Thursday, 20 May 2010

SRR - Sunshine Related Rituals

Hooray for the sunshine! Alas the dreary grey, cold, wet weather is making way for some beautiful rays. Living in The North of England does have it's downsides i.e. Terrible weather. BUT the past few days I have actually dusted off the old flip flops and got out the sunnies. 

There are certain rituals which i must do every year in order to enjoy the British summertime also known as that one sunny week in May. 

1. PEDICURE, I do my own because I am so fussy about having any treatments done I rarely put my trust in the hands of anyone else other than my best friend who is coincidentally a beauty therapist. 

2. PURCHASE NEW SHADES, SANDALS AND BANGLES, summer just isn't summer unless you jangle everywhere you go

3. PLATINUM, I am already very light blonde but summer is a brilliant excuse to max up the blondie factor

4. NAILS, instead of using my usual ink, ruby or black cherry i have been wearing pinks, lilacs, blues and corals. China Glaze Mediterranean Charm and 'number seven' (limited edition product line for No 7) in starlet stockings are my current favourites, both are lovely bright red shades which look amazing with a tan

5. TAN, it has got to be without a doubt my all time favourite Fake Bake Beyond Bronze mousse which retails at about £20 but you can get it online for about £10. 

As a beauty blog follower it surprises me that this little beauty isn't mentioned more. I have occasionally cheated on my beloved beyond bronze with mr st tropez, master xen tan and the original fake bake but none of them touch the almighty beyond bronze. 
I have applied this after 1 or...ahem 2 bottles of  adult grape juice aka wine, at midnight, rolled into bed and i have NEVER experienced streaks, patches or the dreaded revolting hand-foot vileness. As if it couldn't get any better it fades super even doesn't smell like weetabix and dries in minutes. The colour beats st tropez hands down! If anyone hasn't tried this i would totally recommend especially if you are a tanning virgin. 

Does anybody else have any beauty must haves for the summer??


  1. Yes, it's sunny here today too! Finally! I'm actually painting my nails lilac right now. I also like to start putting on the self tanning lotion this time of year, wearing sandals, exfoliating more, and picking out new bathing suits and sundresses.


  2. Love ur blog!~I have always wanted to try a self tanner but never knew which one since there are soo many products!


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