I used my sleek palette which I recommend everyone get if you do not already have because they are fabulous! The colour pay off, the shades and the value for money can not be beaten by any other drugstore eye shadow range! This is the original palette (as you can see it is well used)..

All of the colours have shimmer in them apart from the black which is a matte hence ideal for this look. I also used my Zara vanilla all over the lid up to the brow. Lashes were style 113 by Dimples (fabulous lashes and cheap!), finally I used a concealer on my lips mixed with a balm because I have lost my favourite ultra ultra nude lipstick. So hardly any products at all...not like me!

Does anyone else have a favourite era they appreciate with regards to make up?

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Products I adore (this week)

We all know that to hold the affection of a beautyholic is a hard task, you need to be pretty darn special. We are fickle souls who move on quickly to the newest, bestest most hyped product on the market. Having said that I feel that these products deserve a mention. They have all been added to the compartment in my brain labelled mmmmm possible re-purchase!?

First, Lip balm. I have never really been into lip balms I've always relied upon Carmex to mend my lips (usually in winter) I also believe that using a balm too much promotes dry lips. I hate using Vaseline, the texture, taste eurgh the thought makes me feel sick, vaseline on brows yes, lips no! I am also very particular when it comes to texture and scent of lip products so as you can imagine balm has never been on the top of my 'to buy' list.

That was until a very lovely friend bought me Mocha Rose balm from the Rosebud Perfume CO.
I love it!! It smells of Turkish delight, the texture is gorgeous and it makes my lips lovely and shiny. It could pass as a subtle gloss. Even my other half has had a dabble at this one and also secretly loves it.

I'm not sure where it was from but I think Urban Outfitters may stock it or ASOS. Sorry for the lack of information on this one guys. But if you happen to stumble across this brand I definitely recommend and it lasts ages! A real must have as a prep for the oh so fashionable but oh so unforgiving ultra matte lipsticks. 

Also loving Jelly pong pong Wakeup Makeup, Shoe palette and Lo-lip-pop. 

Above is the wake up makeup. The eye brightener is a great concealer and the face brightener is perfect for days when your skin feels sallow (usually after a few drinks the night before) admittedly the brow colours are a little dodgy. The bottom colour is fine for me and is not as dark as appears in the picture but I would not go anywhere near the top two unless you wanted ginger brows! All in all a cute little palette.

The Lo-lip-pop gloss is in shade Cherry Surprise, it is non offensive on the nostrils and is a really pretty colour. Not too gloopy either! The bottom pic is the 'Shoe palette' my least favourite item. It has a lip jelly and a cream shadow but I will probably use the 'cream shadow' as a blush or for lips. Pink is such a hard colour to wear on the eyes, there is nothing worse than seeing girls with inappropriate shocking pink eyes..if done wrong it just makes you look like you are suffering from an eye infection.
Whats more they all came in this lovely little bag....

Those who are not familiar with Jelly pong pong, it is an Italian brand whose products are not tested on animals, they have very quirky bordering on weird product design and packaging. Some may love it some may hate it. Personally I tend to be a little afraid of products which I think place too much emphasis on the packaging and the little stories behind the product. Think why we like Chanel, Dior, Nars, they are all about the product no gimmicks hence we love their products! Having said that you cant deny some of this brand is cute to look at it. 
Price wise, it is reasonable, ranging from £5 to £20 per item. BUT I got an absolute bargain!
I got all 3 of these products for just £10 yes that's right Ten English Pounds! Saving a whopping £32.75! This is an ASOS exclusive offer which is such good value. The wake up palette is worth more than that alone (priced at £17.75 individually) have a sneaky peak what else they have via this strategically placed link ASOS I am actually a little scared of the lip orchids...creepy! 

For a swatch of the Lo-lip-pop see below it is the bright pink colour on my hand. 

This really great quality professional picture (sense the sarcasm) brings me onto the next two products.

This bad boy is my new favourite gloss..for the time being. It cost me £1.00, 100 pennies, a quid! cheap cheap cheap. The brand is Make up Academy and I think it is exclusive to Sueprdrug but I'm not sure. The line isn't extensive but the glosses are definitely worth a go. The swatch is the lovely silver white on my hand it will be great on it's own or as a top coat for any lipstick. A GREAT buy. My other lip love is MAC glaze in HUE unfortunately I forgot to snap this when doing my professional shots but I'm sure you know what MAC lipstick packaging looks like. The swatch is barely noticeable on my hand but if  you look closely above the MUA swatch you will see a very sheer nude sheen which is gorgeous on lips especially with a dark eye which I am sporting most frequently of late. 

