Tuesday, 11 May 2010

To buy or not to buy..that is the question!

Imagine the scenario, MAC have just launched a limited edition juicy got to have latest colour coral lipstick. The only problem is you have exhausted all of your allocated 'treat' allowance for the month. Sweat starts to prickle on your top lip, heart is racing, mouth getting dry flashes of 'OUT OF STOCK' and 'DISCONTINUED' race through your mind when the beautifully made up lips sincerely utter from behind the MAC station, 'do you need anything else today?'......

My very first blog….where do I begin?
I feel that I should introduce myself, I am a 24 year old girl who has been addicted to all things cosmetic related for 21 years. While other girls were asking their mums or their big sisters at age 9 to paint their nails, I was building up my very own client base (Grandma, Mother, Aunty).
As my security blanket I did a degree in Business Management but make up is sill at the forefront of one's mind.
So where were we, oh yes at the MAC counter drooling over the latest shade wondering if you have the strength to say ‘no, that’s it for today thank you kindly’.
Not only do I feel this pressure/anxiety in the amazing environment that is MAC, I often get the same feeling in Superdrug, Boots and dare I say the local chemist.
I find myself justifying my latest buys for example, I HAD to have the new Revlon Gems in Jewels eye shadow quad but as Revlon were on 3 for 2 why not try the Photo Ready foundation (FABULOUS) and heck the pink pout lipstick will be free! Well I did make my own lunch all last week and I have stopped smoking (filthy habit) and I’m on a no takeaway/fast food/eating out regime so if anything I will have saved loads of money even after buying my new 3 products……..


  1. welcome!! :)


  2. Thank you! : ) this is a work in progress at the moment so bear with me! I also seem to be following myself...not sure how that happened

  3. hey ive just joined recently - ur blog looks really good :) xx


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