Saturday, 29 May 2010

American Apparel Nail Lacquer Review

J'deteste OPI polishes. Yes, controversial and a rather negative start to a review but that's how I feel. I think they are over rated, expensive and i've yet to get more than 3 days out of an OPI manicure.

In fact all of the higher priced nail polishes have let me down. Dior I found to be watery and poor in colour depth even with 3 coats, Ruby and Millie chipped within half hour of applying and Nails Inc, pah! don't even get me started on Nails Inc polishes.

The thing is I am a girl who ALWAYS has my nails painted. You will NEVER see me without polish on my nails mainly due to a strange OCD I have but also because it looks so pretty. As long as nails are neat and tidy who cares about greasy hair, blemishes or creased clothes!

So as you can imagine I go through ALOT of nail products. I have tried literally every brand you could think of...apart from American Apparel. I was so shocked that this sneaky little polish or 'lacquer' range had passed me by. I owe the discovery to my wonderful man for taking me in to get yet another V neck T. Shirt (he has about 15 of the same). But all was not lost as I saw the array of perfectly uniformed little colourful soldiers looking at me through the cabinet saying 'buy me dear lady, please buy me?'.

So i did, and here's the Review.

Colour- very much reminded me of Essie with their less obvious creamy colour range. I bought Mouse which is a dirty ashy grey brown colour (you would either love it or hate it) Maybe a paler version of Essies Mink Muffs and a greyer version of OPI you don't know Jacques. The colour is lovely just my cup of tea. Unusual but classy at the same time.

Price - £5 each or 3 for £!

Application - Hmmm this is where Mr Mouse lets me down, it's strange because it's not a watery product yet the colour pay off is naff. It is a 3 coater (which really adds up to a 5 coater with base and top coat...seriously who has time for that!? I certainly don't!)

Durability - Weak!! flecks and chips at the drop of a hat. After all that work of applying 100 coats (slight exaggeration) it still chipped the day after! The product is DBP, Toulene and Formaldehyde free...whatever that means! Maybe that's why it has the staying power of a Tinkerbell nail polish.

All in all very disappointed, the colour had great potential and prior to using it I was already deciding what colours i would buy on the next visit. I was sure it would be everything I wanted it to be and more. I know some people are hesitant to buy beauty products from a fashion reatailer, I used to be but after finding Urban Outfitters polishes AMAZING I lost my fear...maybe I should have stayed hesitant, maybe Urban Outifitters Sparkle and Fade was just a fluke? I will not be buying more American Apparel Lacquers it's just not worth the effort when China Glaze and Barry M are cheaper and last so much better.

I've added some pictures but they were took using Photobooth on the Macbook so the quality is really poor. Forgive me! You can get the general vibe of what the colour ended up as.

poor poor quality pics


  1. Me 2! such a shame it's a rubbish lacquer. Maybe it will gloop up a bit in a couple of weeks and last better. Who am i kidding it I'm letting the beautiful colour delude me! lol xxx

  2. thats such a nice colour !!!! looks similiar to that barry m one which seems so hard to get hold of lol xx

  3. Love the colour!!!

    I nominated you for a blog award

    x x

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  5. An award you say!? This could possibly be the proudest moment of my life you little beauty!

    Thank you gorgeous Georgie! xxx


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