Finally a body product which is also a really good cheap product (rarely found). I usually use body butters from The Body Shop I love Coconut, Mango and Passion fruit but they are quite a pricey product especially when used twice a day, liberally, over a large surface area i.e my entire body (sadly I'm not a size 8). I use them all the time when I'm on holiday or when I've been in the sun because they are so moisturising and they give skin a nice sheen. I'm pleased to have found a great cheapo dupe from Superdrug. Priced £3.74, I went for Cranberry and Pomegranate

Appalling image 

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Arabian eyes...inspired by the one and only SJP

For those who have seen SATC2 you will know there is a scene where Carrie rocks the black kohl and is a little naughty because of it! I absolutely love using Kajal or kohl liners and I think Carrie looked really sultry and sexy.

This look is not a replica but it's my take on it with a modern twist.

Here goes....

I hope you like!

Here's what I used (especially for you Miss Preston a break down of how to create the look...)

  • No 7 intelligent balance mousse foundation in Blonde (anything will do which provides matte opaque coverage)
  • No 7 quick cover concealer in medium (do skin last as there is likely to be a lot of fall out from the dark colours)
  • Bourjois blush (I forget the colour but any nude brown toned blush will do- use to contour)
  • MAC Mineralize SkinFinish in Shimpagne (used on the very top of the cheeks to highlight - Nikki if you don't have the MAC product you can use any golden shimmer to highlight your cheeks as long as it is not glittery!)

  • Apply tape for a clean edge for a modern look, I use Transpore, remove the tackiness on back on hand and place at the angle you wish your outer detail to be (make sure they are even!)
  • MAC mineralize eye duo in Play on Plums (lighter gold shade all over the lid and past the socket line)
  • MAC mineralize eye duo in Play on Plums (darker plum shade in the socket line and the outer 'V' of the eye)
  • Virgin Vie shadow from palette in truffle along the outer third of the lid and below the lower lash line
  • Virgin vie shadow in Caviar along the edge of the tape to as far out as you would like and darken the outer V even further
  • MAC pigment on J'Ardin Aires use on the remainder of the eye (from above the socket to the brow and blend with a fluffy brush)
  • Dab on MAC reflects gold glitter on the lid
  • Line the waterline with any black kohl liner, I used Urban Decay 24/7 
  • Use a fine liner brush and apply liner t0 the top of the lid concentrating on creating a fine point on the inner corner and smooth flick on the outer corner. I used MAC fluidline in Blacktrack (a liquid liner could be used just make sure the tip is very fine
  • Max Factor mascara lash extension in Black (any black mascara will do the look isn't about the lashes so much)
  • Create a strong brow look with whatever shape feels comfortable for you, I used Rimmel brow pencil in dark brown mixed with Ruby and Millie brow make up in ash

****You do not have to use MAC pigments, Barry M and Collection 2000 do great pigments, you would need a yellow toned golden colour to recreate this look. 
***** Sleek eye palette in storm is available from Superdrug and would have all the colours you would need for this look they are about £5 and they are amazing!

  • Dior Ultrashine lipstick in 252 (Absolute fave!)
  • St Tropez lipgloss
****Any pale pink with a nude gloss will create the same look. Just make lips are kept low key because the eyes are so drastic

Bit of a mixed post this one FOTD/Celebrity Inspired/Tutorial. I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy my version of Carries Arabian Princess look.

In my world women would wear this look everyday! 

On a different subject Jim had to sneak in on the action (actually he caught me taking the posing pics and   ridiculed me until I took one of him so here it lovely man)

 Adios Beautiful people!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

A new home for my treasures

You know you have entered into the grown up world when you spend your Saturdays strolling around Ikea with your other half. Yes that is what I did on this beautiful day, and you know what? I enjoyed it!

I love love love spending time with my Jim, I feel it's time to introduce him as he may crop up every now and then from post to post (usually due to him moaning about me taking over a full room in our house with all my little trinkets and of course the make up!)

Anyways whilst we were there being very Mr and Mrs Jones like discussing prints and music systems (all him), I spotted the answer to all of my make up storage nightmares. Presently my kit is so unorganised. I've got pigment pots with glosses, blushers with shadows and liners with bases...nightmare!

When I do Professional make up it takes me so long to organise everything and to transport it from client to client. But Ikea you sneaky little Swedish beauty you did me proud. It is still sat in it's box at present due to Jim and I enjoying Al Fresco dining (you've got to get it while you can in the UK). But I cannot wait to get all of my things finally organised.

