Sunday, 16 May 2010

Famous make up looks which inspire me

There are certain images which spring to mind when I think of creating a new look. These images never change and I believe will always always be up there on my list of most inspirational make up looks. 

Marilyn Monroe was known for her sensual red lips, flawless skin and heavily lined eyes to create a sultry come to bed look. A look which is still copied to date, personally I have yet to find a shade of red that I feel truly comfortable wearing, although they say there is a red to suit every skin tone, for me the search continues. 

The next looks are by far my favourites, Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick, the sex kittens of the 60's. Twiggy with her doe eyes, doll like lashes and washed out lips created an all new 'look' which comes back around again and again. 


Edie Sedgwick was a 60's Socialite known as Andy Warhol's Muse. Her 'look' a messier darker version of Twiggy. Heavily lined black eyes were often smudged and untidy with thick false lashes, a look not too disimilar to the grungier smoky looks which are often evident on the catwalks. Edie is one 
of my favourite style icons, bleached cropped hair, fur coat, black eyes and chandelier earings....perfection! 

(Left Image Paul Smith Catwalk Fall/Winter 09)

Now my next choice may shock and horrify you but I can not ignore the beautiful contouring and play on colour that Boy George and his new romantic pals brought to the 80's. In fact I know certain men in my family who shall remain unamed actually referred to Boy George's debut on TOTP as 'she's a bit of alright!'......

The 'Boy George' look is still seen in many MAC collection promos, even recently for Barbie loves MAC.

This final lady is perhaps single handedly responsible for the soaring sales of self tan products and bronzers. Sun kissed, tanned, golden, even 'orange' as the haters may call it. Shimmery beautiful smoky eyes, tanned skin, highlighted cheekbones/brown bone and of course nude lips et voila, sexy latina look! 


  1. I adore Marilyn Monroe! :) Definitely my idol! xx

  2. I wanted to look like Julie Driscoll singer of "Wheels on fire" Ab Fab fame.
    Skin coloured lips, shaved fringe, long wispy strands of hair around the face and dark brown eye make up. She was so mod!

  3. Marilyn was so gorgeous...i have started wearing a red lip since doing this blog in her honor!

    I am going to google julie driscoll right now, she sounds like quite a fox! xxx

  4. the prettyest stars ever !
    Good pictures !


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