Friday, 28 May 2010

Sex and the City 2......aaaahhhh words can't describe

Hello all, This is just a quick post to express the sheer happiness I feel after watching it.

The ladies are back!!! I won't give the plot away but can I just say, for me the styling for this movie was even better than the last movie. Shot in Abu Dhabi, you can imagine what Eastern delights the ladies wore.

It gave me goosebumps and made me laugh out loud several times. Oh Carrie I adore you. Why don't men share the same obsession that females have with SJP. I think she is stunning yet all males I know think she looks like a *gasp* horse!

All 4 characters were fabulous and I am left with severe SATC withdrawals at the ghastly prospect that there may be no more : (

In the mean time it has evoked my love of the show and I am dusting off the box sets in a bid to live the High fashion New york lifestyle whilst sat in my cosy home in my PJ's.

Carrie I salute you!


  1. i saw it last night with my mom and best friend! the clothes were amazing! i loved miranda's dress at the wedding. ahhhhh if only i could have their wardrobe!

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  2. awww sounds like you enjoyed it :) im not seeing it untill monday lol !!!

    I hope they make a 3rd one xx

  3. It was everything i wanted it to be and more!
    Yes the dress was stunning, i loved the emerald dress carrie wore at the end. Too many to mention. UK highstreet is so good at copying things quickly, ASOS will soon have cheap SATC copeies i'm sure : )

    Have a great weekend girlies : D xxxxxx

  4. she doesn't look like a horse. i don't know what guys see sometimes. :)

  5. I know! yet they desire unstylish bog standard no clue! lol xxx

  6. hey lady, just stumbled upon your blog - and made me smile, so now a follower :) - feel free to nip over to mine and have a wee peep if you like? I've just done a wee post on my satc night out too!

    ps - those shoes are my favourite moment of the film, lol!! xx


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