It's not the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world but it was a great price, it's practical, it can be stackable, products can be seen clearly and it is a really good size, Have a look if you wish right here
I also got a utensil/cutlery holder for my brushes which was about £2.

Hopefully this will save me a lot of time and hassle, with everything organised I will be able to select the products I need to take on a job and put them back in their rightful home upon returning.

I will keep you all updated on how functional it actually is, Lord knows Iv had a more than a few 'amazing' storage ideas during the past 10 years.

Anybody else have any clever storage tips? I would very much appreciate them. I know in the US you can get some really great things from Target but sadly they are not available over here..I don't think?

Enjoy the weekend Lovelies : )


Friday, 4 June 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the Bronzer time!

Hello fellow blogstresses, I have been battling with my conscience for what seems like an eternity (3 months) and have been using cheaper products (I thought I should play the field a bit!) BUT the time has come where I am allowing myself a little splurge.

Darn it I have done amazingly, I have used up 2 full bronzers before repurchasing (MAC and Guerlain). I hated the MAC matte bronzer even though it was highly recommended. I found it gave a ruddy complexion and was really messy to use. One swirl with the brush and your black jeans are covered!

Now Guerlain on the other hand, my sweet dear Guerlain. We have been lovers for 5 years, pretty much monogamous apart from the odd MAC or St Tropez affair. I will have no bad words said against my darling Guerlain. Rich, long lasting, great colour, not too matte nor too shimmery, easy to work with...the list goes on.

BUT I feel like there may be more out there for me. Products have evolved during my love affair and I fear I may be missing out. So I have made the decision to play the field.

My next candidates are Nars Casino, Chanel Bronze De Universal or Benefit Hoola. My fears are that Casino may be a bit too much even though I do love a strong bronzer, Chanel Bronze as we all know is the Holy Grail of bronzers but I think I would end up using it more as a contour. Also the size and weight of it wold be impossible in my little clutch. As for Benefit Hoola, well it looks ok I'm neither compelled nor repelled but I have waited so long I want my new choice to be perfect.

I will of course do a review and caparison to Guerlain when I decide on 'the one' in the mean time decisions decisions! I'm going to sleep on it and seek guidance from the make up Gods of the night.
This delightful image courtesy of good old Google makes  me weak at the knees..Donatella and 12 bronzers on 1 page!? Some say orange I say perfecto ; )

***I only half joke******

Night night Gorgeous folk, Sleep well......

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A Bejewelled FOTD

Well well what have we here, Another FOTD Miss Jones?  I still have bitter sweet feelings about posting my FOTD. On one hand I LOVE that it could provide inspiration to at least one person who reads it yet on the flip side I cringe at the prospect that people may assume I do them for a cheap ego hit. I really don't!

It is all too easy to get caught in a make up rut, people often wear their comfort blanket make up (staple pieces they have had for years) due to feeling scared of stepping out of their comfort zone (which will be addressed in an upcoming post). However for some it is lack of inspiration, sometimes even make up junkies need a little help when we hit a creative brick wall. FOTD was built upon a Revlon 12 hour colourstay Quad eyeshadow in Gems and Jewels (17). I've had this product for a few weeks but had yet to use it so today was the day for it's very first outing.

The poses are the worst...I pull these bizarre faces in an attempt to show the gradient of colours that have been used!

And more.........

OK so that's enough whoring for the camera now onto what was used to create this look.....

face -
Revlon Photoready Foundation (cool beige)
YSL Touche Eclat
ELF High Definition powder
St Tropez matte bronzer
MAC Mineralize skin finish (shimpagne)

Eyes -
No.7 stay perfect smoothing and brightening eye base
Zara Vanilla cream matte shadow (exact dupe for Macs Vanilla but sadly no longer available) used all over eye up to brow
Revlon palest shade from quad inner third of the lid
Revlon pinky shimmer from quad remaining 2 thirds of the eye
Revlon Plum socket line 
Revlon Navy outer V of the eye and lower lash line
Barry M Dazzle Dust (47) bronze red smudged along upper lash line
MAC fluidline (blacktrack) top lash line 
Urban Decay 24/7 glide in eye pencil (covet) waterline
Collection 2000 Magi length mascara (so cheap but so good!) blackest black
Ruby and Millie brow enhancer in Beige

Revlon matte lipstick (pink pout) 

As you can see this look was all about the eyes. By layering the colour and texture it creates a multi dimensional look which is really not given any justice on camera.

Hope this has been either enjoyable, influential or informative.

Tara for now